Monday, December 7, 2015

The San Jewbardino Shooting

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First of all, I like Jews and Muslims as much as I like any other religions which deny God. There comes a time though when the Jew Press and Opec Oil Press just needs to get the fuck out of American lives, as American Lives Matter, and it is not about their God damned rivalry.

Both of these pimp groups need to be called on the mat for this, because first we had Homo Hannity lamenting about that Greek Christian being told he would never see Israel again.......and we are supposed to believe that with 4 minutes before the cops arrived that this was something that just needed to be rubbed in to a Messianic Jew.......yeah like I said a Greek Christian, as if you are Swedish in America and going to a Lutheran Church you are not a Gothic Jesus.

It gets worse though as the Jew News is upset about the coverage of Messianic Jews who got off the reservation, and now have their own tale from Syed Farook's old man in this one:

San Bernardino suspect was obsessed with Israel, father says

... was a Messianic Jew and vocal about his support for Israel. ... to America there are new details about how Tashfeen Malik ... San Bernardino shooting: ...

Yes this is all about the Israeli state now.....and not about dead Americans, caught up in an Obama Inter Isalmic Tribal War. No we can not have that, just like hundreds of Holocaust Museums in the United States, when that damned Holocaust never took place in America!!!

Not to be outdone, and it probably means for the first time, Americans area acting normal, is the reality that you got Muslims forking over a pittance of 70,000 dollars to try and pretend that every damn one of them was not dancing around the burka and turban when Syed and Fatima were blazing away at Americans.

Largely Muslim campaign raises $70,000 for San Bernardino shooting victims

A largely Muslim campaign has raised more than $70,000 so far for the victims of Wednesday's mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San
Los Angeles Daily...15 minutes ago

Yes Islam has sucked trillions out of America in oil larceny with the cartel, pays millions for those Godless mosques polluting America, and their response is to throw 70,000 dollars at the Mutton they left wounded and dead.
What is that like 1400 dollars per person? Talk about being generous there with the bribe. A corpse could be able to get a grave dug with generosity like that!!!

So as a note to the Jew and Muslim lobby, I have not forgot that it was your criminal leftist syndicates who stuck Birther Obama the foreigner into the White House to set up your new dope order in the Mideast, drove gas prices through the roof, as well as energy prices, and looted trillions of dollars in US debt to be paid to your criminal groups.
You and your image Obama have done enough damage in this to Americans. I do not want your fucktard Oval Office lies about seizing American guns, protecting terrorists, your Homo Hannity propaganda making this more Jew News and more Muslim oily bribes to the Los Angeles Times to make this a story about how generous you magic lamp robbers are.

As I started this, I state again, I like all of you, the same way I like all Godless ilk. You want better press then drop some millions into the Lame Cherry donation account, otherwise the Truth is going to keep being posted here, so normal people across the globe get their heads out of their asses, and learn what you are up to.

This is about American dead, due to more of this Obama leftist Jew, Obama leftist Islam and Obama feudalism murdering more Americans. Not about your Jew state not surviving in 2 years. If your Jew state is so fucktard with nuclear weapons it can no survive, then what Hitler was accused of should be your end as the monkeys could do a better job than you in pushing nuke buttons. As for you Muslims, you tipped your hand in being scared in coming up with your 30 pieces of silver. God willing when one of your nuclear bombs obliterates New York City, the Americans will learn from Shylock in one of their People's Courts.

As for Obama, he disappeared years ago, and these images of him are put on display. The day will come when the power elite have enough of the image and be shed of that too, as dead Americans mean something to Americans, and Americans are learning that they do not like having their funerals and wounds dressed by the Mourn me Jew and Pity me Muslim.

That might be why this blog winks out as no one else with print those FACTS!!!

It is disgusting with Americans dead to have the Jew News and Muslim Propaganda picking over the corpses as image Obama locks and loads for more dead Americans.