Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Repent David Limbaugh

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have addressed this subject, but J. Matt Barber posted a story gushing over David Limbaugh in his Road to Emmaus plagiarism of Jesus the Christ, the Prophets, the Apostles and numbers of Holy Ghost Inspired Christians, so once again this is going to be revisited as David Limbaugh keeps coming back like religious herpes.

I do not recall exactly what the millionaire Limbaugh's religion was, but it was some Protestant sect, which apparently was void of the Bible, Martin Luther, John Calvin and hosts of others who were persecuted writing FOR FREE the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as given freely by Jesus the Christ.

As in the original expose' of the Limbaugh boys, they are claiming that they discovered all this Jesus proof in the Old Testament and that it is some forbidden knowledge that they will get in trouble with in Christianity for espousing.

Luke 24:27

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself.

This is important enough to follow up, as the Holy Ghost led me to the Resurrection morning reading today, in Luke, and the Road to Emmaus, which specifically quotes Christ as telling the two disciples, one being Cleopus, how He was proven through all the Old Testament writings (there was not yet a New Testament).

This returns us then to the point of how ignorant a J. Matt Barber is to praise David Limbaugh for plagiarism, and what kind of apostate David Limbaugh is in thinking he came up with all of this.
In forensic psychology, I can define David Limbaugh, as he is easy. David Limbaugh is an intellectual who does not live by Faith. He is not comfortable with Faith and needs proof or witnesses. So he is off terrified of a non afterlife or hell, and delves into subjects arrogantly which as stated hundreds of very esteemed, POOR, persecuted and historic Saints have already written extensively on........in most case for FREE.

Jesus mandate to the Apostles was TELL YE, the Gospel and not SELL YE, the Gospel. The original Pater Poper in Simon the magician tried to buy the Holy Ghost's power from the Apostles, and was rebuked for it. David Limbaugh apparently does not have a clue to that part of the Bible, so he is off plagiarizing Christ in a most horrid sin.

I know David Limbaugh is not going to make ammends for his sins no more than Rush Limbaugh will, as their gods are worshiping the mind, intelligence and money.  That is their unholy trinity. If David Limbaugh was real, I would expect him to sell all he has, and provide to the poor, but being from a millionaire family of lawyers and entertainers, who stoop to plastering Jesus and God on everything they do, to make a profit, that repentance is not going to happen.

Personally, there is a terror in me, a literal fear of God, as in most people, that they would recoil in the idea of stealing from God, lying about the ideas being your own and then selling that knowledge for profit. Someone with a conscience would be troubled by all of this, as someone reading in the Emmaus story, would know that they stole that idea from the Holy Ghost, stole those proofs from the Apostles, stole those points from Christ and stole them from the Prophets.
If you need a course in history, all of the Apostles were murdered. Jesus was murdered. The Prophets of the Old Testament were murdered, all for those Words which David Limbaugh is selling for a profit and for his personal grandeur.  That is disgusting to be engaged in something like that.....and as I stated above, there should be something inside the Limbaughs which should have the recoiling from all of this, and it does not bother these rich apostates in the least.

Those who praise David Limbaugh are pure ignorants. You can not read the Gospels  through without finding the reference points by Christ to Himself in the Scriptures. There are in most Bibles verse links to what is being said in the Old  Testament. None of this in new as all you had to do was open the Bible, read it in study, look at the links, read them, and  it is completely clear FOR FREE what these people have missed.

Honestly, I do not know what kind of unHoly Ghost religion the Limbaughs or these champions of theirs are a part of, because goodness, you can watch Linus on Charlie Brown reciting Luke and if Peanuts knows the Bible, then how is it these intellectuals missed it in their religions.

These apostates are going to answer for all of this, as this is condemnation courts. When people are going to be Judged for every dotted and crossed letter, it makes a court evidence when you are stealing from Jesus.
Jesus told the Jews, in John 5:45, that they trusted in Moses, but it was Moses who stood and accused them for being sinners.

Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.

Seriously consider this, in there were Prophets who were sawn in two pieces, Prophets stoned, Apostles crucified as Jesus first was, and does anyone think these Saints are sitting in Heaven,  given the ultimate price of their life in being ended in most painful ways, that these Holy Men of God are with God, and not pointing out things like, "Father, I was murdered for those Words and David Limbaugh is selling them as something he discovered? Where is the fire and brimstone on that God?"

This is where this matter is. David and Rush Limbaugh are called upon to repent, like all of those who are championing apostasy. David Limbaugh has been stealing from God and misrepresenting the Word. His 30 pieces of silver need to go back in a 7 fold increase to God......and I am not talking about some tax deductable charity with him grinning in the press over how charitable he is.

If you want the proof in Scriptures, read the Bible, find about any religion from Catholic to Protestant which is not Limbaugh's vacuous religion, or look online in the archives for numerous old Christian manuscripts which are FREE and written by True Holy Men and Women of God, who were moved by the Holy Ghost.

David Limbaugh needs to repent, and that means to stop what he is doing, and return every cent to God, plus 7 times for what he stole.  The first people who stole from the Holy Ghost dropped dead. Eternal death is much worse.

Make things right David Limbaugh.