Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The judges of God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The act of humanity is that it spends it's entire time in life worrying about God's Judgment to either denying God exists or other nonsense.

The fact is that humanity from their first decision, passed judgment on God. God told humans with free will, not to be gnawing in tree fruit from two trees, and satan showed up, told Eve to gnaw on the tree of Good and Evil.........and not Life.....now why was that?

Because satan did not want humans immortal like it was, but dead like dead, to kill off God's plan to make His images like Him.
Oh yes, satan got the full of beauty and wisdom, but humans got God's image and likeness. Nothing like satan looking at every person, it tries to murder and know it can not do a thing to God.

So if you notice in this, God punished Adam and Eve, but did not Judge them. God instead was judged by humanity a liar.

Again if we follow this up, there is the forgiveness Named Jesus, the Son of God, Who when He appeared, this time humanity called Him a liar, beat Him, whipped Him, crucified Him and then murdered Him.

Let us review this for a moment, 'God is Love', and God gave humans free will to do things like Love God, believe God, accept God, and humans instead hated God, called God a liar, and rejected God.
Let us review this for another moment in this,  that God not only gave humans free will, but free judgment, and the judgment that they judge God, they are judged themselves.
Deny God, you go to hell.
Judge God, you will be judged.
Reject God, you will be rejected.

People to the last one are so phobic about God judging them, and being furious about God not saving them, stopping evil, and making everything right............and when God tried to save them, they murdered Him, when God gave them Laws to stop evil, they broke every law, and when God tried to make everything right, they said it was wrong in Jesus.

Christians have had all this explained to them by the Holy Ghost, and let Jesus remove them from the Judgment ending, and things go pretty good for them, until they start being stupid in blaming God for things  that satan is doing or they are responsible for.

That is the reality in this and the simplicity of it all. People have to stop judging God with their fallable ignorance, and just trust in God to Love them with his all knowing Wisdom.

It is a matter of Trusting God without conditions by believing what God has said and accomplished, and by that a human is not Judged but Justisfied.