Thursday, December 24, 2015

RFID Brain Chip Every Invader

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There must be a security for these United States or America, and for European states from Dublin, to Denmark to Slovakia to Russia in dealing with these Obama invaders. What must be accomplished cheaply is a security for America, and this will be completed in RFID chips implanted and fused into the human brain.

None other than Vice President Aaron Burr Biden, spoke of these RFID chips, in the new technology is already here. While the leftist terror enablers like Spike Lee attempt to smear Donald Trump in closing down terror Mosques as something Hitler would do, the Lame Cherry has proven that George Washington enabled policies to boot Tories out of America and Andrew Jackson booted Indian terrorists out of America.

This is what America was built on to create a safe and prosperous America, and it will require those same measures again. It is going to require more than just evicting invaders, but a way to track them to enforce the law.

Microchip implant (human) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A human microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being.

What this entails is an RFID chip, implanted near the brain stem, which will fuse with brain cell. This will then negate any operation to ever remove this chip, so these criminals can ever enter any Western Republic again.

All of these criminals will be chipped, and if they appear in any Western nation again, the orders will be to shoot on sight.

This requires more than just Mosque removal, but also the People's Tribunals of Judgment to haul every terror enabler from Spike Lee to whatever else is defending these criminals, and yes that includes a judgment on the policies which Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and John McCain have been pushing in this American invasion.
When terror enablers are convicted, all their properties will be seized and turned over to Americans in a lottery, and these enablers will be exiled to enjoy the delights of the terror states they have been inflicting upon America.

Donald Trump only wants the invaders out of America, along with the mass invasion of green card slave laborers, with a full review after to allow entry into America, with closing down a few Mosques. What is required in this is complete deportation, complete seizure of assets, absolute RFID implants to all invaders and to the convicted enablers, with shoot to kill orders if they cross any Western border again.

This is far better than the anti Christ mark of the beast, as it marks only the invaders and not the law abiding.

Secure the West from Moscow to Brisbaine and exile every one of these viral wetware humans to a terror state of their defense, and allow those Islamic and Jesuit states devour them.

This requires being stated and brought to understanding in the course of human debate of saving the Western Peoples from Obama genocide.

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