Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cognitive Reckoning

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I have never met a remote viewer who was unpleasant. It is a strange forensic psychological group, in all have been friendly and helpful, and that is what is the basis for this in Jeff Rense has been featuring some remote viewers who were given the target of the JFK assassination.
That issue is settled for me in having dealt with it, but what does interest me is the process of remote viewing, as in all of these like fields, including the one which I was led to be a seer, is that certain realities are never considered by any of the proponents of it, as it is not just remote viewing, it is being in contact with this river of thought.
I am reminded of a line by Mr. Spock on Star Trek, speaking of time as theorized being a river with eddies and currents, and the "matrix" is indeed such a raging current.

Jim Marrs
The View From Marrs

Dick Allgire
Remote Viewing
JFK Assassination

That is what Dick Allgire who lives in Hawaii, stated in his own way in he viewed Lee Harvey Oswald, because when so many people have viewed a subject, that the viewer is swept into that slot.

That is something Mr. Allgire and all RV practioners have overlooked, in the people who asked him to RV, all polluted the field with their own prejudices and knowledge. The matrix is not just thought, and not just a current moving of will, but that will is almost magnetic in it pulls viewers into a stream which is that building current of belief.
So when Mr. Allgire was given the subject of the highest meeting group for the JFK assassination, in his random letter and number protocol, he actually failed as he was swept to 3 people. Lee Harvey Oswald, J. Edgar Hoover and George Herbert Walker Bush, as individuals involved in this JFK stream.

Jim Marrs who has done a great deal of research in sorting out the hard data in this, stated that there were higher ups most likely. What I have found on the subject is this was a brilliant scheme of getting every person's hands dirty so they all had to cover it up. Better one Oswald to be the fall guy, than for all of their heads to roll in being suckered into being associated with a plot to murder JFK.

This though is not about the JFK assassination or individuals involved. It is about a reality of the matrix. "She" is a living creature of thought. God overrides her, Good and bad angels have an influence in it, as do the dead on the other side, as the dead on  this side, as the living on this side.
I have written of the Boston Bombing as a way of explaining this, in the regime was involved in it in trying to pin it on the North Koreans, who turned the tables on the Obama regime, so those Chechens were patsies in the cover up. You know the story of it how the press played it, but the viewing of it was unique in there is a device which can spike what the matrix is thinking. Picture it as a shockwave of thought, implicating Chechens.

When this is coupled with propaganda, which all of you respond and talk about, it amplifies the matrix in the story which it is speaking. Truth does not matter completely in the matrix of thought, for what is being picked up is the chatter of what all of you are saying. The lie becomes the legend which becomes the history.

I have watched this often enough, as it requires a great deal of discernment to deal with the propaganda waves which you and the demon machine generate. I have been fascinating in watching the data flow move in an absolute lie and as I focus more, I see the waves start building and the truth starts overtaking the lie, like all things buried eventually are pushed to the surface.
Even with what I do with God, I have to always make certain it is God and not other forces there influencing the subject.

Remote Viewing is something which can bring people into direct contact with evil people, whose auras do inflict upon your goodness. You can see, smell, hear, feel things. It all seems backwards to my way of gaining information, as much of it is emotional at first, or bursts of information like zip files which are unwrapped, but there are at times too, just flashes of information.
The medical community can come up with fallacies of your body jerking when you are falling asleep as it thinks you are dying, when in fact what you are really doing is touching the matrix as there is always an involuntary tremor when you touch this electric current of thought.

What this all distills down to is, the more people look at things in remote viewing, if they are not adept at recognizing or able to understand the type of control to find the intended target every time. Most RV practioners are akin to launching a boat without oars into a current and being swept to the most powerful source. There has to be understanding that too much self will pollutes the course as much as too much outside current or prejudice powers one to the area the people requesting the viewing "think" the answer is.

This is a skill and even the best at it, are still awkward at it, because it is living thing, of billions of thoughts.......most gossip, some God, a great deal of misinformation to get you to destroy yourselves and now the pulses put into this current to sway the masses or to keep the things hidden which the powers of this world are up to in covering up their crimes.

I have a means which I would term the feather in the wind. It is a fine line between my will not being overpowered by false reads and monitoring that feather bending by wills set in that current. Those parts can not be taught, no more than the feel of landing a jet or the feel of stitching and artery. Unless one is Inspired, is guided by God, has the experiences to know what they are witnessing and the security to know that your will is not polluting the pool, but maintaining that will to keep the other wills from applying a false read, all one is finding is the greatest current surge.

Most close events appear as read. I proved this on earthquakes in being spot on for months, but as time progresses the information is less trustworthy in reading.

I study the various methods in this, from that gal who has her "folks" in electronic pulse communications, in that misinformation and information flow, with fascination that her folks were chattering at her 3 weeks before 9 11 took place. Even in that the Richard Reid shoe bomber was noted as a target with date, but events overtook which placed the date a day later, and people who should have perished did not.
It is that drafting scheme of vanishing points, horizon events, projection points and how the reality is, there is not any Star Trek alternative universes and all that bullshit. What there is, is the plus minus, and various  time lines all in motions of thought, and all appear in God's Will to Witness against people or to Witness for them in free will of people. God's Will is done as the prime directive, but all of these other thoughts do produce energy waves in some flow along, some vanish and some appear in various manifestations.

Tim Rifat is a most interesting and adept practioner of the various art forms and remote viewing. He graps the basic energies and has initiated event structures which were to which came first the chicken or the egg......meaning the event was coming and someone was going to appear to generate it.
It always comes back to a God energy in how this was all composed in a frequency orchestra song on a DVD where God is outside the music, and few are allowed to be outside it to see and insert into it, or to amplify events.

All of it matters, from ley lines, to satanic consumptive energies, to God creative energy, to humans in their wills getting backwashed by earth forces, consumed by satanic force, or rescued or flourished by God creation force.

Honestly, this is an area which all of you should not be dabbling in, as it is a labor which is something once entered, you are always in it....not as we are all pulled along in the time line, but once one touches this, it is always a force to be dealt with in Spiritual energy.

In being so busy now, I miss the different methods which I used to employ and glean from. I miss the contact with Good as there is so much evil in this cesspool and it clings to one like muck.
I miss the openness, because with the power comes the responsibility. I am expected to work without needing constant monitoring. The pleasure of association was to educate me for the job which I must complete. I am no longer needed to be opened to receive, for I have become an energy probe which touches information to gather it whether it wills or not.

There are still methods which I hope to be able to add to my abilities, but I do not have the time to experience them and learn them. What I currently call my "snap method" is faster than anything and is immediate.....and no I am not going to explain any of this, as this is something which is not a course I have been moved to make public.

I leave this at that.