Tuesday, December 22, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Hillary Clinton now being exposed for the pathological liar she is over the mantra of "Barbie Dolls recruit for ISIS" or some such nonsense involving everything from Donald Trump to Gitmo to people saying "It sucks that Muslims are murdering Americans in San Bernadino"............there is a much greater issue of why was Hillary Clinton late for the debate in returning to  the DNC stage after being in the lavatory.

Granted Hillary not being able to get her campaign out of the toilet is an omen, but all the same, there are issues in this in which Donald Trump was defending himself the lies of Mrs. Clinton, that is it a case that Hillary Clinton either is senile or she is having elderly health issues which prevents her from a normal bathroom time.

We know that Hillary Clinton barred all from entering the crapper, so we examine this mystery in what could have happened.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton in her advanced age, was having colon rectal intestinal problems, in the prunes she eats to keep her regular, kicked in too early, and she had the shits.
No one wants to be in the toilet, farting, splooshing and groaning, and having Bernie Sanders in the next stall calling 9 11 in a medical emergency.

In that, you will note that the ancient Bernie Sanders had absolutely no problem taking a whiz and making it on stage. Obviously his prostate is as healthy as a 20 year olds.
Perhaps lesbian Hillary Clinton has a swelled prostate, from cancer or age, and should have a medical exam and release the records.

Some have mentioned that perhaps Mrs. Clinton was having a Depends Issue, in her diaper was not functioning. I do not believe that the case, as Mrs. Clinton only popped out  the daughter of Webb Hubble, and that is not enough to stretch her womanly parts to drain pee pee or wee wee in such volumes that one needs super Depends to soak up the golden cascade.
Granted, perhaps Huma has been riding Hillary hard with an extra donkey kong size dildo and that has stretched things out, so when Hillary giggles she gushes, but.......Huma seems a bit too tight legged to be able to wear a king size strap on. It is that little Anthony Wiener thing.

This leaves then other possibilities.

Is Mrs. Clinton senile and got lost in the bathroom?  Did she have an attack of dementia and  could not figure out how to work the complicated handle to flush the toilet?

Does CNN have pay toilets and Hillary only had 100,000 dollar bills and was waiting for 999,999 dollars in quarters for her change?

Was Hillary doing a line of coke off the toilet seat?

Did Hillary Clinton get stuck in the toilet seat because her butt is so skinny...............nope not a chance of that, but we do have to eliminate the possibilities.

Is CNN at fault in not providing handicapped devices like power lifts to get Hillary off the potty, and she had to phone 9 11 to come with a fire rescue crane, cutting a hole through the roof, where firefighters winched her up...........probably not likely there either.

Donald Trump in his exclusive on Hillary Clinton has noted that she disappears every day for hours, probably in naps. Is this what happened in Hilary Clinton in she sat down to pee and at her age fell asleep?

Then again did the elderly Mrs. Clinton "fall and couldn't get up", and had to unroll dozens of toilet paper rolls to make a cushion for her to roll on, in order to rescue herself from the bathroom floor?

Alternatively, is Mrs. Clinton constipated in being irregular with all her travel as her aging intestines are not moving matter through them, and she got stuck on the toilet with something that would not come out all the way?

I highly doubt that a group ninjas parachuted down through the ceiling and she had to fight her way out.

I highly doubt that the vast right wing conspiracy super glued her ass to the toilet seat.

I highly doubt that Mrs. Clinton was having a quickie in the crapper with Bill.

So these are the issues of knowing the facts of there is an elderly Mrs. Clinton, in a bathroom, keeping all others out........that there is an issue there which is something which should be known by the voters. I mean when a 3 AM call arrives, we can not have Mrs. Clinton in the shitter for an extra 10 minutes, while Chinese missiles have a 15 minute flight time............7 from the subs they fire missiles off the California coast with as in 2009.

I personally believe that Mrs. Clinton had a bad case of the shits from some intestinal ailment, but then that should not end this investigation, because Hillary Clinton is running for the White House. Because Donald Trump's doctor has stated that no one has been healthier who has run for President, America needs to know if anyone has been sicker than Hillary Clinton running for President, because she has a history of falling like old people do, she has a history of brain damage like old people have, and she has a history now of for some reason not making it back to the most important night of her presidential career so far.

The main point in this is, if Hillary Clinton can't make it out of the shitter and Bernie Sanders can being older than dirt, either Mrs. Clinton does not care about this presidential race or she is auditioning to be buried in dirt as something is wrong with her medically........and mentally.

Did you hear Mrs. Clinton attacking Donald Trump? She sounded like a popcorn popper going off in every other word was shouted.

This is Shittergate, and we are going to have to know what Mrs. Clinton was delayed by, as this is national security issue on the health of a Presidential candidate.

...........and let us not descend into Mrs. Clinton was practicing being queen, sitting on the throne.