Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shoot the Reporters...........first

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased that President Donald Trump is drawing lines in the sand. A little intimidation now goes a very long way to a stern look later sufficing, instead of hauling Megyn Kelly off to a Mexican prison where she can ply her wares as prison prostitute for 3000 inmates as an example.

There is a reason Ronald Reagan outlawed the Soviet Union on live microphone and said the bombers were in the air. He knew the leftists were listening, and he wanted the bluff to keep a real war from starting, so the Soviet's would crumble and fall to being a threat to the world.

If you can receive this, the greatest leader Russia has ever had was Ronald Reagan, and his political son is Vladimir Putin. There never would have been a Vladimir Putin if Ronald Reagan had not created the Russian Republic.

Donald Trump is a Son of Reagan. He has learned what a good measure it is to jokingly tell the press that he desires to kill them. It is a warning of what a Christmas future can be, for all of their crimes coming to justice which they have perpetrated against Americans and the world for the Obama regime.

All of this is for a purpose and Donald Trump is carrying out this purpose.

There is one thing the puppy press of the Obama regime in Mockingbird should be aware of, and that is Donald Trump just might have saved them from some poor miscreant, deciding to blow some reporter's head off as part of the New Year's cheer, as the mob just was told that Donald Trump is on the line now, and Mr. Trump will decide who lives and dies in the press.

Ronald Reagan saved the world in his vocalization of what was out there. Donald Trump just might save the press, and someday there just might be a Mark Twain who arises to give the press some type of good standing, instead of being nothing but drunks, spies and Obama whores.

Donald Trump Being Hailed As 2015 'King Of Whoppers'

Keeping fucking with Donald Trump, and you trolls in the press are either going to be facing Donald Trump or facing  the armed mob. That is the historical reality.

Nuff said