Friday, December 25, 2015

Standing up for FedEx

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Matt Drudge featured the headline stating that FedEx had ruined Christmas in not delivering packages. I wanted to share something which was my Christmas experience.


I had to order something for this blog and it was shipped FedEx, which in my experience is 1000% better than UPS. I had a few weeks earlier needed something, and UPS had dumped it off onto the Post Office, which delayed it another day. In effect, UPS took almost 2 weeks to deliver a package, not during the holiday rush.

I was tracking the package on FedEx, and it was supposed to be delivered the 24th. I noticed it actually was at the local hub a day early and was supposed to delivered the 23rd.
The package did not arrive, but was back at the hub off the truck apparently at 9:30 that night.

FedEx usually delivers here at 10 in the morning, but I saw nothing of the truck, but figured it was a busy day, which it was.
Around noon, I heard the porch door open, and got up to look, and there was not a FedEx truck, but what I presume was a guy who waved at me, in their personal vehicle. I deduce that FedEx in order to try and serve the public, had sent out managers in their own vehicles to deliver packages in the snow. This was a 100 mile round trip for this guy, and that is more than I could ever hope for in America, as in this Obamaland nothing works any more as it is all 3rd world like UPS.

I have heard horror stories of UPS in their sorters dropping packages on the floor, and then stomping on them as they laughed. I can not praise FedEx for this non Christmas shipment enough. I ordered on Friday, the 18th late on the east coast, and it arrived in 5 business days in heavy package flow delivery.....and as I stated, FedEx looks like they had people out delivering in their own vehicles.

That should be noted, commended and praised.

I know it is hard for shoppers in putting things off and then expecting a package quickly, but there has to be some kind of reason in this. UPS is horrid in delivery and that is a fact. FedEx does a great job.
It is all better than what Libby Custer wrote of in 1870, in she would order shoes, and one would arrive in 6 weeks, and the other shoe would arrive in 3 months........and all she could do was sit the one shoe by the bed, and pick it up and look at it for another month and a half.

That is my FedEx story of praise, and no FedEx has never donated like most of the deadbeats, but they at least wave at me in delivering packages.