Friday, December 25, 2015

Teachers Like I Never Had

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I remember our art teacher, Gay Ray, who used to come around and put his arm around us. That was until Snutch, elbowed him hard in the ribs and about broke one.
Somehow that just sort of handled things in pedophiles.

I only remember one hot teacher in all of my years in school, and she gave me double check marks on my report card as she thought I talked too much.
Most of my teachers were old, had warts, stunk, one was a dwarf, ugly......and any of a combination of those types, plus being seedstock out of Nazi High.

Is it any wonder in the modern teacher, like last generations priests are pedophiles? Women have no men to tell them which end is up, and men have no women to make men of them. So all that is left is, hot teachers looking to make penises in their own image to please them.

See women used to have "list guys". They made lists of what their dream guy should be, and if the guy checked off enough, they were conned into thinking they wanted to get married, and in the end the marriage was without anything, but sex and lists, and the guy reverted to being a child as that is what the woman wanted in being weak, and in the end the guy went off and had an affair or the wife did, and the next thing it was divorce court.

So that is what these teachers are up to. They have spread their legs for the jocks, and those cocks moved on to feces scented locker room butts or they traded up from the college hot chick to a Miss America hot chick, and the hot teacher is left trying to build a penis from first erection up, as things work out better in in having that pass or fail thing going on in keeping you in control.

That is the forensic psychology of this. Plus there is so much male growth hormone in soy baby foods, that these women start having 5 o'clock shadows and are just beasty in being male out of control.

I have a cure for this......really simple.

Get a few nuns to beat this family Jesus bloody for not watching their teen kids close enough, and instead putting them onto the Obama state to raise. Castrate these little boys for not being terrified of having sex, and hang these pedophiles by the neck outside the schools, leave them there until the body rots off from the head, let them drop, and make the kids smell that all year, along with these pedophiles.

That would end it, or else my children and my brats, you are going to have teachers in a few years, sanctioned by the NEA and Obamaland, doing live f*ck classes in pulling trains in class, as legalized pedophilia is here........the zombies are activated and only the details need to be worked out.