Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Bush who did not steal Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You did miss this.......all of you did.

The day Jeb Bush's presidential aspirations died, is the day that Lindsey in the gay ear Graham quit the 2016 2015.

Graham was in the race as a spoiler, a John McCain revenge puppet, to garner South Carolina, and use that vote as a slow twist on Jeb Bush to extract all sorts of goodies from a Bush regime like John McCain as Sec of State and Lindsey in the gay ear Graham as Sec of Defense.......or on the outside VP. In any event, the gay boys were going to make Jeb's life a living hell, or Hillary's.

That has all changed as polling confirmed Donald Trump is going to win this handily. So Gay Ear does not have to be in the race, wasting his millions on campaigns, as he can instead invest it in gay bar hopping and gay boy interns.

That is the proof that Jeb Bush's political life is over.......that the elite have abandoned Jebpanzee Jabpetto (hope you are doing well) and whatever else you can come up with a loser name for Jeb Bush.

OK with that noted and explained, you now have a nice Christmas present.

I will pity Jeb Bush when this is over, and his Jorge stalker son is out of the political process forever, so no letting up the boot on that scoundrel's neck, but Merry Christmas as Jeb is not going to be the Grinch which stole the Presidency.

We know this because that ambiguously gay duo of McCain and Graham pulled out early and went back into the closet.

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