Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Chemical Poisoning of America


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After my experience with the Big Farm in my neighborhood spraying concentrations of herbicides so lethal that our going for walks was unpleasant, as the stench was present for a week afterwards, the Lame Cherry contacted the Environmental Protection Agency, with a series of questions as to what EPA was aware of, in these new chemical cocktails which were giving me a headache and making me feel ill, in order to kill Monsanto resistant weeds.

I will provide the answers from the EPA representative, and I am grateful for the effort, but what the answers appeared to present in examination, was that EPA knew of a variety of situations out there, but it was a "trust but never verify" the use of chemicals. Meaning, Monsanto in Big Agri has carte blanche in agribusiness can spray any thing they choose to spray, because EPA has put the warnings on the labels and it is up to the billionaires and millionaires to obey the regulations. The point being, there appears to be absolutely no oversight or any spot testing.

In response to your inquiry:

Question 1.  Is the EPA aware that some farmers are mixing herbicides? 
Response.  Yes, EPA is aware that farmers and applicators mix herbicides. This has been a common practice since the first herbicides were invented in the 1940s. By mixing different herbicides, the user is able to control a wider range of weed species or control the weeds for a longer period of time. When herbicides are mixed, however, the user must follow label directions for each herbicide in the mixture, using only the approved amount on each label. If the use directions for one herbicide are more restrictive than those for the other herbicides in the mixture (e.g., wind speed at which the herbicide can be sprayed), the most-restrictive label must be followed.

Question 2.  Is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, no longer effective in controlling weeds?
Response. There are currently 15 glyphosate-resistant weed species in the United States, but glyphosate has been shown to control over 200 different weed species in the U.S. Therefore, while glyphosate resistance is a very real problem, many farmers continue to use this herbicide because it provides effective control for many of the weeds in their fields. 

Question 3.  Monsanto’s future marketing plans to increase pesticide sales. 
Response: EPA does not review nor approve any company’s marketing plans. All pesticide marketing, however, has to be consistent with the EPA-approved label.

Question 4.  Bt corn is failing against corn borers. 
Response.  There are no current reports of resistance to stem borers in Bt corn. There are, however, a number or reports of Bt resistance to the corn rootworm. When resistance to an insect is found, growers use chemical (i.e., alternative insecticides) and non-chemical measures (e.g., crop rotation), or plant dual-Bt toxin products to address the problem the next year. If alternative insecticides are used, the pesticide labels must be followed.

The above answers from Anne Overstreet of EPA, are eye opening as to what the Obama regime's management of the environment is focused upon, in a laissez faire endangering of Americans, when coupled with an expose by  The Intercept, which obtained from a Freedom of Information Act "request" which is one that investigators have to pay for, as it is not free.

What The Intercept found was that EPA relies on conglomerate generated studies to make their rulings. In other words, the EPA uses Monsanto data to find rulings in favor of Monsanto.

Twenty-seven out of 32 studies that looked at glyphosate’s effect on hormones and were cited in the June review — most of which are not publicly available and were obtained by The Intercept through a Freedom of Information Act request — were either conducted or funded by industry. Most of the studies were sponsored by Monsanto or an industry group called the Joint Glyphosate Task Force. One study was by Syngenta, which sells its own glyphosate-containing herbicide, Touchdown.

The worst part of this the five other studies which did make it into the Monsanto tests, found this:

One, for instance, found that exposure to glyphosate-Roundup “may induce significant adverse effects on the reproductive system of male Wistar rats at puberty and during adulthood.” Another concluded that “low and environmentally relevant concentrations of glyphosate possessed estrogenic activity.” And a review of the literature turns up many more peer-reviewed studies finding glyphosate can interfere with hormones, affecting such things as hormonal activity in human liver cells, functioning of rat sperm, and the sex ratio of exposed tadpoles.

Yes, the corporate studies found nothing dangerous with Monsanto, and the independent studies did, but the EPA rulings are not protecting Americans, the environment, nor the future for our children.

There is far too much "revolving door" in industry and the regime of corporations donating huge sums of money to candidates, who then put into agencies industry employees, who then return to the industry after completing the rulings which help industry, for great personal profits for all, while Americans are endangered.

EPA is an agency like USDA, like HHS, like HEW, like DOD, where the door revolves, and rulings are published in EPA and Monsanto stating that reams of testing take place, but after the corporate funded testing, and lunches where EPA employees are told how great they would be at earning 7 figures when they get their asses booted out in the next election, that absolutely no follow up ever takes place.

There is absolutely no follow up in these chemical cocktails now appearing that Monsanto Round Up has failed. Monsanto now has bio engineered corn that is resistant to insects, and it proves what this blog has exposed exclusively, in why Monsanto is focusing not on failed research, but on dumping millions of gallons of deadly pesticides all across America to control these insects, which are requiring higher doses like weeds.

No one is watching the American neighborhood. We now have a world where Europe and Russia, are throwing Monsanto out, and in France burning down their research facilities. In America, these conglomerates are tampering with nature, dumping millions of gallons of toxic cocktails to make war against nature, overcoming Monsanto.

EPA was created to protect the environment, from robber barons. What EPA has degraded to is policing individual Americans, where conglomerates have the perpetual hall pass.

The above should be alarming, but EPA is only the tip of the iceberg, as this is going on in every agency in America. The situation in the Obama regime has placed these agencies and their employees, at criminal odds violating their mandate in protecting Americans.

No one wins in the chemical poisoning and biological altering of America. Another billion dollars more protects no one even with a 7 figure salary or a director's title.

Nuff said