Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Disease of the American Terrorism Pandemic

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With the cacophonous diatribe unAmericans Diatribe against Donald Trump over the reasonable call for a ban on Muslims entering into the disUnited States of America, from traitors like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and NRA minority leader, Harry Reid, it is a point of historical fact that as the Lame Cherry has already exposed, that Americans from Presidents Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Harrison to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, not only banned certain foreigners from entering America, being Americans, but also imprisoned them, exiled them, deported them and seized their properties, and not one branch of Government checked these actions protecting Americans from terrorist Indians to Japanese Sun God worshiping loyalists during World War II.

As the Lame Cherry deals in historical facts, the Lame Cherry agrees completely with the reasonable demand by Donald Trump, concerning the banning of these out of control Islamists in America or being let into America.
The historical fact is, that during a 50 year period, American had three of her President's assassinated in James Garfield, William McKinnley, and Theodore Roosevelt. All were "Americans", but were the product of unstable European backgrounds, exactly as the Islamists Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik.

Charles Guiteau, was born in Illinois, to a French Hugeunot family, but left Lutheranism for the Onieda Community in New York, which concluded that Jesus had already returned in 70 AD, so they could institute the kingdom on earth peacefully.
Guiteau had failed at college entrance, then failed at Oneida Community in filing lawsuits against them, which embarrassed his father, and then obtained a law license in Chicago, which he failed at, and then engaged in philosophy which he failed at too.
He then turned to politics in which this unbalanced man in his anarchy, wrote a paper in support of Grant vs. Hancock, and switched it to Garfield vs. Hancock, when Garfield was the nominee.
James Garfield became president, and Guiteau believed that he was responsible for it, and demanded to be Ambassador to Viena, which was rejected like all of his demands.
This then brought about his borrowing 15 dollars to purchase a Webley 442 or British Bulldog pistol, with ivory handle, as he wanted a nice looking pistol for display after the assassination.
Guiteau announced at his arrest, that he was a "Stalwart of Stalwarts" and that Chester Arthur was now president.

The Stalwarts were proponents of "insider cronyism" by the GOP elite.

Leon Czolgosz, was a "Pole" whose family was really Slavic Belorussian. He was an American born in Michigan. Out of work as a steel worker in witnessing violence in that contention, he went to live with his father on a farm, but was at odds with his step mother and her being a Catholic.
His dogma became socialism and anarchism.
He began inquiring about violent acts, so the comrades issued a warning about him. Literally being a violent anarchists among violent anarchists was too much for the leadership.
The end result was the murder of President McKinley. The same William McKinley who was murdered by a socialist, honored by having a mountain named for him in Alaska, and that name removed by social feudalist in Barack Hussein Obama in favor of a terror Indian name.

Theodore Roosevelt had been President, but on his return to politics as a 3rd party candidate against the establishment, the yellow Hearst press so ramped up the rhetoric that the highly unbalanced anarchist, John Flamming Schrank. Again a social leftist who was induced by fiery rhetoric to act out against Americans.
Schrank was a Bavarian who stated he heard the ghost of William McKinnley, who told him to shoot the 3rd term candidate, Roosevelt.

Every age has disenfranchised and unbalanced individuals. In the 50 year period when America had 3 President's assassinated, the character was that of central European immigrant families who produced children, who rejected Christianity, and were swept away buy utopian philosophies to replace Christian White America by violence.

There is absolutely no difference in modern islam, to socialism, to marxism, to whatever Godless dogmas are filled with the appeal to repressed peoples, and only offering violent overthrow of those nations they are in.

I have addressed this previously in the speeches of Theodore Roosevelt after the murder of William McKinnley, in there was a call and enactment of stopping all of these central European immigrants into America, as they were breeding children who were unbalanced, did not fit in, and became violent.
The entire anti American movement of this 50 year period was socialist and anti Christian. It appealed to those like in all eras who had, some hard breaks, and instead of a Christian peaceful suffering, these groups seeking power from the masses, sought violence.

The reason these leftists attacked the President, was because American Presidents were available to the public. They were not hidden behind multi million dollar security, hundreds of Secret Service, or a half dozen look alike images of them.

The reason these modern Obama Muslims are murdering masses of people, is these leftists are choosing leftists who are in disarmed zones like San Bernadino regime buildings.

When there was a reality in the assassination of three American Presidents a movement began to stop allowing certain peoples in. This followed from World War II, to the 1960's, in there was not any legal migration to America by foreigners, because America was correctly attempting to deal with a large population of people who like the Muslims, are not from basic Christian civilized nations, unlike the 3rd world Islam and Latin peoples which the Obama regime, and the list of GOP and Democrat traitors who are all protected by reams of security, while Americans are forbidden to be armed in regime zones, and the image Obama attempts to disarm Americans.

Donald Trump is correct in demanding a review of policy, and the fact is that every Patrick Leahy, to image Obama, to Paul Ryan are conspirators in these mass murders of Americans, because this is not some secret that Islam is a terror group. From the slaughter of Jews at the Olympics to the mass murder in Paris, to 9 11, to the beheadings of Westerners, to the Fort Hood slaughter, to what is now the latest in the San Bernadino massacre, these are all Islamic murders, as much as the mass rape of European women, and the violation of children all through the Mideast.

When you hear the image Obama spew such tales that ISIL or whatever terror group is not representative of Islam, that is a lie, because that is Islam and always has been Islam, and will always be Islam. There is a reason that Gen. George Patton, stated correctly that Islam stagnated the Mideast for the entire hundreds of years it ruled there in complete oppression.

Islam and America can not exist in the same nation. It is the reality that you have not witnessed one Islamic nation standing up against any of these repressive systems, but instead from Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, the entire Islamic gulag is in lock step with what is Islamic violence. The only wars that ever appear are either facists against communists or Sunni against Shia, and when they are not murdering each other, they are murdering Christians.

That is the base dogma of Islam for the old maxim always quoted in the Mideast is, "I will fight a foreigner, and if not a foreigner, I will fight my regime, and if not my regime, I will fight my neighbor and if not my neighbor, I will fight my brother."

That is what Islam is and always will be.

The world owes Donald Trump a debt in exposing the traitors in it. History proves that Mr. Trump is correct with policies which saved America, until this Obama Ryan system is enabling genocide on Americans again.

The reality is, that all of this is going to have to be addressed beyond Islam and Latins. Those who have enabled the murder of Americans, are on record and defending the murderers, and there is going to have to be established a People's Courts with Donald Trump leadership to deal with these traitors who are guilty of the American genocide. This must be legal process with the full support of the People being the check and balance as the Constitution mandates in the 10th Amendment. All powers not limited to the State are kept by the People, and that means the United People have the absolute right in a Donald Trump Government to establish Peoples Courts to protect and defend themselves from terrorists foreign and domestic.

Allow a political disease into the American body politic, and it becomes an epidemic of terrorism. That is what the conspirators of the American regime are guilty of.

- Lame Cherry

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