Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ban Muslims from Breeding

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The indictment upon Islam after the abandonment of Baby Carpet Ride, the innocent child who was produced from the ejaculation of someone into Tashfeen Malik, is exactly the reality that these breeding Muslims should be stopped from producing all children.

The UK press is terming the child, the TERROR ORPHAN, and it is even worse as the American taxpayer through Social Security payments is going to make Baby Carpet Ride a multi millionaire in subsidies by the time they come of age, is the fact that Syed and Tashfeen paid Terror Gram 5000 bucks cash, and she is not going to take care of her own grandkid.

Nor is Syed's talkative old man.

Nor is Syed's American military hero trained Terror Trooper.

But the older Terror Sis whose talkative husband was floored his relatives were all terrorists, is trying to gain custody of girl Baby Carpet Ride.

I mean this is an innocent baby and the child has family, and what is erupting is a custody battle now about the kid, but about raising the kid as a Muslim terrorist AKA in an Islamic home AKA indoctrination center.
Yes CAIR is demanding that BCR is to be placed into an Islamic foster care, as California child welfare is not good enough care, compared to what the Farook's dispense.

Let us review for a moment in this about Farook baby care.

Have sex. Dump kid off on Terror Gram. Go blast people. Go get killed by the police state.

Somehow that just does not seem........well any different than a cat dumping kittens out of their pussy, on a trail over to the neighbors house and trusting someone will pick them up.

Once upon a time in America, Indian children were rightfully seized and given Christianity, an education and deloused, taught to bathe, brush their teeth and not murder people. This is what Islam really needs in all of their children put into Catholic School group homes, the nuns beating them with rulers so they learn to behave, hate religion, love going to beer parties, and then getting prego by age 18, having the Priest scold the hell out of them, and then settling down to some job as box boy and  checkout girl at some grocery being miserable.
Just like Islam, except for the beer and working.

I mean what is Terror Sis going to do? Her dumb ass husband did not know his inlaws were all terrorits? This Baby Carpet Ride is going to be building bomb clocks for show and tell, and Mark Zuckerberg is going to be offering her a job when she is 5, if Terror Sis gets her.
Hell she will be a suicide diaper bomber by the time she is 3. Her first words will be Allah Akhbar.

I believe the correct scenario in this is, to dump this Terror Family back into wherever Obama imported them from, and then send this kid to Putinstan where the Russian Orthodox Priests will whip this kid for important reasons like not praising Jesus first, and when Baby Carpet Ride grows up, she will hate religion, wander through life thinking about being beaten by nuns for thinking wrong, and will grow up to be a productive member of Russian culture.

You can not be like Solomon and divide babies between morality and Muslim. I mean just look at the people who are trying to adopt this kid. The woman looks like she is the next burkah bomber and this husband looks like he has problems figuring out what a comb is used for.


People always say they have Muslim friends. I do not, but I have been around enough  Muslims to know they all look at you like they want to kill you. TL still rolls TL's eyes at me in the time I went to the Metro at an Iraqi Halil shop with my military coat on, nice American know, and this is after we liberated their asses twice over, and to put it mildly, the place got very quiet, I could feel the want of that group desiring to pull grenade pins or plunge daggers into me, as the most friendly clerk guy rambled on, while thinking, "My allah, this is one of those dangerous popular girls who walks around in the den of Islam and we do not scare her.".

I found it all exhilarating and invigorating. The Halil sheep and chicken was top notch too. Genuine Muslim bleed till the blood runs dry protein on the hoof and foot.

I digress, but the point is I know Islam as I know the people, and they are all the same once it is a herd of them and just a popular girl facing off.

So I say, just ban all Muslims from breeding. That will solve it all. As for Baby Carpet Ride, give her to some religion with nuns in it, as I never met a Catholic yet who turned into a dangerous person after a nun beat the hell out of neighbor probably got brain damage in parochial school, but it never stopped his reproduction rate of children as he is a good Catholic.

Anyway as a  Lame Cherry first start in this, that we all can agree on, let's just pass an executive order, that Muslims can not wear wool or those white starchy shirts. Hell anyone will get cranky having that chafe their twats and nipples, and drive them to terrorism. Make them wear silk, like them Japanese do......never have ornery Japanese women now do you?
See silk veils and silk undies, and silk shirts and robes. That should take care of about 80% of terror attacks.

As for Baby Carpet Ride, she is doomed, just like all Muslims. She will be celebrated as the Terror Orphan of Islam and will seek to emulate her parents someday. The best that could happen is to dump the kid into some Christian culture overseas where she will be lost, and no one will ever know what she is. Then she will have a 50 50 chance like all people do in turning out satanic or Godly......otherwise 100% Muslim means she is going to be evil like all Muslims either enabling terror or being terrorists.

So until we stop all these Muslim breeders, let us make them all dress in silk, and then work on making all prayer mats having to pass OSHA codes of being comfortable, vibrational for the knees, handicap friendly and being inspected by the American Medical Association.

Stick a prickly damned koran up your pussy, and see if you get ornery. Stop producing Muslim breeders, dress them comfortably and make prayer time not knee crippling, and that will be a start to ending all of these Muslim problems.

Nuff said