Sunday, December 20, 2015

The First Noel

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I am going to tell you the real Christmas story, so all of these ignorant religtards can shut the hell up. It does not sound like the beginning of Peace on Earth, but the reality is, that is where Jesus came into, was a world filled with murderous, self serving assholes like most of you.

Christ Mass, is not according to the too oft repeated story of being fused with the Dead Sun day. Instead, a well meaning Christian braintard took it upon himself to calculate the exact day of Jesus birth. This was in the 4th century and the Roman calendar not born until 1582, or it was worked out in the 6th century by Roman Abbot Dionysius Exiguus, and was officially accepted almost 1200 years later.
The English and Americans were not adherents to it until 1752 AD in the year of our Lord.
The day calculated was December 25th, Friday, the 15th day of the New Moon. Sort of makes sense when you know Dead Sun day is December 21st, and as the days do not match, the tards repeating this brainy fabrication are flat ass uninformed. That is the reality and it is the fact. A Christian braintard calculated the wrong or right day, having nothing to do with pagans, and wrong or wrong, that is the day accepted, so Christmas is what it is.
Some might make the slip in linking this to the last day of Saturnalia Carnival in it's depravity, but book has it, that one more day was added to Saturnalia to lure the pagans into being Christians, hence the day added was December 25th.

Christmas began really when the Edomite Turks in Idumea, started being court jesters for the official Maccabeean dynasty in the last phase of fraternal warfare. The first was Antipas who tried to help overthrow one Maccabbeean brother, allied with Alexander Jannaeus, for another with Arab help.

He had a son named Antipater, who really was the fortunate son of being in the right place at the right time. When Pompey conquerred the Jews, he went to Rome, got into a fight with Julius Caesar, and as the Jews were losing their heads literally, Antipater though was receiving praise from a grateful Caesar who made him regent of Palestine, received Roman citizenship, did not have to pay taxes, and had Caesar recognize one of the last Maccabbeeans as high priest.
The Maccabbee was a dim wit, and in 47 BC Antipater had his sons named governors of Judea and Galilee.  Phasael the elder got Judea, and Herod got Galilee.

The Jews just refused to behave, and Herod went to work in killing Jewish terrorists in his district, chiefly a bandit name Hezekiah.

The Jews in the Sanhedrin were furious at Herod killing people, because only they had that right, and summoned him. Herod appeared at, and left the Jewish Senate. He then made his way to Damascus.
At Damascus, this son of Rome, entered the Roman army. Once in the legions, he had himself appointed Military Governor of lower Syria, meaning the Jews, and then was in full authority to rule them with his iron fist.

Cleopatra was made ruler of Egypt by Caesar, before he went to North Africa and obliterated all opposition. He returned to Rome and was promptly assassinated by Cassius, who just happened to appear as pro Consul of Syria.
Soon everyone was making their way to pay homage to the murderer in charge.

Charge is what Cassius did to the Jews, as Herod had to come up with millions of dollars in silver which he extracted from a very non generous Jewish people.

Things did not go so well for Antipater after that, as one of the people he had saved, a Malichus, plotted to poison him to seize power, and in bribing the butler did just that, and marched on Jerusalem, which made things most interesting for Anipater's sons, Phasael and Herod.

While this was going on Marc Antony and Augustus moved to challenge Cassius and drew him out into battle and promptly thrashed his army and killed him.

In the meantime, others of the Maccabbeans got involved for the crown in contention in Judea, and induced the Parthians to enter the war. In the end, Herod escaped, the high priest had his ears lopped off, and with that Herod with two wives, a Doris of Edom, and a Mariamne of the Maccabbean royal household, dumped them at Masada while he sailed for Rome.

Herod was ahead of the game as Marc Antony and Augustus both welcomed him, and the Roman Senate proclaimed him King of Judah.
Herod could not do a great deal with his small army, but in 39 BC in the year of our Lord, Marc Antony arrived in person to take control of the entire region.
Herod was made King, and the Romans pounced on Jerusalem and it was seized on the Day of Atonement.

Herod officially married Mariamne, and set about to ruling Judea. One of his first acts was to slaughter 45 Saducees who had refused his entry into the Holy City
He killed the chief Maccabbeean trouble maker in the revolt, made his wife's little brother high priest, but when he got too popular, he drown him in a pool in Damascus at the Roman games.

The dead kids mother, complained to Cleopatra who summoned Herod to be questioned. Once again the fortunate son Herod found that Marc Antony had been drubbed by the Parthians, and was in need of allies, so he refused to hear the case, and off went Herod back to his throne.

Herod had left instructions that if he were to not return, his servants were to kill his beautiful wife, so no one else would ever have her. Marimane learning of this was not amused, and decided from that point on to drive Herod insane with jealousy.

There arose the intrigue next of Herod's aunt Salome, accusing his wife of adultery with Herod's uncle. The situation being unclear, the uncle was executed and the wife forgiven.

Things remained lively in Cleopatra moved to take Idumea from Herod. This was overshadowed though by a break between Marc Antony and Augustus, which was war, and Herod offered to assist Marc Antony, but Cleopatra refused out of jealousy, and in the end the refusal saved Herod, as Augustus won the outcome, and handed over Cleopatra's bodyguards to keep Herod safe.

Safe though was not a real commodity for Herod, as when he returned Mariamne had offered the cup bearer a bribe for a very special love potion to be given to Herod. The cup bearer talked, and in the end Mariamne had pushed things too far and Herod executed her.

This was not the end of Herod's family troubles as the children were plotting against each other, Herod was killing them, and in his old age, Three Wise Men from the east appeared, with tidings about a new King who had been born, and they were following the star of this King.

Herod who was thought to be dying of cancer, was not about to allow this situation to take place on this first Christmas era, and promptly ordered the slaughter of all first born male children in the area.

Not long after this, Herod died.

This is the story of the first Christmas in all which led up to it. As you can now understand, Jesus, was born into a land soaked with blood. It might ring a bit more clear now, the Holy Angel announcing to those poor shepherds, "Good tidings of Great Joy" in peace on earth and good will toward men, as there had been nothing good nor joyful, nor peaceful nor any goodwill in this region for hundreds of years.

Christmas should be much more clear now in the real Christmas story in what was behind this advent.

It is a fact that every male child of that era died in that generation. Jesus would be murdered by the same Herodians, Jews and Romans, who had overseen the murder of the innocents 33 years before.

Merry Christmas, and it should be more precious to you, considering all the turmoil we face in this modern age, is as much as Jesus was born into.

God bless you all, in Christ's Name, Amen and Amen