Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Real Tashfeen Malik

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Here are some lessons from the Teacher.

Ask yourself my children, how is it the woman above.....from Pakistan....from Saudi Arabia, is the Mini Skirt Muslim, and none of the media is showing her hot legs, and instead trying to get you to believe she is the Burkha Babe of below?

You do know realize that mini skirts are not in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, so hot legs, the Flute Charmer is pictured above in..........yes America. America the same place she just arrived in, was just prego in, so we have a current photo of hot legs, looking all hoochie mama, and we are being told to believe she was Miss Jihad 2015.

That should not make sense to any of you as it does not.

This is the Lame Cherry story in matter anti matter exclusives. By God's Grace, I broke this story. I told all of you to watch the girl, as you were being told not to watch the girl. I knew immediately something was horrifically wrong in this story, when I saw Mockingbird trying to steer you to the American husband, identifying him and his brother, but not saying a word about Malik the Flute Charmer.

Anytime you see a misdirect, as the entire day was, you know it is Muslim, you know the Obama regime knows all about it, and the entire propaganda media has been ordered to shut it down.

I will lay out the synopsis of the Flute Charmer. I state this because the Saudi Obama regimes are telling you once again to ignore the 1000 pound ape in the room of Saudi Arabia. You are being told to look at some Red Mosque in Pakistan, and not the entire years she spent in Saudi Arabia, her husband was in Saudi Arabia to pick her up in the Mecca of Mecca paradise radicalism of Wahabbists, but you are told to look only at a Red Mosque.

Tashfeen Malik was PAK Intel related. Her background was connected to the non cooperative Islamic factions against the Obama regime, and that begins with the fascist patriarch in Sheik Osama bin Laden. It was his network which this woman was a part of, and tied directly into Pakistani intelligence, which had her operating inside Saudi Arabia for years.

When I informed all of you  that the Obama regime knew of Tashfeen Malik, but was not monitoring her, that is the reality. They knew very well this woman was a working operative of Pakistan and bin Laden. They knew she got into America, and was here as part of that operational branch of Islam.

PAK Intel has been betrayed as has Osama bin Laden's faction by the Obama regime. Their entire power structure has been degraded as Obama droned all their operatives, and put into place these Taliban dope lords.
This progressed into developing ISIS to be a competitor of al Qaeda. I warned all of you a very long time ago, that Benghazi was not a fluke. The Obama regime has been engaged in a Muslim feudal tribal war, and there are many families who were slaughtered in favor of the Obama Islamocommunists.

This is the crux of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. You had operators who had an axe to grind against the axis of Obma ISIS which were wiping them out. So a simple intelligence operation began. To comprehend the basis of all of this, you have to figure out that Obama has been bribing terrorists for years with the dope trade, slave trade and now the oil trade. This has raked in billions of dollars and literal nations like Libya under this communist terror control of Islamic secularists. Obama has been rewarding them, and that is why terrorism has ceased in America in the overt is bad for business in these communist terrorists are in it for the money, the sex and the power.

So in understanding that, you should start to be able to piece this together in how a very enterprising group could see that posting pro ISIS things on Facebook, while wearing mini skirts, might just appear a radical change from what these people were. It also when things go down, might point to ISIS murdering American which would tie this terror can of humiliation directly to this criminal Obama regime again which has been running terrorism out of 1600 Penn for years.........with full intent against Russia in the next phase. That is why Vladimir Putin moved into Syria, to stop that beach head against Russia.

This is why image Obama was all turtle in talking about this terror event. The regime got caught just like Benghazi in a political operation where Obama's regime was using gun violence for gun control. This terror operation was designed to tie this all into ISIS and embarrass the Obama regime.....which it did perfectly.

I informed you that the Farooks were supposed to hit San Bernandino, go home, wait for a vehicle to come and pick them up, and transport them into Mexico. Where they would fly out to east Africa and then into Pakistan, where that video they produced would be made public.
The punchline is though, was to show solidarity with ISIS to embarrass the Obama regime, but to announce that the spirit of bin Laden had returned, and that only the Wahabbists were capable of carrying out terror attacks inside America, and that all of the wandering Muslims should all return home to their spiritual father, Sheik bin Laden's core group, as that was the only true Islam.

Think of this for a moment my darlings. Obama chest beat about getting bin Laden. How about this tied to the Obama tail, in bin Laden from the grave nails image Obama, and while Obama was focusing on ISIS, here comes the group back more creative than ever to humiliate the image of Obama again.
Yes Obama made stock and chirade on Iraq was the wrong war..........Afghanistan was the right Qaeda was destroyed and ISIS neutralized..........but here comes the Sheik's group back who Obama should have been paying attention to all along as they started 9 11.

Make a bit more sense now why the Obama regime and Saudi intelligence are covering up the Wahabbist connection and want you all looking at the Red Mosque?

Make a bit more sense how  the Obama regime was caught flat ass lying stating they had no information on Tashfeen Malik one day, and suddenly the next day, they know her mat size at the Red Mosque in giving secret information at a secret meeting with Pakistani intel, the next day.

I told you they had a file on this woman, but were not paying attention to her, because she was an operative. When the sub department running this operation and minding it for Homeland, inside the Department of Education, understood the dynamics of this, the minder defused the pipe bombs which were made, and made certain that he never showed to provide them the getaway to Mexico. Homeland provided the direction where to find the Farooks and the rest is California slaughter em on live television to condition the public to never repeat this.

The Farooks were cleansing their base of operations, meaning they were planning to be evacuated by someone, and were going home to be celebrated as the Obama regime was exposed for it's criminal creation of ISIS and criminal neglect of the bin Laden group.
Such lovely information always provides Pakistan with billions of dollars in bribes to fight terrorists and to remain silent.

The Red Mosque is a Red Herring. This hot body terrorist is too sexy to waste in just shooting her. No a new cover scenario needs to be engaged in to divert from the Saudi connection and the real story, as in the Boston Blow Job, and that is this boober at the  Red Mosque who has not been bowing at the waist deeply enough for the Obama regime.

So forget your False Flag and Crisis Actor bullshit, which Mockingbird has been leading all of you around, since one operation. This was real, and it was a quite brilliant counter intelligence operation. We know it was brilliant, because that image Obama's body language was completely deflated, caught off guard, knew it had been bested by an Islamic order of a higher nature, and the regime had absolutely no response, other than the political talking points in gun control and this was not terrorism.


Study Tashfeen Malik in what she is telling you. Look hard at this "radicalized Muslim" that the Obama regime is trying to brainwash you into seeing. Look at her instead in her non Islam shorts. Her complete Western attire. This was not a radicalized Muslim. This was an intelligence operative out of Pakistan, engaged with the bin Laden group, in order to tie terrorism in America to ISIS while humiliating the Obama regime in exposing the oil and dope deals the Obama regime has been bribing ISIS with to keep terror events from taking place.

Tashfeen Malik wears mini skirts and cosmetics. She is not a burkha babe. She was fighting the Obama regime's alliance with ISIS terrorism. This woman, and the Farooks are telling you, they were going to live to fight another day.
The photo of Tashfeen Malik, smiling brightly in a mini skirt was posted as a memorial by one of her girlfriends......again NOT RADICAL ISLAM. She did condition the Farooks to engage in this operation, but the reason no one noticed these Muslims, is because they were playing a part, for a bigger San Bernandino operation of exposing and humiliating the Obama Muslim Caliph.

The Obama propaganda cartel media is shutting the information down and misdirecting this story. They are still making horrendous mistakes in exposing information which is not supposed to be getting out, like the photos of Tashfeen Malik, telling her story in life and from beyond the grave.
The Farooks would be telling their story now if they had not been betrayed from the inside.

Once again, this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. By God's Grace I broke the Tashfeen Malik connection within hours of this San Bernandino event, and the Mockingbird reacted hard in overplaying the story to spin it, off of what it are now back out of the abyss you jump into every few hours.

Once again information which no one is ever going to provide you, as your media minders are not allowed to present the facts. This is probably dangerous in what I am posting if you need to be told this in you rich people should be doing the right thing in donating the big bucks, as you hide in your homes acting like you know what is going on.
I keep telling you the clock is ticking and you are going to be DOA sometime sooner than later, unless you have the information flow from here.