Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The White Muslim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ioannis Michaletos appeared here as the only person ever interviewed for the Lame Cherry, in he is one of the pure investigative journalists of the Slavic peoples, who labors year after year, exposing the political cancers which America is now being eaten by.

This quote from his latest report is one of the most chilling examples of "White Islam" in Europe and it is festering in Austria, and Angela Merkel imported over 1 million "Olive Muslims" to Germany in 2015 AD in the year or our Lord alone.

This same invasion is taking place in America, and Mr. Ioannis notes the fact that these Muslims NEVER assimilate, but remain centers for terror creation by the Mad Imams.

Austrian authorities have, in fact, found that the vast majority of the extremists operating are of Bosnian and Sandzak descent.According to statistics, in Austria there are about 600,000 Muslims, most of whom prove themselves difficult to integrate into society. Thus, in Vienna there is a parallel Islamic society, in which even a significant number of immigrants do not understand the native language, neither do they have any interaction with locals.

There is a complete litany of these criminal outrages in Europe and that list includes:

  • The attempt to assassinate President Bill Clinton
  • The attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II by placing 30 anti tank missiles under an underpass.
  • Attacking the US Embassy

These terror attacks have been going on in central Europe for almost 20 years, and no one is aware of them in the media blackout. It is interesting that Ashkenaz Maddy Albright termed the Christian Serbians as "dirty Serbs" but the real terrorists are the Muslim militants being protected by the Americans.

In one of the most insane moments of Hillary Clinton, burka wearing and Benghazi bowing, is the fact that her husband Bill Clinton had two Muslim assassination attempts upon him, one focused in Europe and the other in the Philippines set in motion by Sheik bin Laden.

Into this is Vladimir Arutryunian, who you probably do not recall in his throwing a live hand grenade at President George W. Bush, his wife, and the President of Georgia. The grenade did not detonate, but the fact is Arutryunian after being sentenced to life in prison, converted to Islam.
His famous quote is that he was not a terrorist, but simply a human.

Except for Islamic enabler, the White House Imam, image Obama, it is a fact that from President Ronald Reagan, in his assassin John Hinkley was linked to Iranian Islamocommunists, President George H. W. Bush in a Saddam Hussein assassination attempt in Kuwait, that for over 35 years, Muslims have tried to murder every American President with extreme prejudice, being events of these light skinned Muslims.

The last attack in America, in San Bernadino in California, was a white Muslim American, with his imported white Asian Islamic wife.

These are the facts, and you will only read of these realities on the Lame Cherry blog in matter anti matter. There are people in this world just like you, who are extremely concerned as you are in having this mainstream Islam protected by regimes and being allowed to propagate terrorism. Ioannis Michaletos has been warning everyone for years, and no one is listening in a majority to have stopped this before it was inflicted upon Americans. Instead we have Michael Reagan, a now consort of George Soros and a quisling of the Obama regime, advocating for Islam and promoting invasion of America as he attacks Donald Trump.

If Skinheads or Nazis had engaged in anything like what Muslims have in trying to assassinate every American President, there would have been a massive crackdown with wholesale arrests and deportations. With Islam they get a million more green cards, food stamps, and an IRS which never seems to find a reason to investigate one Islamic mosque.

The terror is only begun and you have yet to begin dying in Europe and America.