Friday, December 18, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank JB for his suggestion of Webroot as an anti virus. I will pass it along to all of you here. I have not tried it, but if I keep getting these AVG intrusions every time I in 3 of them this year for a 2015 update.........yes it is about NSA spyware being installed, but it does help to have alternatives.

For example, I do have hotmail accounts. The one JB, the Viking, Richard and Stephanie use as other family, has been a real pisser these past weeks in not loading for me.
TL on the other computer, had gotten it to load........and by surprise I got into it using the tower I had hear.......just that laptop though I write Lame Cherry on daily is the one which has problems.

So the Holy Ghost said to me yesterday......."Why not try Explorer".........and just like greens through a goose it loaded in Explorer. It was how I was able to respond  to Jane yesterday.

This becomes more popular girl interesting as I have another old hotmail account, and when I tried that loaded instantly.

So what did I learn?

It is not this computer. It is not this browser. It is something deliberately piggybacked here which was designed to block logging into a Lame Cherry account.

Yes the NSA can stop minding all of us, but there is Mark Zuckerbergs geektards still terrorizing the Western Girls.

Oh and I did update everything from browser to adobe, and still it did not work.......but again it works when typing in another webmail address.

Such an interesting life I am in.

God bless all the Good.