Friday, December 18, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I like learning things, like........Americans do not like murdering people based upon what the Obama regime terms are "good and bad terrorists".

I have not witnessed a great deal to be patriotic nor proud in the Obama sodomite military of America, as it is now an institution and not a military, which has political minders, mass assassinates people not for being threats to America, but for not bowing at the waste to the Obama regime to be exploited by the cartel, and it's officers have a penchant for doping their personnel while their Obama in the White House has a lust for rationing death to them by the VA.
Then there is always John McCain and Lindsey Graham who think almost two decades of George W and Obama ground wars, wanting 20,000 more Americans being butchered giving cover to ISIS to sell oil, little children to be raped and dope, in their American dream whetted by image Obama.

That is why I found this an interesting forensic psychological cause and effect, a Pavlov's Dog, in Obama rings a bell and predator drone droners bark and feed Muslims a life ending missile treat.

 Days after it unveiled a $3 billion roadmap to bolster its beleaguered drone fleet, the Air Force announced it will give the fleet’s pilots $125,000 bonuses to keep flying for a few more years. 
Pilots who have six years' flying experience after their undergraduate remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) training — at which point their service obligation expires — would receive five annual installments of $25,000 if they stay in the service, the Air Force said Tuesday in a statement .

I did a bit of DuckDuckGo in this, and discovered that Second Lieutenants are paid almost 35,000 dollars. Seems like a rather small sum to murder people for the Obama regime, and of course those doing the murdering do not like the 30 pieces of silver either and flee the sodomite military.

The thing is, not even calling these computer game players 'pilots' is not enough to retain them. I suppose those little wings do not get you laid like in the old days, when the girls and fag boys in the bar who are being plied with booze to get fucked by a flap, say they fly their chairs, and everyone laughs at them.

Army Base Pay and Basic Pay Chart |

Learn more about Army base pay. ... Second Lieutenant (O1) $34,862.40: $43,866: $43,866: First Lieutenant (O2) $40,165.20: $54,464.40: $55,587.60: Captain (O3) $ ...

The odd part is that James Holmes, the Joker Shooter on some scopolamine could do this job, as frankly any enlisted, because for some reason enlisted combat veterans who get paid poverty wages, end up shooting people for nothing and working a great deal more than these "fliers" do.

The service trained 180 new pilots in fiscal year 2014, while 240 retired, according to data provided to The Los Angeles Times .
The extra cash could help stop the flow of airmen into the private sector.
Drone pilots have long complained about working long hours in demoralizing work conditions at Creech Air Base in Nevada. Some have said they’ve been forced to work six days a week and flown between 900 and 1,100 hours a year. By comparison, fighter pilots typically log 200 to 300 flight hours annually.
Making matters worse, Creech, the central hub for all U.S. drone worldwide, has no housing, meaning pilots have to commute to and from the base near Las Vegas.

Obama gave his 2008 worldwind speech in Berlin. One would think that his Brzezinskis and Powells would have warned the Birther that the Nazi's had immense problems in World War II when their Soldiers were ordered to shoot masses of communists into long graves, as executing people you can see, always messes with the psychology of "good bad" in the mind, and for some reason the mind always sides with the "bad", no matter how commander in chief your dictator or despot is.
It does not help in tracking cell phones as these flaps actually see the watch lists, of people they can blast and others on no blast lists........and they happen to notice often enough that the Obama good terrorists are hauling around children being raped, noting the Obama good terrorists are shooting innocent people and they are told to keep their mouths shut......sort of like the pilots in the Air Force flying cover for Obama ISIS terrorists delivering oil to Turkey as it murders Russian pilots, and they see the proceeds selling children for rape in Syria and Iraq.

I was just thinking in I work 7 days a week, 15 hours a day, my life is actually threatened while the drone flaps are protected and promoted by the regime, and that is........21,840 hours. Seems the drone flaps are real whiners.........and just terror enablers like their image at 1600 Penn Avenue.

I would think that being paid 34,000 for this blog would be rich..........but then all I do is save lives of people who do not deserve it.

I suspect that it is not the 25,000 dollar a year bonus which the Pentagon concludes is a bribe sufficient enough to remove the guilt of the Obama crimes against humanity, but the zombie pills the flaps are being fed like candy which will make Murder Air Inc, all better.