Friday, January 1, 2016

73 Year old Terrorist Dwight Hammond: Charge Burning Weeds

Americans of the Hammond Family
the terrorists the Obama regime throws into prison
...for burning weeds  

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a story about two old men, who started a fire to burn off weeds on their property, and the Obama regime charged them with terrorism, and when they were sentenced to 3 years in prison, the Kangaroo judge said it was not enough, as this was terrorism, so gave them 5 years.

What is most distressing about this, is the criminal apologists for the Obama regime, the shills of Fogbow are backing this treachery and criminalization of Americans. I repeat, again, that 73 year old Dwight Hammond and 46 year old Steven Hammond were convicted of "terrorism" when the Obama regime could not even term their Muslim terrorists of San Bernadino as terrorists.

What no one has addressed in this, as the Supreme Court infringed on these American's Rights, in denying to hear this case, which proves that the Roberts Court belongs in 1950 Kremlin mockeries of justice against Citizens, is that there are statutes in EVERY American state mandating that if people do not control noxious weeds, they will be fined and then charged by the state for the spraying of weeds.

There is not one of you living in a city, even liberals, who has not heard of your local regime bitching at people for not mowing lawns or controlling their dandelions. That is what the Hammonds were doing. The Indians burned off prairie long ago, God burns off prairie to maintain it, but in the Obama regime, Americans mandated to control noxious weeds are now tried as terrorists.
You have to understand rangeland in how God created it. It is grass, but brush in various weed species attempt to overtake it, including trees like red cedars. God burns them off in nature, and if you do not burn them off, your grass soon is choked out, and the regime demands you pay taxes on that land, so you have to graze it as that is all it is good for, and that means grass has to be there and not noxious weeds, which is why the rural governments all have mandates to control these damn weeds, like your local city goes nuts over dandelions.

Now you can either put poison weed sprays, killing everything sprayed, or you can use nature's fire, and burn off the weeds, and in that producing potash which makes plants grow better as it is natural fertilizer.

It is ridiculous what the Obama regime has engaged in, in criminalizing Americans. In Idaho they shoot and murder an old cow man who is protecting his bull, which got run over by some Obama voter and the cops murdered the bull, and now in Oregon, the feds are making it terrorism for starting a fire on your own property, to burn weeds the government demands that you wipe out, or they will fine you.

What needs to be done is everyone associated with this, along with those shills at Fogbow, to be recorded in public record, and in a Donald Trump Presidency, a People's Court be convened for the prosecution and conviction of the Obama terrorists, as that is exactly what they are, as deviant as King George's political thugs and press, denying Americans rights and making them criminals.

Nuff said.