Friday, January 1, 2016

There is no American Oil - It is all Muslim Oil

Editor's Note: This is a stand alone posting as it is that vital, meaning you should probably read it over several times, copy it, keep it, and share it with your fellow inmates in America and Europe.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be another breaking story which is going to have you saying, "OH SHIT", once you are informed about what has been inflicted upon you, because just like you are allowed to keep your guns to keep you from revolting against the regime, you Americans preen in Mark Levin gushings about how much oil you have, and all you need to do is Sarah Palin Drill Baby Drill.

That is the problem in this, in America has been drilling oil, but at a massive debt, and therein lies the lock in your 1000 pound shackles which you are never going to get out from under.

If you recall in October 2015, all of that oil drilling debt was suppose to come due and a collapse should have occurred, but as you look around, none of that took place, but something else has taken place, and American were robbed blind by the feudal Obama regime and Islamic Oil.

What has been engineered mirrors Bill Clinton's Kosovo, or the Saudi Caliphate begun in Muslim Europe, all over oil. It mirrors Ronald Reagan bankrupting the Soviet Union in massive spending, but this time it was a massive drop in oil prices in an attempt to get Mr. Putin.
The problem in this, is something else has been the real agenda in this, and that is what this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is about.

This all begins with a white paper examination of Citibank vs. Chevron oil a few years ago, when American oil was banking on oil being 110 dollars per barrel as that is what they were being told, and not 37 dollars a barrel. Citibank already then was projecting that oil would fall to 65 dollars per barrel, and as we can see, something was being initiated which even plunged it to half that price.

All of this began a Mockingbird campaign, to scare Big Oil in America and around the globe, in bankruptcies and economic collapse to scare Congress to underwriting all of that oil derivative debt.

Rumblings then began about Citibank being the next AIG, because CITI had been acquiring debt in the 9 trillion dollars per quarter. Those rumblings translate into Citibank was buying up the oil drilling debt in massive quantities.
Ann Barnhardt with an astute reader began piecing this together, but only found one tentacle of this, in the reality that Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud.  Mister Saudi Arabia, is the largest shareholder of Citibank, which is acquiring massive oil debt, which makes absolutely no sense with oil prices falling, unless CITI is short selling on the market, and all of that money to cover the price falls, is being funneled from the US Treasury directly to Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has a direct pipeline to the American Treasury now in Americans are underwriting Oil Welfare to the Saudi Muslims to live in luxury, while funding ISIS which the Obama regime is arming to sell more stolen oil out of Iraq and Syria, to increase the glut of oil and the profits for more Muslim terror masters in Turkey.

Let that soak in for some time, as you ponder what you just have read. The Obama regime through Citibank is providing billions of dollars in Oil Welfare to Muslims, while 95 million Americans are on food stamps.

What the astute Ann Barnhardt and others are missing in this though is the real enslavement of America. We know that Saudi Arabia is said to be coming into economic collapses in a few years. We know that Saudi Arabia is going to be importing oil in 2030. So ask yourself why in Islam would Saudi Arabia be pumping itself dry now sowing it's own destruction?

The answer in this is what Big Frac has been engaged in, in selling off its assets. Who do you think has been buying up those proven oil fields on the cheap?

You are getting the idea now of the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, what was done to US farmers in the 1970's, done to US investors in the Dotcom bust, was done to US financial houses in the 2008 Obama bust, is now being initiated on US oil and gas energies, as much as ........the socio conglomerates like Amazon and Google.
All of them are being loaned cheap money, and that money is coming with the US regime controlling interests out of the foreign owned Federal Reserve. Since the crash of 1929 AD in the year of our Lord, in which the financial traitors to America bought up America on the cheap in crashes, the same patterns have taken place in slicing off key parts of the American system.
The elite of America think they are too bright and to much the insiders to be taken out, but that is exactly what is taking place in this phase in this simple reality.

The US Treasury, in the FDIC is now underwriting so many trillions in debt from oil derivatives bought by JP Morgan and Citibank, that these banks are siphoning off money to provide Oil Welfare to Islamic billionaires. What has been promised to this group who designed this criminal enterprise are the oil fields of Russia and the United States.

Russia's will be taken in war which Mr. Putin is being pushed to, and America's oil will be simply annexed on paper in a collapse.

Take a step back now, and look at this in what this blog has been covering. Big Frac in North Dakota, has been buying up North Dakota oil rights. Meaning that oil is no longer North Dakotans or American oil. It is owned by someone else. Big Frac is in financial difficulty and been selling off those assets, to foreigners, as the socialized banks are buying up debt, using cheap Fed money to underwrite Oil Welfare to rich Muslims, and all are being promised they will make it all back when the Russian and American fields are all seized.

What the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is, is the fact that all that North Dakota oil is coming under the ownership of Saudi Arabia or Muslim Oil. It explains why Saudi Arabia is pumping oil like a crack whore, it is because they have been promised and are in the process of acquiring the oil fields of Russians and Americans, as their piece of the pie in this global new world order.

In one debt paper leverage or another, Saudi Arabia is in control of the entire American oil supply, and my children and my brats, it was all initiated by that treacherous Obama regime at the behest of the global cartel.
Now you just try paying off your national debt, when Muslims own all the oil under your feet.

Does it make a bit more sense now in why that traitor Paul Ryan and the Congress, with the image Obama's signature lifted the oil ban in exporting American oil, and those fumduckers in North Dakota were cheering for it? The North Dakotans thought it would profit them, but it is all about the reality of Muslims having seized that oil, will eventually drive up American oil prices to bankrupt those states........

Ponder that as I bitch slap you with the punchline in this as it all ties together, as the Obama regime has been busy via Val-erie Jarrett the racist in rewriting all US code and laws,  tying them all together to penalize white people and promote foreigners. in other words implementing the legal framework for the American Genocide.

The punchline is all of those Muslim terrorists which Obama Ryan have been importing and funding, through such fine traitor groups like Hebrew Charities, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services, being paid for the human traffick, is that these Muslim terrorists are forming the Caliphate Forward Bases in America, especially in GOP states like North Dakota.

The GOP Governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple, has been lying to his people in a ruse, hiding the importation of Muslim terrorists to that state, as Lutheran Social Services skews the Truth in saying they are not importing Syrian terrorists "now" when they already imported them and Muslim hosts.

It is top to bottom, and what you simply have to understand in this connect the dots is the fact that Muslim Oil, with the Obama regime and that traitor Paul Ryan and that Muslim shill Michael Reagan attacking Donald Trump with George Soros, are putting into America their ISIS oil protectors, exactly as in Syria and Iraq in these invaders.

There is going to be a self funding terror oil, and it is going to be funded by the American oil under your feet.

If you have any sense left in you, your stomach should at this point about have you ready to vomit, your heart should have grown faint, your mind is hurting as you try to come to this understanding, and you are now in the process of your OH SHIT moment.

It is as Captain Kirk says, one of those Lame Cherry times when once it is laid out, it is all so very obvious, and you wonder how you missed it all.

Sickly, now you know and are not missing a thing. Now you fully comprehend the entire jigsaw puzzle which others have found pieces of and some astute began assembling.

While the cartel has you looking left and right, they came up from behind again and cut you off at the knees.

Now you know what was behind the lifting the oil embargo headlines, the Muslim terror invaders, the oil war on Americans and Russians, and how it all ties neatly together in a perfect cage which was created with your own resources.
Yes my children and my brats, Sheik bin Laden hit you with your own jets on a cartel plan. This time Muslim oil put you into chains on the cartel plan, funded out of your own Treasury and your own oil.

You perhaps might understand why the need for Donald Trump in the White House, being backed by your 40 million loaded guns is a bit urgent.