Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Note To Ben Carson

Ben Carson Campaign Volunteer Dies After Iowa Van Crash; Carson ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This really is to all the candidates or those individuals who should not be behind the wheel in winter, because they are over driving to the conditions, or unprepared in how to deal with slick spots.

I have personally been on the roads in Iowa in winter. Iowa has a  very nasty area north of Council Bluffs, in the no man's land of Missouri Valley. There are a few 50 mile patches in winter that really are dangerous. Northern Missouri in the highlands out from Squaw Valley is a bitch too which always has bad weather.

I was pumping Zelda through there a few years ago, and was driving around a dozen cars in the ditch, as Iowa bones do not know how to drive in snow and ice. I was thankful for them, as that ass state trooper who preys on drivers there has been out all night hauling people out of the snow, so it was just me, Zelda and a few people who knew how to keep out of the ditch.

You need a vehicle with new tires, and certain makes and models of vehicles run in snow best. As my former Fed Inspector relative said, "I always rent a four wheel drive, and that solves the problems".

Iowa is more than votes. Iowa is that shit from Texas to North Dakota, depending on the week of in temperatures, you are going to get bad roads. You literally can not drive in some sections of America in winter and not find bad roads to reach out and kill you.
I know Iowa drivers. They are all cowed and anal by their state trooper predators. They drive like sticks up their asses slow to not get picked up, until they hit Missouri or Dakota, and then act like they are a race car driver........that is until Zelda smokes by them as Missouri I 90 runs at 77 miles per hour and the troopers there will not nail you........Iowa is 75 on a good day if you pay attention........that stretch from Sioux City to Missouri Valley is a bitch in that prick that runs the road there.
I can tell you about all the pockets across America in the hot spots, the bad roads in the shit weather. I have a talent for that.........I can even tell you the speed traps in Iowa where they lurk and where they run up your ass at 100 miles per hour to catch you from behind.
Missouri runs good on I 90, but do not  try it east west as they eat you there.

Enough of the road lesson in the tits up location of Ben Carson's driver. Mini vans are a prob as junior hits ice, over steers instead of taking the pretty sloping ditch, rolls her and gets pasted by some fucktard behind the wheel who is riding your ass, because that is what fucktards do in riding your ass, instead of passing, because in Iowa the state and fed employees get to speed, and the Mutton drives slow.
Nothing I like better than to get some hot foot picking up all the highway dicks for me.

So if you are going to drive on shit roads, get a sedan like Zelda or a Zelda and leave those damn top heaving SUV's for people who know how to drive. Get good tires and then someone who does not have their head up their ass in knowing who to drive in the winter.

I have had it with fucktard drivers, newbie trucker cutting my ass off, and highway dicks, as I got places to go and you fucktards endanger me and others.

This was not an accident in Ben Carson's people. This was arrogance and the game which you have to play in most states like Iowa. It was people trying to make up for Ben Carson's failings and for the elite pumping up Ted Cruz to get at Donald Trump. That is who murdered this Darwintard behind the wheel of Ben Carson's rig, like the most likely Darwin candidate overdriving behind them, who was on her cell phone, or he was daydreaming of jacking off, and not bright enough to take a ditch, because they were all driving too close.

Ben Carson should have shut down his campaign months ago, as Ted Cruz should have. These delusional egotards think they are all miracle workers and that people want them. They have bloodthirsty flatworlders who litter the comment pages with all the propaganda.
One moment they are calling Sarah Palin a traitor. One moment they are getting people killed on the road.

None of you people belong on the roads and I am coming to believe, none of you belong voting, as you have your heads up your asses in the worthless candidates you glom onto.


Brady Joplin is systematic of what is wrong with Ben Carson and all of this buffoonery, in they send in these "volunteers" with heads up their asses, in this case this 25 year old zealot was an outstater, power driving on bad roads, and this Texan latin did not know shit from snow.

And before all of you reach for the tissues, just know that this Carson volunteer had a criminal record in Texas in assaulting police and being drunk and disorderly like Jeb Bush's young pervert kid.

The info in case this information gets pulled down.

Lubbock County

Braden Joplin

Arrest Information
Full Name: Braden Michel Joplin
Arresting Agency: LPD 197218
Personal Information
Arrest Age:23
Current Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 10/02/1990
Block: 2300 Glenna Goodacre Blvd
City: Lubbock, Texas 79401
Height: 5'08"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
Eye Color: BRO

And yes all you doubters, there is only one Braden Joplin in this world, and this is what volunteers for Ben Carson and is the face of the Cruzlings and the Jebcavers. This is nothing to shed tears over or have sympathies. It is RECKLESS HOMICIDE to put Texans who know nothing about driving in ice behind the wheel in Iowa.

Ben Carson should be joining Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton in facing criminal charges.........Cruz for campaign finance fraud, Clinton for selling access and Carson for reckless endangerment, as Ben Carson got this moron killed in Iowa.

Nuff said.