Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beware the Ides of New Hampshire

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The goodness in people, when coupled with prosperity from their work, installs regimes of arrogance which are police state. America as a whole has this fundamental flaw. They believe they are free because they were allowed votes and guns, but votes in fraud e voting elections which are stolen and guns which are no match for drone warfare, is not freedom. It is a narcotic meant to stupefy the mind, so resistance does not appear before it is too late.

There is a reality in the election of Donald Trump as President. It is simple and I will not take a great deal of time to explain this,  but the elite are conditioning the public as of end November 2015 to believe the following brainwashing:

1.Voters will not make up their minds until the last two weeks before a primary.
2. Then the elite's candidate will win over Mr. Trump.

That translates for you who do not know what is being stated, is the elite are going to provide you a "diversion" of ads, which can then be touted as the thing which turned voters onto voting for the establishment puppets. The election will be flipped.

Inquiry points to what the establishment intends in what their thoughts are. The do not intend to try and flip the caucus in Iowa at that number is 1 in 10 chance. They hope for the fluidity of the Iowan arrogance to disrupt the election.
South Carolina is being looked at in 2 in 10.

The focus of the elite is to use the e voting of the population centers of New Hampshire in a 6 out of 10 chance they will begin to steal the election there in vote fraud, pointing to that is where the establishment candidates turn it around.

The blame of a bloody revolution rests on the Ides of New Hampshire. Either those people turn out in such numbers and require Iowa to turn in such a huge lead in that caucus for Mr. Trump, in order to scare off the cartel from stealing this election, or this will be the beginning of the shedding of blood in America, as American are not going to allow this sham to continue any more.

When I wrote that it must be understood by the elite that 40 million loaded guns are for Donald Trump, it is that vital foundation which has to permeate the 2016 elections to save America from more vote fraud. There is not going to be any more vote flipping and elections handed to these criminals without retribution and Donald Trump is going to have to make this known. Anything happens to Mr. Trump, and if his numbers do not hold up as they have now for almost a year in being over 40% in the polls, that points to vote fraud and a rigged election.

The arrogance of affluent Iowa and New Hampshire taking this upon themselves in deciding elections, now is a bloody reality that if they do not get this right, they are going to be the 40 million shots heard round the world, and if the Americans prevail over these globalist crooks, then the other 48 states are going to descend upon Iowa and New Hampshire with the wrath of God for what they did.

The globalists are plotting for this disruption in the world, centered in America and Europe. It falls directly onto Iowa and New Hampshire. They wanted the glory, and now it is their burden. They make a mess of this, and when the People's Courts arise, that is where judgment will begin.

Not so much fun now going first is it Iowa and New Hampshire when it is your necks on the line.