Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Palintard


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I once considered that Sarah Palin had a place in the Donald Trump Administration as Secretary of the Interior, but this latest Palin Hillbillies Episode is just so low class, that this is not anything America needs.

This all started with Bristol Palin, spreading her legs again for a sperm deposit and getting pregnant again and producing another little bastard.

The sperm donor was Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor winner, meaning a military Hero.

Hero Meyer seemed questionable in the first phase of this, in just dipping his dick and taking off. Then something happened which puts this in a new read between the lines light.

See little Sailor Grace Palin was born around Christmas, and about this time, the Hero reappeared and started demanding joint custody for his daughter, but not child support from the millionaire Palins at this time.

Immediately a spokemans appeared for Bristol Palin, trashing the Hero as "heroes do not ask for child support".........I did not know that was in the dictionary that was one of the definitions of a Hero, but perhaps the spokesperson David Martin has an unabridged version.

Now that you know the story as it is posted, let us start reading between the lines here.

So you got Dakota Meyer, Marine Medal of Honor recipient, engaged to a rich girl, and she turns up pregnant, and he immediately dumps her.

Now why would a Hero do that? Might be a deadbeat not wanting to get trapped...........but now remember that once the kid was born, he wanted custody of his child.

His child.......

I will hint at that again in HIS CHILD. You don't think that maybe Dakota Meyer suspected that this was not his kid, and Bristol Palin was spreading her legs for other sperm deposits when the Hero was not around now do you?

Sort of looks like that now does it not? Sort of makes you wonder who this new spokesguy is trashing Dakota Meyer.......unless he is the one who is currently putting his spoke into ole Bristol's well worn hub, and was putting her up on the hoist the same time her fiance was.......and that is what started all of this?

That is what between the lines looks like. Bristol Palin fucked up originally. Went out and got herself a Hero to fuck to give her respectability, and the jarhead was not bright enough to see a honey pot, until he started catching the scent of another man around his fiance.

As stated, Sarah Palin has the chance to save America, and all she did was run for cover, abandoning Americans, cashed in, and now presides over these Palin Hillbillies. I am certain this story hits closer to home than what the fiction is out there, and if you think about it, you know blessed well the above is most likely what took place.

I simply have to find a replacement now at the Department of the Interior, as America needs someone to stop a range war and save wildlife, and not a Sarah Palin who brings trailer park drama at every turn.
If all Bristol Palin likes to do is fuck and make babies, Sarah Palin should have just sold her to some Obama Muslim and made it all respectable.

Oh and you hint at child support, to leverage the mother to give you, your rights to your child, as the Palins seem more interested in who keeps the money, as their "spokesguy" is focused on that.

On and point two in this, the only thing worse is this Teresa Monroe Hamilton over at John Hawkins Right Wing News, telling people it is bad news THAT A FATHER IS ASKING FOR CUSTODY OF HIS OWN DAUGHTER and then she asks people to pray for the family........

Pray for fornicators, adulterers and only satan knows what.

How deceived these children are. Unrepentant fornicators and adulterers do not have a place in Christ's Heaven and maybe just being bright enough to not gulp down every piece of skirt propaganda and blame all men as fiends might help as Bristol Palin has a history of not being trustworthy.

Nuff said