Thursday, January 7, 2016

The CruzAde Drinker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly do not know what a Brent Smith is, nor do I care to know what a CruzAde Drinker sucks or blows, but when Brent Smith at John Hawkin's Right Wing News asks for an explanation on Donald Trump and threatens that the only way Brent Smith will vote for Trump, is to put Ted Cruz on the ticket as Vice President, such casting the first stone demands a response, as there are too many CruzAde Gulpers out there getting a free pass on  being politards.

First Ted Cruz is a political feeder. He used the Bush family and stabbed them in the back, then had his wife whore for the Rockefeller family and then stabbed them in the back, as when he got to DC he was hired by Big Billionaire to go in and be a minder for the Tea Party.

Second Ted Cruz stabbed the Tea Party in the back deliberately in his Green Eggs and Ham filibuster farce.

Third Ted Cruz was handing out gifts to Mexican invaders.

Fourth, Ted Cruz voted for Obamatrade, the greatest enslavement tool since Obamacare.

Let us get one thing straight, the Ted Cruz voter suffers more from a fucked up brainwashing, than the Ron Paul followers blindly followed their minder. All of the above is public record. All of the above has the reality that  Ted Cruz has been sent in to destroy Donald Trump by splitting the vote. He has been working for Mitch McConnell's bosses all along, because there was absolutely no retaliation on Cruz when he called the GOP leadership liars in public.

Let us examine the quote though of Brent Smith concerning Donald Trump's flaws:

Now we knew Obama was an angry radical long before the 2008 election because we took the 5 minutes it required to find out. Trump couldn’t be bothered. He told Wolf that “I think he’s doing great. I think Hillary is a great appointment.” He tells Wolf that he knows the communist wrecking ball (my words – not his), EPA Czar Lisa Jackson “very well because I do a lot of business in New Jersey. She’s a brilliant person – great environmental person and that’s going to be an amazing appointment – you watch.” Oh we’re watching – in disbelief – and disbelief over The Donald’s declaration!
There’s Trump’s judgment on full display. His business acumen might be off the charts, but his ability to size a person up is evidently severely lacking. That or his views aren’t really that much different. Otherwise, someone please explain this disparity to me. And don’t go telling me he’s transformed in captain conservative this quickly. That’s crap!
If Trump get’s the nomination, he’s got one shot for my vote. No, he doesn’t need to soften his delivery. I don’t care about that. The only way I vote for Trump is if he chooses Cruz as his running mate. Cruz may be the only one capable of dragging Trump into the light. 
So before voters worry about a candidates’ bubbly personality, why don’t we take a few moments and actually discover just for whom we may be voting.  As for Rush – I have to say I’m a little disappointed with his use of the tired establishment jargon.

I am not going to make excuses for Donald Trump, because he needs none, but a tard like Brent Smith brainwashed on CruzAde requires some explaining to.

In 2008, Donald Trump was a billionaire businessman. A businessman does business. A businessman with any sense is not Bill Gates pissing off the Clintons so he gets his ass dragged into court every two weeks, and ends up having to give all his money away to appease the feudal left.
So in the Art of the Deal, you go on liberal CNN, and tell Wolf Blitzer the biggest load of horseshit you can think of, so the Obama regime insiders you have donated money to and done business with, keep the rest of the regime nuts off your ass.

Wow, you mean Donald Trump is smart enough to out maneuver an entire group of political manipulators and do it so well, that braintards like Brent Smith never figure it out, as they have drunk so much CruzAde that it is their blood supply. Yes I do mean that.

If people want to know the real Donald Trump, I demand  that you go and listen to David John Oates reverse speech patterns. Everything Donald Trump says is Pro American and he is telling you the Truth.
Ted Cruz in reverse speech has none, as he is so programmed that he does not think, but recites what he you mean when he knows a question from the liberal press is coming, because he was given it......he has prepared a response? That is exactly what I mean.

Ted Cruz was "smeared" by the left to give him his bona fides so politards like Brent Smith would believe Cruz was genuine in his first role of supplanting Sarah Palin at the Tea Party, and in his second role of supplanting Donald Trump.
The reason so many insiders hate Ted Cruz, is because he a polipath, a sociopath, psychopath of politics who would pimp his own daughters for a vote and for his Big Billionaire faction who owns him, he will use and destroy anyone for the same damn feudal cause which Obama has been raping the world for.

Now for a final word to Brent Smith............

Donald Trump has called Ted Cruz a maniac, which Cruz is. Donald Trump has said Ted Cruz is a foreigner. There is not any way in hell that Donald Trump is picking someone who Mr. Trump correctly judged a maniac and a foreigner, as the press would crucify him.

Lisa Jackson and Hillary Clinton were great appointments for the Obama left. Donald Trump was a businessman succeeding in a National Socialist world. He knows how to tell the Truth to grease the skids to winning.
Donald Trump knows how to get Democrats to vote for him would help if head up their asses Republicans would figure out that Donald Trump is the genius in the room running circles around everyone, while Ted Cruz has them on the leash, jerking their chain.

For America's sake, it is necessary these shit for brains, get their heads out of their asses, and stop drinking the CruzAde.

None of this is that hard if you try some Inspired Thinking.

Nuff said