Saturday, January 9, 2016

Account is Friendship

As another Lame Cherry excuse in matter anti matter.

Vikings owe me nothing, as you are suffering enough the purple people eaters done et your Cheeseheads. Sharing the photo of the girls was enough. you did ok there Mister.......and it is a compliment in the Babygirl looks a great deal like my side of the family.

.........and as Ted Nugent once told a friend of mine, "Man your wife is hot!"
To which the friend replied, "That is my wife, dude,  you're talking about!"
To which Ted replied, "I know man, and she is still hot!!!!"

I am just waiting on spring and wondering in God's sparrow's falling, how much more of this I am going to have to witness this winter. The viewing went well, or I should say in ice and fog with about zero visibility we did not killed in our 25 mile drive, nor did anyone else. Was a Catholic thing, rosary and all.........suppose the books for sale in the lobby were for that purgatory fiction and someone charges for the food. I did not get the eating part, as looking at dead people does not invoke in me the need for hor d oeurves.

The coyotes were howling or the old dog howls and the juveniles yip. I would like to tune them up, but I might have found a magic final solution for them, that will not kill anything else. That would please me, instead of their eating baby calves or TL's cats.

TL now has a herd of cats, 13 I think. Most are fluffy for the cold, Sherlock is a gorgeous black and white tuxedo cat who has decided that he must be petted by everyone, and no one else can be petted or looked at. Got rid of that nightshadow thing, whose article is moved back to February as foreigner Ted Cruz now advocating beating on American women is the agenda.
I do not like cats, but I pet them. These are the first cats TL ever came across who are not all asses. As I stated, got to tune up those yotes and fox, and I think I might have the remedy, and it is legal.

So I am waiting upon Mom making that Gristvoosch or whatever it is spelled. It was nice someone sent me an article on German Goetta, is pronounced Getta, which is the same pork, but with a bit more bay leaf or sage in it, depending upon the area, with steel cut Irish oats in it, rather than the meal. I think it is most oddly wonderful thing in Germans across the globe make their puddings or sausage, and in each region they came up with what was available. We had oat meal, the Indianans had steel cut oats, the eastern and southern American Germans had corn meal.
I do think if I get pork products, I might try that Goetta as I love breakfast sausage.
I would like to render that buck deer we have around here that is thrashing my trees into canned meat too. That deer has a hoofy print as big as a 600 pound steer.

I am still looking for spring........and although I made it official long ago, I really hate winter and satan and people used by satan, two and four legged.

Just remembered, and now I forgot as TL and I just were discussing sales tax and e downloads of things.

Oh now I remember, thank the Holy Ghost, I want to find a metal box sort of and build a seed sprouter thing........thermostat, like I did for my incubator, so I can do peppers, tomatoes and things......want to build a cold frame too, but that is things of life, and I got too much death about me now.

Chicken or Mr. Peepers or Peeps is still pooping all over the house. He is a very good rooster though. His feet are now ashen grey ......not a good sign, but he was better today in getting around. He never crows or cackled. Just does allot of purring and makes that hawk warning screech when he sees bugs flying around the light on the ceiling. He was wild as the wind, and now you can pick him up and he is usually sitting under foot someplace with us. It looks like I my version of a parrot here for however long he lives, as he is now too tame.
I honestly could see having a garage pen of sorts and a few hens like this.....or a rooster with them like Peeps as I forget most days that he is even around.
His feathers are now all pretty and groomed too......he has those hackle frizzle feathers over most of his body. Seems to be about a fat pound in weight.

I had better get this mailed before postage goes up.

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Nuff said.