Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Now Advocates Beating Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Seriously Ted Cruz is not ready even for Prime Minister of Canada with his Dual Citizenship, as his newest gaff in joining "Bush Speak" is to equate the anal assault of sodomite Ambassador Chris Stevens, with the need for the voters to "spank" Hillary Clintons bare ass at the polls.

Gawker17 hours ago

Look, I am a Christian Conservative, who believes in "shock swats" on delinquent children's rear ends, to startle them, as there is nothing in this type of swat to hurt them, but there is a line in this, in the era of the elite engaging in Political Rape of Women, which now has wholesale Islamic Rape of Women in Europe and America by Muslims, for anyone to start equating that American voters start beating on Hillary Clinton at the polls, that voting is a weapon to discipline females who get out of line.

Like the Obama Political Rape, as this blog warned, it then manifests in literal rape as Obama Muslims are terrorizing women in this world, especially blondes.

Ted Cruz has revealed in his  background that Latin understanding, that all women need is a good ass whipping to get them into line. Like the Italian and Spanish males of Europe, this genetic group likes slapping women around to make them obey, and the action is the stereotype, which is what all Latins have lurking around in their passionate backgrounds.

That is what the repulsive side of Ted Cruz is, because that is not Texan in the least, as Texas men would beat to a pulp any male who was laying hands on a woman.  If a woman is so out of control, you use a thing called a door and walk out, and never come back. You do not thrash a woman like these Latin Jesuits or Obama Muslims, ever.

This is the slippery mountain America has been placed upon now by foreigner Barack Obama. The immigrants of the late 1800's were classes of people where violence in the homes was common place. It was only through education, and a great part Leave it to Beaver that American husbands and wives learned to stop acting 3rd world, and became civilized.

Ted Cruz might have his Texas boots and cowboy shirt on, but he is no American all that cloth, as no cowboy would ever speak about beating on women in any figurative form. That is Ted Cruz the Latin coming out, just like the 3rd world Muslim. A woman gets out of line, BAM, beat her ass. A kid gets out of line, BAM, beat their ass raw. A Muslim gets out of line, BAM, Obama drones their ass.........same ass whipping the BATFE is pulling on Ranchers in Oregon. It is all 3rd world, and it is what Chicago is, like all minority communities as the positive influences are all  gone, and all that is left is that lurking violence fired in their blood in these despondent super depression Obama times.

This is a big deal as it reveals all what Ted Cruz is, that smarmy Latino backstabber who goes home and spouts off about beating on women to teach them lessons when they have ideas different from you.

This is what Ted Cruz believes, and America does not with all these damned Obama invaders need another four years of Obama in Ted Cruz in the White House where rape and beating a woman is the way the masses are taught to handle thinking women.

All of you had better remember this about Ted Cruz as Obama started talking like this and it is now wholesale rape of women by Muslims. America does not need more of these Jesuit Latins joining in the beating and raping of we already have an epidemic of them doing that, and setting fire to them afterwards.

Nuff said

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