Saturday, January 2, 2016

Aiva Maru

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Treachery is as a notorious thing as humanitarianism. We witness Turkey shooting down Russians after stalking them for days as Russia fights terrorists, but the Obama regime blames the Russians.

In World War II, the Red Cross engineered for a Japanese ship to haul a humanitarian cargo for Allied Prisoners of War. This was a major undertaking and coordinated between Japan and America, with American submarines being ordered to not attack the ship.

In the fog of war, fog happens, as does a Japanese ship running at destroyer speeds and routes, with being lost in literally the fog of night.

In that reality, the Aiva Maru, was sunk by the USS Queenfish, commanded by Commader C. Elliot Loughlin.

The Commander was faced court martial and was reprimanded by the Secretary of the Navy, as his Admiral attempted to intervene, as it was noted that 2000 bales of rubber were on this humanitarian ship, along with numbers of tins of a granulated substance.

The reality is, that besides the cargo floating in the water, there was this reality of what the Japanese were really transporting:

From information which reached us after the Aiva was sunk, it appears Loughlin should have been awarded a commendation instead of a reprimand. Intelligence sources told us that Aiva Maru, on her trip south, engaged in what was supposedly an errand of mercy, had carried, in addition to her 11-pound Red Cross gift packages to Allied POW's, 500 tons of ammunition, about 2,000 bombs and 20 crated planes, which she unloaded at Saigon.

This is not the first time a humanitarian mission or a UN inspection has been hijacked in order to gain a lethal advantage. This Japanese ship though was floating death which cost more allied lives.

These are the types of things lost in history. Lost like Japanese "Americans" interned in concentration camps which is now frowned upon.......yet the reality of Nidal Hasan and Syed Farook, point to how many lives were saved, because some Japanese in America did not set about to murder Americans.
We can never prove a non event, but we can note that most of these Japanese after the war, returned to Japan as that is where their loyalties were all along.

Just another moment in history worth noting.