Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aliso Canyon Methane Gusher


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if you are aware of a methane reservior in California gushing out 110,000 pounds per hour......or you know those 20 pound propane tanks you use on grills? This thing is pushing out 5500 of those an hour, 24  hours a day.
I have not paid that much attention to it, and from what I started reading, the people covering it are all environmental kooks, talking about BP gushers and environmental catastrophes, are no help at all, so when I noted that Mercaptan was the reason this gas was stinking, I started paying attention, as I was under the impression that this was a natural gas well which blew out, but that is not what is going on here at all and that is what is needs to be explored, as I have an idea what actually is going on here.

Methane has no odor, so Mercaptan is added, to warn people of a leak. I had read that much of the area is being covered with an oil mist, and with this being called a well.........I quit listening as I thought it was a well, but that is not what it is at all, and that is where the Mercaptan comes in.

Understand also, Aliso Canyon is a former oil field, which has been mostly pumped dry. Hence the oil mist in the methane gushing out. What is going on here, is So Cal Gas, purchases natural gas from Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma at off peak price times in the summer, and pumps this gas into this depleted crude oil reservoir.

For me alarm bells began ringing when I read this gas reservoir was by Northridge, as in one of the big quakes of recent memory. As I continued looking into the public information in Jerry Brown's San Bernadino Muslim shoot em up state, I started finding references to a Turbine Replacement, which was green motivated.

See you just can not put gas into the ground. It has to be pumped under pressure, remember the pressure part. There was an old gas turbine which was doing this work, at 70,000 tons of greenhouse gases, so instead new electric lines (Yes where does electricity come from, but greenhouse gases or nuclear) were being run, to operate these new massive electric injection pumps to put this winter supply of natural gas into the ground in summer.

This takes place into November, and that is about when all of this started. Hints have come out that the pipes are very old, and this is perhaps would caused this blow out, and with Los Angeles now filing lawsuits against So Cal Gas, there is not going to be any information forthcoming, but that is where the Lame Cherry is filling in, in matter anti matter exclusives.

This is what the evidence seems to point to. I believe that one of two things has taken place. To explain this, there is geological data which details how much gas can be stored in this reservoir. The data knows how much sand, oil, empty space, faults etc... is there, and this reservoir is not new, as Californians have been buying up western gas for some time cheaply and then selling it to heat their homes in the winter.
This is not the only reservoir, and there are more of these storage areas.

So ask yourself about what happened. Two things have to have had happened. Either this was man made or nature made as reservoir capacity does not change in the known data.

Examine the gusher. That is gas gushing out of the ground under immense pressure. It has oil in it which is not exactly what would burn very well in your home furnaces, so this lays the framework of what is taking place in either oil is seeping back in or the earth under continental shelf pressure has shifted lessening the reservoir size, making this a natural event, or these new electric pumps injected so much gas into this field, that the metal pipes simply burst under this new pump pressure.

This rupture is so under pressure, that normal methods have not worked in pumping sludge into the well hole which is far under ground, and a new relief well is being drilled to stop this sometime at the end of February.

Whether this is man made or natural, this question must be answered, because if this reservoir ruptured from an earthquake fault line or somehow crude oil is gushing back into this reservoir under pressure, this is geological disaster in the making as this reservoir can no longer be used as a winter supply depot.

If this is man made, then those responsible will be made to answer for overfilling this will causing a rupture.

What I believe happened though is both human error and geological shift, because one can examine Frac'ing in Oklahoma, where earthquakes are occurring, and this is not from frac'ing shale, but from the slurry used to fracture the shale, being pumped and repumped into like reservoirs which is disrupting the Oklahoma geological structures, causing these mini earthquakes.

So Cal Gas in using high pressure electric pumps might have placed too much pressure on this geological reservoir, in a sort of frac'ing, which seems to indicate, this frac'ing has released fluids into the reservoir, compounding the problem of less space, more electric gas pump pressure and this rupture.
These pipes rate around 85 to 125 pounds per square inch. The air pressure in your auto tire is around 30 pounds, and if that blows out, you can understand the sound and pressure. So for these pipes rated to three times this, and a rupture occurred, it points to the likelihood that pressures of 200 PSI or more caused this, and that is where the alarm bells have gone off, and it is once again asstard in these environmentalists focusing on this gas release as some problem, when the rotting ocean and forest produces more methane than this leak.

Jerry Brown is responsible about this, as much as Michigan Governor with lead in water pipes in Flint Michigan, and yet you hear nothing of calls for Jerry Brown to resign, nor one assessment as the above, as California has been sucking water and energy from the rest of America for years.
Yet we are deluged about frac'ing in Oklahoma as a problem when it is not. What though about the danger zone of these immense California fault lines, which could unleash 9.0 earthquakes, in every year these reservoirs are  depleted and filled. Rock is not like a balloon and once it fractures it is fractured. The same warnings for Oklahoma, are even more red alert in California, because is the Jerry Brown accepted way of doing business about to trigger the Big One, and is this Aliso Canyon rupture which liberal California democrats caused, but the tip of the disaster?

The Obama hysteria of the fraud of greenhouse gases began this disaster in installing these massive electric gas pumps. That is the certainty. The false messiah though is in the details with the fake prophet of Jerry Brown overseeing and now covering up the cause of this event, which all starts with the greenhouse gas fraud.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, because no one else will or has the Inspiration to do it.