Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Genocide Americans Great and Small


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are certain aspects which require a factual accounting in the history of the dogma of the entity known as Barack Hussein Obama Chin, and the greater share of this is something none of you have an understanding of, as Dr. John Coleman who defined thee entire spectre of his era a few decades previous, only explained this cartel from his vantage point.

Other's as Charles Lindbergh Sr. explained the era again from an American viewpoint of this cartel and syndicate, but missed the root the core of this cartel, or organized gathering, and this is what the Lame Cherry is about to reveal, based upon the operative known as Comrade Trotsky, the initiator of the Soviet Union, in the mark of Marxism indoctrinated into the peoples.

What first must be understood is that Karl Marx was not the genius of Das Kapital. That manifesto was the organizational idea of the cartel, in the Rothschilds and key groups of the European Aristocracy. There had to be a way to manage the mob, who were in colonies beginning to become a wealthy competitor, and the way to accomplish this was to enslave peoples like the Russians, and to "democratize" nations like England and Germany, so the mob replaced the affluent middle classes.

That is what communism is. The Feudal few exploiting the impoverished mob, while blaming Christian liberty and Capitalism empowerment.

Comrade Trotsky, was a Jew, in the sense he was an Ashkenaz Jew, or the Khazar converts who flooded into Europe to prey on the native peoples, what the Rothschild group is involved in.
The Russians wanted no part of these pariah Jews, no more than the Germans did. So Trotsky involved himself with the Orthodox Russian peasants, and sowed into them the seeds of revolution, as the Russians would follow a Russian revolt, and not a Jewish revolt.

In order to spread this revolt, Trotsky needed a Caucasian, and in that he soon found the rather  sedate Lenin as his front man. 

It was into this period of World War I, that a schism in the competitorship arose in the Jews. The Europeans Jews of the Ashkenaz converts, had sown into America a managerial group of Sephardic or Babylonian Jews, which were led by Jacob Schiff.

Schiff was a major player in the beginning destruction of Royal Russia in first bankrolling Japan in the Russo Japanese War to defeat Russia, and later when the Revolutionary Kerensky Regime of Socialists who threw out the Czars arrived in New York for financing, this Jewish faction with Kuhn and Loeb banking, denied the Kerensky regime loans.

What was taking place in this was the reality, of the Rothschilds were behind the first revolution, and advocated this managed exploitation, but the American Babylonian Jews were intent for Russian plunder, and began promoting with Royal Germany, the Lenin fanaticism, which did eventually win as Trotksy ruling the Cheka or secret service, was busy marching people in the Crimea into the sea literally, mass raping women and children, lining up Russian Orthodox and Catholics to be shot, and killing off Jewish competitors by starving them to death.

Jacob Schiff leveraged the European Aristocrats and Rothschild Ashkenaz to forfiet Russia. It would not be until Boris Yeltsin arose, that the Rothschilds attempted a move back into Russia, and were thrown out by Vladimir Putin in that chaos, as Russia attempted to gain back their resources again.
That is what is behind the current Obama cartel warring against Putin. The Soros groups are wanting all those Russian raw materials back, which was the original part of this inter Jewish war.
This has been taking place for decades now. The South Ossetia campaign was George Soros throwing out Israeli state Jews taking over resources in Georgia, with Vladimir Putin rolling tanks in to protect Russians in South Ossetia.

The Trotksy Second Revolution took years to win out, because what was taking place in Russia was not a revolution in which White or Red Russia would win out, but it was a complete inter Jewish war taking place.
After Lenin died, it fell to Trotsky the Jew and Stalin whose father in law was the leading Jew to fight it out for victory.
That is why Trotsky was exiled, and stories appeared before his scheduled testimony before Congress on unAmerican Activities, that Trotsky was a paid stooge of the American FBI.
Stalin eventually had a Mexican follower, as Trotksy lived in luxury in Mexico, drive an ice pick into his skull which eventually killed him, and by this gave a racial identity to the Soviets.
The Soviet Jews had all been herded as Socialists into the Lenin Regime, and placed to the last one in key positions of controlling power. Stalin burned down Rothschild facilities, and Woodrow Wilson fiegned a fight in the interwar which followed World War I, and with the death of Trotksy, Russia became it's own Jewish identity. Pro American linked and looking to dominate the Rothschilds of Europe.

A reality in this, was when Trotksy was in New York during World War I. He was booted out and ended up in Canada, where he was arrested by the Rothschild's who were leveraging the British throne. Soon enough, the America Schiff and Warburg brothers of Germany had Trotksy released from prison, where he linked up with Lenin, and was given passage by train across German frontiers, as the Kaiser was intent on toppling mother Russia as Russia was waging war against Germany.

This same type of back dealing went on in World War II, in the Warburgs of Germany were managing the US Treasury. It is why the German industry was never bombed. The cartel manages all of this and when Birther Hussein was caught saying "the powers that be", that is who he was speaking about, this uber elite cartel of European aristocracy, babylonian jews, ashkenaz jews and traitors. It is how the entire system is managed to the doom of the world.

There was an understanding which developed, and this would be Dr. John Coleman's Committee of 300, or you would know other groups by the Bilderbergs or American Rockefeller groups in the CFR or Bohemian Grove.
The "understanding" which took place, is best summed up by the exclusive the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter published in this "Underworld" type vampire movie, where there is a revolving chairmanship or control.

The Europeans gained control in January 2008, from the Bush faction, and that is why Obama was running around illegally making deals with terrorists and dope lords, assuring them he would be in the White House, as the elections were fraud.
Hillary Clinton was supposed to be President, but Bill violated the protocols in helping to arrest a raw uranium supply in the Stans which was sold to China. There are spheres of control in cartel as it is a mafia with territory,  and you just can not go in and take resources without permission and payoff.
George Soros can go into Romania and steal their gold as that is the Ashkenaz sphere. Bill Clinton violated the organization's rules, and as the European Ashekanz had taken control, they decided to punish the Clintons in humiliating them with Obama and appeasing the American interests by putting Hillary as Secretary of State.

As of the summer of 2015, the control of the cartel chairmanship or the lords and the priests as I term them, removed from the Obama regime the European backing and now a new group is busy plundering America before the 2016 elections.

The Donald Trump phenom is interesting in this, as his children are wed to a group of Jews who are leveraging for more control in an American based sphere again. It is why Netanyahu who pawns for the Rothschilds and a equal to the Rockefeller group in America, is so dead set against Donald Trump, in these elite Jews of the Israeli state recognize completely they will be divested of structural power.

That is what is taking place in this. It has always been the Aristocracy  and the competing Jewish factions of Babylonian and Ashkenaz Jews with groups within the groups fighting amongst themselves, stealing elections and starting wars.
They most novelly control the Muslim regimes, now being set up to fight it out by Islamocommunists and Islamofascists, spiking Sunni and Shia hatred which is simply more control of community organized Islam for a thug Caliphate to rule the world, and is why all of these Islamic terrorists are being imported.
One must understand that the Merkels, Camerons, Clintons ect... are not in the least nationals of the nations they lead. They are cartel members who serve the group which empowers them and can destroy them.

It is not so much that the Rothschilds were lord god in all of this, but that they were the most influential group as this group is never in flux. The American flex their muscle, the lordship changes, Americans sell out to the cartel as in JP Morgan, the Americans are given victory in World Wars, and the Howard Hughes billionaires are eliminated, where organized boards wrest power from the Paperclip Nazis in America, and the organized communists gain greater control of the mechanisms of power, to install an illegitimate Obama for the Europeans heading the cartel in that period.
Donald Trump is unique in the mould of Henry Ford, in this group simply were Capitalists intent on making American great, and America was great in dominating the world in business and having a people who were earning high wages.

All of you, no matter the nation, is led to distraction in political parties in licensing sin, while the real agenda is plundering each of you. The moron is alive in both the right and left wings of parties and it requires only a few minders in the media,

This education is left off here, with a few quotes from literary source, to refresh your memories to what you have just read and your mind has wandered from.
The source being a Russian who was there, and knew Trotksy for the butcher he was, and the traitors in Russia, Europe and America who created this Obamaworld in the 21st century of war.


Trotsky infiltrated the Christian Orthodox peasants, fomented revolution and hijacked Christianty, in order to appeal to the Russian people and the world, as no one would have backed a Jewish revolution.

Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg Nya Bank, Stockholm Sweden

Kuhn Loeb financed Japan to win war over Russia.

Such a move was necessary for two reasons: first, to deprive rival revolutionary parties of the possibility of preventing anarchy, and second, to defeat the more conservative, moderate aims ot the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are Jews of the Ashkenazim type ("Ashkenazim" Jews are those who lived m Germany, Poland, Southern Russia, etc.). They were bitter rivals of the Sephardim type, the latter being descendants of those who had remained m Babylon and later followed in the wake of the Arab conquerors and settled over Europe and northern Africa. For a time the financial war between individual Jewish groups ceased. Then the Ashkenazim Jews split. The Rothschilds gained control of financial London, and separated themselves from their former allies. After assuming leadership of European Zionism, they found themselves confronted with the formidable forces of non-Zionist groups in America and Europe; groups which came to be later controlled by Jacob Schiff and his friends, the Warburgs. The aims of the latter are much more far reaching than those of the Rothschilds. All available evidence points to the fact that almost everywhere they see k to gain complete political and financial control of every worth while country in the world. The two groups operate according to different methods. The Rothschilds created the block of powers which lined up against Germany and the Central European nations. An outwardly great Russian Republic controlling Constantinople, the gateway to the orient, would have been a handy club to hold over the heads of Germany, Great .Britan and other countries, including the United States. Such plans caused the Kerensky-Ruthenberg regime, sponsored by the Rothschilds, to continue the Imperialistic war of 1914, calling it a "holy war" for democracy.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

tremendous hatred which the Jews had for their Russian neighbors throughout the Nation. These are some of the criminal agencies that were suddenly released upon an unsuspecting people. As a result, the majority of the Russian Jews flocked into the ranks of Bolshevism, and Trosky-Bronstein could find no better allies to whom he could trust the operation of the Soviets. In a short time, Jews found themselves in control of all branches of the new government.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

What took place, however, was a struggle between hostile Jewish factions for working toward the ultimate control of the entire world. And the Russian civil war of the years 1917—1921, was nothing but a struggle waged between Jacob Schiff and his gang on one side, and the House of Rothschild on the other.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

Marusja Nikiforova, sacked a wide area, especially the Donetz coal mine region. Cities like kramatorskaya, Slavyansk, and others were flooded with human blood during the reign of this she-devil of the Trotsky-Bronstein vanguards. Here and everywhere the murder of males was not ( nough. Women and girls were violated and killed, or left infected with venereal diseases. I happen to know •i village hospital in the Jekaterinoslav district where in one single day over 100 women and girls sought medical aid after a visit of these bands. And how many of them were too timid and shy to come, nobody knows. In thousands of instances, fathers, husbands and I Mothers, were compelled to watch the beasts as they raped their wives, mothers, young daughers and sisters. Held at bay with sabers and guns, crippled or inurdered if they dared to try to help their loved ones, the men had to look at these devils as they would sate their lust.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

On such occasions, the elite of Trotsky's armies, the backbone of his organization, namely, his Jewish Che-Ka and its special military units of criminal elements were "cleaning" up cities and towns, villages and isolated districts. . Advancing with a victorious Red army, the Che-Ka would be the first to enter a town abandoned by the opposing armies.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

Six million starved under Trotsky. The reality is Russia exported grain until Trotsky, and afterward had to be fed by American Relief.

a former Russian commissar.. Trotsky

For fear of splitting the Communist movement, Trotsky initially opposed the idea of establishing parallel Communist parties or a parallel international Communist organization that would compete with the Third International. In mid-1933, he changed his mind after the Nazi takeover in Germany and the Comintern's response to it. He said,[99] that:

    An organization which was not roused by the thunder of fascism and which submits docilely to such outrageous acts of the bureaucracy demonstrates thereby that it is dead and that nothing can ever revive it.... In all our subsequent work it is necessary to take as our point of departure the historical collapse of the official Communist International.

In 1938, Trotsky and his supporters founded the Fourth International, which was intended to be a revolutionary and internationalist alternative to the Stalinist Comintern.
Dies Committee

Towards the end of 1939 Trotsky agreed to go to the United States to appear as a witness before the Dies Committee of the House of Representatives, a forerunner of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Representative Martin Dies, chairman of the committee, demanded the suppression of the American Communist Party. Trotsky intended to use the forum to expose the NKVD's activities against him and his followers.

He made it clear that he also intended to argue against the suppression of the American Communist Party, and to use the committee as a platform for a call to transform World War II into a world revolution. Many of his supporters argued against his appearance. When the committee learned the nature of the testimony Trotsky intended to present, it refused to hear him, and he was denied a visa to enter the United States. On hearing about it, the CPSU immediately accused Trotsky of being in the pay of the oil magnates and the Federal Bureau of Investigation