Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All From Your Chair

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

It has come to my attention that a Guy Stumpman is being terrorized by the Facebook regime, real terrorism unlike the Hammonds whose only "crime" was in a weed burn getting away from them- which actually did some good in helping give grass room to grow as prairie fires are a natural occurrence... and as you know the lazy-ass citybred enviro-hugger "rangers" would rather collect a paycheck in the comfort of their ergonomically correct swivel chairs than be productive or help out their communities. 

Anyway.  It does sound to me like a Guy Stumpman Patriot was making gigantic waves out there in being influential as a true Patriot would in turning the tides of conversation and winning too many battles in the war of ideas.  To those of you out there who think you are not making a difference, a request from Facebook for evidences of identity is a badge of honor, as when you are out there commenting and pissing off the liberals, sodomites, regime minders, and myriad other traitors to this country, your words in not standing down and not apologizing for what you believe become a beacon to the cowed and timid of the ranks in giving them an example to follow, like an American standard waving "Forward!" 

To those of you out there who are NOT making a difference, as this would interfere with your constant FB/Instagram/whatever regurgitation of every minute detail of your life with people who do not give a rat's ass about you, it is a wake-up call upside the head to use that computer for something other than porn and DIY craft projects you will never attempt.  You might not be able to travel out there to stand with Ammon Bundy and the other Patriots in their peaceful protest, but you blessed sure can support them peacefully from your keyboard, in writing to your Congressman, in educating other people about this situation and why you are supporting them, in voting for Donald Trump as he did not tell them to stand down, and many other ways, calmly, but in speaking up for them. 

Understand that these people are probably going to be targeted for neutralization either in some fake criminal charge now or later after they have disbanded and gone home.  The least you can do is show some solidarity in how a peaceful people can still protest and stand for something with civility, in how they are NOT terrorists, and by showing support for them in peaceful ways, you are standing with your American brothers and sisters as this is too important to let it pass.

Support them, peacefully.  Help them as much as you can, peacefully.  And you can do it all without even getting up from your chair.