Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Problem Is the Minders in the Right


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I find interesting that in Benghazi there is the Stand Down order being debated, and Ted Cruz called for American Patriots in Oregon to stand down, so they too could be anal raped by the Obama police state.

Do you have any idea what awaits Ammon Bundy and the 200 Americans in their reality? The FBI is now under orders to "watch and create felon data" on these Patriots, meaning these Americans are being photographed to nail them just like the Hammonds on trumped up charges.
When these people are arrested, they are going to be held in hell holes, thrown in with black Muslims and Latin gangs. How long do you think these White American men and women are going to last?

For those who doubt this, that is exactly what the US Attorney's office threatened the Hammond's with if they did not shut up, meaning stop their First Amendment Rights in Freedom of Speech in talking with Ammon Bundy, they would be put in a the worst US prison facility, and that means these old White guys would not come out alive.

Once again Ted Cruz has just told the American Patriots TO STAND DOWN, that Montel Williams is calling for to be mass murdered and other Obama press is terming them as terrorists and linking them to Donald Trump. Just like Benghazi, where these Americans will all be anal raped to death in US custody like so many of the people in US custody who make waves end up in "suicide" in prison.

How in this world anyone can support Ted Cruz after that, reveals what asstards there are in the GOP, and Sean Hannity was promoting Cruz today on his program again, and Hannity the minder was telling all of us that the Obama regime terrorizing Americans does not matter.

The traitors on the right are the problem. Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie surging in New  Hampshire  is an Obama gun grabber.

........and then there is little Obama enabler Michelle Malkin. Yes after destroying the Birther movement to keep Obama in power with her "Czar Stories" of the Obama regime, which did not amount to damn thing, she was paid of millions and now here she comes in 2016 election cycles to lead the Conservative Review.

Yes the one saboteur, who is only matched by the heinous Obama voter Peggy Noonan, and that uber traitor Ann Coulter, in their attacks upon Conservatives and Birthers, is now in place to spin for the GOP elite in telling you how Obama, Conservatives should be.

It is all perfect though as Teresa Monroe Hamilton of John  Hawkin's Right Wing News, vouches for her best friend Michelle Malkin as she is such a nice girl..........who at the time America needed to rally behind Birthers to remove Obama, she was sent in to derail that process with her Czars........like Ted Cruz in Green Eggs and Ham sent in to destroy the Tea Party.

Reminds me of that Debbie Niswa attacking Sarah Palin and that screed shrew throwing down on this blog in thinking I was a guy, and how Google still features that in the links from years ago.

So be heartened, the woman who single handedly  aided and abetted Birther Hussein Obama to stay in power, is now in position at this key moment to subvert the Republican elections, for the same Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell traitors, which will install Hillary Clinton to the White House in 2016.

Americans must not, not ever Stand Down. Americans must Stand Up and Stand Against the traitors, and it begins in your own right and left wing first, because I will never forget what Michelle Malkin did to America and she is being put in place again to stab us in the back like Peggy Noonan did.

Nuff said.