Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Back to Black

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a Christian Conservative, I do not look at race, religion or creed in economic policy, as an American, it would be the desire to have all groups prosper, so I hedge this with a caveat, that I do not want America fractured, but I also believe after the damage which Barack Hussein Obama Chin and his image has done to Americans, especially blacks, that I believe it necessary for a Donald Trump Administration to promote in an economic and educational forefront a troika of black Americans, which has been missing from the Obama regime.

I greatly admire Allan Keyes, as one of the most moral and intelligent minds in America. I admire Larry Elder for his constant support for America, and I admire Tavis Smiley for his brave stance against the Obama regime.
Some might not trust a liberal, but I have no doubt that Tavis Smiley wants the best for a black child in America as a white child. He is a self made man, a businessman, a gifted intellect and one of the few people on the left who has been consistently speaking out for blacks being ravaged by the Obama regime.

I believe that America needs, for the sake of America, a progression of real black leaders, placed into power, instead of shunned, so that we all can leave these shuffling entertainers or birther Obama liberals behind.  Think of the opportunity in a new generation of black children not seeing the looting Obama, but blacks like Keyes, Elder and Smiley at the forefront of thought, and being successful in a Donald  Trump Administration.
I mean real jobs for these men, in managing and fixing all the Obama regime has destroyed America over, in having departments which actually work for the people and are not these career  welfare jobs.

I can think of nothing more beneficial than Clarence Thomas replacing that traitor John Roberts on the Supreme Court as Chief Justice, and then Larry Elder, Allan Keyes  and Tavis Smiley, weekly before the American people, educating them on how Donald Trump's economics are going to empower them to have their lives back when they work like Mr. Keyes, Mr. Elders and Mr. Smiley.

I do not want this to seem as if I am leaving out Asians or Latins, or displacing Whites. But politically, America has this Obama retardation it is going to have to deal with. We need to purge ourselves of rapists like Bill Cosby of women and economic rapists like image Obama in how we now all view blacks.
We can not go back to those tards like Spike Lee and Chris Rock apologizing for the destruction of Obama. We need to engage it, call it for the crime it is against all Americans, and then put forth a new face of black leadership, as turning out 11 million black children thinking vacationing Obama is a pimp to emulate or 270 million Americans looking at all blacks in the Obama stereotype is only going to make this regression permanent.

I can not tell Donald  Trump what to do, nor would I ever do that. I just have been warning of this Obama Blacklash  from the start, and we are all going to have to fix this now. It is not going to work to put the token out there, but to put blacks who can accomplish something into positions and ride herd over blacks to elevate them from where Obama has discarded them into the Obama Abyss.

We have to fix this in the Trump Administration, or it is going to be millions of worthless blacks relegated to being slaves to the democrats, and being looked upon with fury by 50 million Latins imported to replace them.

The American Afroid is going to have emulate black and white leaders to become black again on a path Martin King advocated for them. They no longer have the luxury of being children on the plantation, but are going to have to work as hard as their grandparents did, as they have competition now from  the Obama Muslims and Obama Latins.

Tavis Smiley is the start with Allan Keyes and Larry Elder. There is so much to fix in America now that Obama changed America to reflect his 3rd world shattered existence.

America needs to go back to black, and away from this Designer Negro Obama failure.

nuff said