Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Burgess Jenkins

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few months ago, TL and I became unanimous in our decision that we hated an actor named Burgess Jenkins. See Mom watches the Young and the Restless, and there is a character named Billy Abbott, who the head skirt fired, being a dumb female part, and hired Burgess Jenkins.

As you can tell by the photo, Burgess Jenkins looks like a skunk eating shit. You know the kid in school who everyone hated, was always prancing around, the bimbs all flocked around, he smirked at you when he walked by......that is what Burgess Jenkins looks like and he acts like as Billy Abbott.

So when the opportunity arose in the Young and Restless offered a viewer feedback poll, I jumped at the opportunity and convinced TL to do the same. We both posted how little we liked Burgess Jenkins in the half hour long poll..........I also gave the thumbs down to this worthless black actor who plays this Devon character who is a drag on the cast............in any event, Y & R proved they listen to people like I knew they would, and they dumped Burgess Jenkins. Hopefully, he and Bryton James can go on some short lived ABC series where two fag looking shemales stand around looking Obama cool and nothing happens.

Burgess Jenkins was doing better before they fired him, and I do feel bad for getting him fired along with other fans, but the thing is, when you are a John Fogerty head up your ass, smirking, wooden persona, you have had life way to easy in things handed to you, and you should be shoveling shit like all the other actors who did take dick up the ass to get ahead in life the Hollywood way.

I do not think I will like Burgess Jenkins replacement as it is some dracula looking character off an ABC soap, but at least it will not be Burgess Jenkins, whose names sounds like his parents were Obama voters long ago in naming their kid some fucked up name, to validate their pathetic worthless spacetaking existence upon planet earth.

If the Y & R cares, I would write one scene............please they should hire me to write this scene as people would love the satire, and I would have Muslim terrorists invade Genoa City off an Obama UPS flight, and kill off the following characters:

Jill Abbott
Melody Thomas Scott
Hunter King (she got her boobies fondled twice by another actor)
Christel Khalil
Bryton James
Jack Abbott.......sorry about mixing real names with characters
Lachlan Buchannan
Miles Gaston Villanueva plays Luca..........I would have the terrorists shoot him twice on stage.

Then I would hire a bunch of old people .....and can you believe it Catherine Bach is on Y & R from Dukes of Hazard Days.......how great is that! But I would hire good talent that Hollywood will not employ, and this would spike the good cast which is left.

Lord God, Burgess Jenkins even has his own website....talk about in love with his own image.