Monday, January 25, 2016

Between a Rock and Heidi Place

Heidi Cruz quite doe eyed of liberal traitor Joe Biden

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As I type this I am bemused and amused, because in researching this article, I made one of the world elite jump and run for cover, over the issue of his working with Heidi Nelson Cruz.

I will walk this back a bit, so you will understand this in how the Council on Foreign Relations really works.

I am not going to publish the two letters I exchanged with this Canadian intellectual, because he is a geezer and I am sort of worried I almost gave him a heart attack by his response, when I asked him for a statement on his association with Mrs. Ted Cruz. I will though provide you with a play by play.

On first contact, this Canadian replied rather dismissive of my popular girl inquiry, in two sentences in he had no idea what I was talking about, in he never had any association with Heidi Cruz or the North American Union.

So I apologized and shared with him the Council on Foreign Relations information stating otherwise, in alerting him that they were publishing that fact, and let it percolate in wondering just how many of the Rockefeller bragging list of associates were not really associates.

To that I received another reply. This one longer, and now admitting that he knew Heidi Cruz, but quitet vocal in he did not know this was the wife of Senator Ted Cruz, was not in agreement with the CFR North American Union, had rewritten the policy paper (the one Heidi Cruz authored as that was the policy paper released in scaling it back) and that he had now changed his mind after a decade in how events have transpired on the North American Union.

It ended with "I am now retired", which seemed like a plea to me to translate it this way, "Please God do not write about this, as I am fearful of being linked to Ted Cruz and this destruction of Canada".

I am going to fill in the lines in this to what it appears was taking place. People in key positions are paid to be linked to the CFR, probably better job placements are the reward, to write the policy of the New World Order. After the 30 pieces of silver, these people run for cover and never want their names coming up again.....but when you bring up the CFR, they are extremely frightened in not wanting to antagonize those elite for obvious reasons, but disgusted over working with Heidi Cruz.

I desire to point out something here in the Canuck's reply which is interesting. He pleads that "he rewrote" the work of Heidi Cruz, and that it "does not promote a North American Union"  when the CFR webpage states it is promoting exactly a North American Union.

Heidi Cruz wants to build a North American Community - what ...

... written by a Council on Foreign Relations task force which included Heidi Cruz ... to build a North American Community ... North American Union" and has ...

What you might be missing in this is, if this rewrite which is promoting NAU is a rewrite of Heidi Cruz's work, then how absolutely scorched America was the original Heidi Cruz draft, if this is the toned down version?

I researched the authors of this Task Force Report which Heidi Cruz authored, and to give you an example of what Ted Cruz is associated with, the name of RAUL H. YZAGUIRRE is relevant, as he is the Mexican who turned the Ford Foundation funded La Raza into the biggest anarchist group promoting the invasion of these United States by invaders.
If you look investigate where these people are, like Carla Hills of the Bush White House, she and others are all involved in "immigration", meaning what image Obama has deluged America and Europe with, was planned out long ago in the Heidi Cruz white paper in North American Union.
Ted Cruz could not be surprised in the least about this invasion, as his wife authored it, as numbers of this Task Force are involved in promoting it. No wonder Ted Cruz was handing out gifts to Mexicans with Glenn Beck, as it is their nefarious billionaire backers in league with the Rockefeller establishment which created this invasion, by telling Mexicans that America was their land to invade.

Heidi Cruz is apologized for by the Cruz propaganda, but when you start pealing back her hidden past, it is more than being promoted by Goldman Sachs after Cruz was elected to the Senate, but it some interesting insights into what drives this woman.

Heidi Nelson was born in California. She is a globalist child like Barack Obama jr and Rafael Cruz jr., in she was RAISED IN AFRICA, as her parents were part of the dental industry and apparently were giving freebies to Africans, and not fixing American teeth for free.

Heidi Cruz from Texas is a VEGETARIAN. She hates meat as in Texas beef.

Heidi Cruz was raised like Ben Carson a Seventh Day Adventist, those are the people who were break away Baptists who rewrote the Bible to say only they are going to Heaven.

Does Heidi Cruz sound like you? Earning six figures at Goldman Sachs. Formulating CFR policy for the destruction of these disUnited States, raised in a foreign country, hates meat eaters and was raised in a religious cult?

That Canadian intellectual blew the lid off of this North American Union when I rattled him over this. He told us that Heidi Cruz turned out a more radicalized paper on destroying America completely, and that this Canadian had to rewrite it and walk back what is still a document which destroys United States sovereignty, but now even he disavows the tamed down radical version of Heidi Cruz.

This is something which Rafael Ted Cruz can explain away. Heidi Cruz for the Rockefellers authored such a  radical paper for the destruction of the United States, that a Canadian had to rewrite it, so it is now only an alarming document.

Heidi Cruz in the above photo is enamored of Joe Biden, the Obama destroyer of America and not disgusted. Heidi Cruz looks like she wants to trade up and have Bibama Biden father her next child.

Pictures do not lie, this is Heidi Cruz, and this is Rafael Ted Cruz's better half. Meaning the glimpses of globalist Ted Cruz are the worst half and what we are seeing in Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as Obama's third term.