Monday, January 25, 2016

Get the Lead in Flint

From left, Mark Wahlberg and Sean "Diddy" Combs (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for AQUAhydrate)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the nonsense of Flint Michigan has gone on for too long, it requires addressing here, to set the record straight. For those like me who do not care, I provide a synopsis of this story.

A bunch of liberal tards, were ruling a bunch of Afroids who elected them for hand outs, and ran Flint into the ground. The Governor and State took over the city to manage it, and save it, which they did.

Into this, Flint for some reason, had not secured a water supply for drinking. Why these Flintards did not do this, I have no idea, but that is Michigan liberals on display.
What Flint did was buy water from Detroit, and Detroit decided as people need water, that charging them a fortune was a good way to make money.

Flint though looked around at their own pipeline which would take years, and decided that they would to save money, pump water from the Flint River, dump chlorine into it, filter it to take out the cormorant shit, and drink that.

Now suddenly in communist rage, the Flint water supply is suddenly full of lead, and Cher is sending bottled water, filled with plastic death molecules leached into the water, and she is the hero and the Republican who booted out communists is the bad guy.

I do not really care about the Governor or communists, as this is about lead and all of you  have got to stop acting insane at the mention of lead.

Want to know what used to have lead in it? Gasoline and people used to bathe in that stuff as a parts cleaner.......and no one got lead poisoning.
People used to shoot birds with lead, and again, no one ever died from lead poisoning.

I have written about this previously in how the Soviet communists in the 1970's started buying up the world lead supply, and suddenly after this, Americans were being outlawed from having lead around. Lead used to be in paint, grease and pencils.....and no one died of lead poisoning. Yes ghetto children used to have stories run on them in being lead poisoned from eating paint off the walls...............but strangely as soon as the lead was out of gas and birdshot........lead just disappeared from everything, except in China where they are still burning coal in air so thick you can feel it.

See, the reality is, nature has lead in it, as the soil has lead in it. As long as you are not Andy Warhol drinking coffee from imported Mexican cups, lead is never a problem. The reality is, the people of Flint Michigan are getting far more parts per million in breathing air in those fronts from the west and north, carrying Chinese industrial pollution than they ever were from drinking Flint River water.

Mark Walberg and P. Diddy Combs are morons. They are handling poison plastic filled with water which contains parts per million lead water, and the people of Flint are sucking it up, as the conglomerates have bought off FDA in telling them it is safe.

I want to know what kind of tax deduction are these celebrities getting and you are getting screwed again in their not paying their fair share of taxes as they profit and you get gouged.

Heavy metals and coal - SourceWatch

Heavy metals and coal. From ... the burning of coal and former uses of lead leave their legacy as higher concentrations of lead in ... Coal Emissions

Lead is a mystery in this, as before lead, it was Mercury Poisoning in Tuna and other fish, which was the target, and no one ever got sick or died from that either. That was simply another cartel scheme to get people off a protein diet in America in oil tuna, so it could be sold to Asian fishing ships, instead of cheaply to Americans.

Wow you mean all the lies about butter, eggs, cream, coffee and salt are the same lies the cartel pumps out propaganda on in mercury, lead and whatever? Yeah it is.

In the 1800's mercury was considered a medicinal remedy to give patients. People have been mining, smelting, eating and living with lead for hundreds of years.......and no one ever got sick or died from it.

Here is a clue in this for your brain matter. You can not readily find testing on lead in bottled water. I have told you why this is, and will repeat it, because the FDA regulations state that AS LONG AS IT IS NATURAL, as in nature has lead in water, all of these expensive bottled water companies making billions of dollars to donate to Obama, Clinton and Sanders...get away with selling the same lead content water as what is being bitched about in Flint Michigan.

It is only lead that comes through contact with pipes which must be recorded, and then that means that the old lead pipes must be dug up, sold at high prices to China, and you charged for new plastic pipes leaching poisons into your water supply from those PVC pipes...but no one ever files a law about that, because the cartel needs you sick for the medical conglomerates and there is money in hydro carbon materials as Big Oil is part of the cartel.

Are you getting your head out of your ass just a little bit in this, in figuring out that you are being manipulated again in another hysteria, which is a political event staged by these leftists, and most of you are too ignorant of boogerman water to realize you are being manipulated again, as it is "something you can not see" as it must be dangerous.

I am going to drop a Lame Cherry exclusive in your brain lap for you to consider in this, as all the matter anti matter exclusives are here. We know the cartel has been manipulating DNA in humans for a generation. Changing the base structure of them from a God light to a satanic dark light, in that False Tree of Life protocol they are engaged, as they have extended David Rockefeller's life to like 1000 years now.

So consider this headline:

Researchers investigating how lead exposure could affect DNA

They observed a correlation between elevated blood lead levels in the mothers and changes in DNA. "If the mothers had high blood lead levels when they were born ...

What if lead is a natural inhibitor in normal doses, which protects human DNA from mutations, such as those in gamma radiation naturally discharged from the sun. Yes another deadly thing in nature if too much is taken, but in natural doses it benefits humanity.

What if though lead was stopping the manipulation of human DNA, and the cartel had to move to restrict it, so their experiments would succeed?

See you are always conditioned to believe things are a danger, but they never tell you it is high doses. If you eat enough of any element it will kill you, but in correct doses they have all kinds of health benefits.

Not that long ago there was a generated hysteria to stay out of the sun. Humans need the sun, as a life and death matter, as sunshine creates Vitamin D in humans and keeps things from growing inside of you which should not be there. The sun also provides gamma radiation, in natural radiation mutates in all organisms to higher forms. So again, when the cartel is creating a hysteria to keep you out of the sun, as they manipulate human DNA, it provides another link in what is the sun, lead, sugars,  fats do to inhibit the cartel DNA manipulation in your bodies?

Think about those facts. Think about why "corrosive" Flint River water in Flint lead pipes is suddenly such a big problem in who gets contracts to replace them?
Think about the standard for EPA "safe" water is 15 parts per billion. Detroit is allowed to sell water to Flint at 2.3 parts per billion, while Flint Michigan had a 27 parts per billion level in their water. The reality is that the people of China, who everyone profits off of, are sucking in more parts per billion in their lungs than these kids in Michigan, and no one gives a damn about that........just like no one cared when it was Pittsburgh kids sucking up pollution in the American industrial age......and the wonder of wonders is, no one died from lead poisoning.

So stop being hysterical and acting deranged, as you are being manipulated. The EPA has been monopolizing water for the cartel for years in shutting down rural wells due to "nitrate" poisoning.........and these same conglomerates stick this poison in your hotdogs and sell it to you.

Leftists created the problem in Flint Michigan, and now leftists are going to profit off of it again, as each of you makes the gulag a bit more secure in your imprisonment by never questioning anything.

Nuff said