Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Buy Ted Cruz Apology Cards Here

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It's been a very hard few weeks for Rafael Ted Cruz. 

I wonder how Glenn Beck and that Right Wing News apologist site is going to apologize for Ted after he bitch slapped Sarah Palin around? I suppose it will be something like "women deserve it", as after all Beck was saying Trump was pimping 9 11, after Ted Cruz attacked New York Values as something unAmerican.

It is tough begin Rafael Ted Cruz, fathered from 3rd world Cuba, born in second world Canada, but that was not enough for him, in he wanted to be like Obama in first world American. The problem for Rafael though is like Obama, the boy was not just ready for more than Havana back street assassin politics.

I mean the Cruzling talking points are a bit worn in he is the only true Conservative in the race..........Rand Paul is of course the only real Conservative in the race.......it is like watching the WWE champions in one is television champion, one is heavyweight champion, one is champion in the arena......it all just gets old in sodomite Ted Cruz and his Obama voting record, trying to con trusting Christians, that Ted is the guy Jesus talks to before Sermon on the Mounts.

Now Ted Cruz has the problem of bitch slapping Sarah Palin, the Tea Party empress, who just turned around and cut his political nuts off in endorsing Donald Trump. I had been concerned over Mrs. Pallin, since she had been run off in the Gabby Giffords threats, but in one of the most astute political comeback moves, she weighed in at the moment Donald Trump needed it politically, and landed a haymaker on Rafael Cruz.

See if Ted was Presidential, Cruz would have known enough to praise Sarah Palin, but say something like, "I fully expect Sarah Palin to be in my cabinet when I am President".......instead Ted's Reds, came out in Political Rape, trashing talking and threatening Sarah Palin........which is something that Ted Cruz .......

Put it this way, what Ted Cruz did politically, would be like you had two ropes holding your chances at the Presidency......and both ropes can not hold you separate. One was the Tea Party Evangelicals and the other was Sarah Palin. Cruz just cut the Palin rope and is now hanging by the threads of a group of people who are quite fond of Sarah Palin, and now this group is looking for a blade in which to cut their ties to Ted Cruz and send him over the edge to political oblivion.

I do not know if Jeb Bush rubs off on people, but I had begun missing Jeb in his demise, but with Ted Cruz around nuking New York in trash talk Class Warfare and now his being a 3rd world wife beater on Sarah Palin, we now have a new candidate for the dumbest politician in the race, and his name is Rafael Ted Cruz.

The thing in this which matters is, I know Midwestern people. They are nice people. They do not like their candidates attacking New Yorkers over 9 11, and do not like their candidate bitch slapping women.

As I said, it has been a very bad few weeks for Rafael Ted Cruz. I sort of doubt if Canada would even take him back now, as Ted has obliterated the eastern seaboard voting block over New York Values, then the Sarah Palin endorsement of Mr. Trump, and the big one from Donald Trump, in he went into Ted Cruz's first stop and got Jerry Falwell jr. to be his bona fides for Mr. Trump in speaking what a good Christian Donald Trump is.
In the game of chess, Donald Trump has taken from Red Cruz, his Queen's  rook, knight and bishop. This is an absolute disaster as all Ted Red Cruz had were his lies to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin's name.....and now Ted is in bed with sodomites, beats on women and has alienated the Tea Party group left which were thinking Cruz in the Christians and women.

I am telling you now in an exclusive in the ONLY Cruz supporters you are seeing online, are all lurkers paid for to post Molotov lines, like those three Rand Paul supporters with 20,000 Twitter accounts are constantly posting Rand Paul things and being laughed at.

Ted Cruz just needs to buy up a supply of apology cards in WALK IT BACK TED, as the only thing proper, as he is so blunderbuss now that he will probably be attacking Jesus next week for Christ supporting Donald  Trump.

I personally find this amusing in this Harvard snob, showing exactly how he is no ready for prime time, in when it matters, Ted Cruz is shooting himself in his own foot, as he has no over the horizon point of understanding things politically........no more than Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton or image Obama.

As a note to the Cruz supporters..........

Look, I picked Scott Walker, until he betrayed us, and then I dumped him. You people are good people who have been lied to, and you need to dump Ted Cruz, as he is sinking to oblivion. Ted Cruz has alienated Christians, Women, Conservatives.......and all that John McCain ilk and all the political left. He can not win and it is best to cut that rope and send him back to Texas for recall in not being a naturalized Citizen, and then you can enjoy kicking the hell out of Hillary Clinton or her replacement until the elections to make up for what Cruz has betrayed you with.
I want the Cruz voters, for you are good Americans, and you are important. I am though not going to get off Ted Cruz no more than Jeb Bush until they are gone, as all our lives are at stake here.

So dump Rafael Cruz, as you have seen what this 3rd worlder is about and it will not win.

Nuff said