Sunday, January 17, 2016

CDS: Cruz Derangement Syndrome

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a medical condition affecting the deluded who have been paid to post fiction about Rafael Ted Cruz, and unfortunately John Hawkin's Right Wing News  is the focal point for what is now Cruz Derangement Syndrome.

The first up is Glenn Beck, you know the media whore who shills for Big Billionaire in attacking Donald Trump, accusing Donald Trump of "pimping" 9 11 over the ignorant comments of  Ted Cruz.

Let us get something absolutely straight here. Ted Cruz is a practiced debater. If you bother to track his reverse speech, he literally has none, because every damn thing he says is scripted and memorized. There is NEVER a real moment with him. So when Ted Cruz comes up with NEW YORK VALUES, he plotted and planned that moment, and it was designed to cause STATE HATE in America, by trying to exploit the hatred of rural state Iowa in the primary against urban state New York, for a quick gain in  the polls.

No one has bothered to examine this literally, but the fact is Rafael Ted Cruz chose to use the POLITICS OF HATE. The same thing that Rush Limbaugh rails against as CLASS WARFARE, and yet not one word from these "paid for conservatives" about this reality of hate from Ted Cruz.

Now why is that, except Big Koch, WHICH IS THE SAME BIG KOCH who underwrites Ted Cruz's old man for public speeches is the same Big Koch which funds these mic heads like Limbaugh and Beck.

It degrades to even worse Cruz Derangement Syndrome as Terresa Monroe Hamilton went berzerk in this rant on John Hawkin's Right Wing News.

So, the gloves have come off and now Trump is slinging mud as fast as he can. He’s claiming Cruz is not a US citizen which is just ludicrous. He’s claiming that Cruz took loans he has not declared, which is also not true. Trump says that Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs. Why? Because his wife used to work there? Also bull crap. I used to work for Lionel, Sawyer and Collins and Harry Reid doesn’t own me. Ted is living rent free in Trump’s head and it is driving him nuts. Everyone knows what Cruz meant on New York values… he was referring to commies like de Blasio and Bloomberg. Get a grip man before you implode.

Again poor little wimpy Rafael Cruz has to have big tough Terresa, who did not seem to have a problem taking Harry Reid's money in a conscience about that, does not appreciate the facts that:

  1. Rafael Ted Cruz was never naturalized as an American Citizen after being Canadian birthed.
  2. The New York Times published the story that Ted Cruz hid loans in his Senate campaign
  3. Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs because he took money from the billionaires.
  4. Ted Cruz meant exactly what he said on New York.
The New York issue is important in the Cruz Derangement Syndrome, because as stated, Ted Cruz planned this all out as a smear CLASS WARFARE to try and shatter the Trump working people from backing Mr. Trump, as Ted Cruz thinks these Americans are hate filled morons who can be taken from Mr. Trump and added like chips to the Cruz account.

That is what is missed in this, in Rafael Ted Cruz, plotted this out, planned it out, initiated it, and HE FUCKED UP ROYAL. Think of that as el presidente Cruz. Do you really want an intellect that is so dense, surrounded by advisers so dense, that they did not see the 9 11 rebuttal coming, or the fury that all New Yorkers would feel about a wetback Texas squatter, dressed in fake cowboy attire, pissing on New York.

You consider that in how absolutely clueless Ted Cruz is. He thinks working Americans can be manipulated in Class Warfare. Ted Cruz thinks that to win the Presidency that he can piss on New York Media and win......Des  Moines media. Rafael Cruz had no idea that New Yorkers are still injured by 9 11, as none of them were not affected, and everything in their lives is focused on an event which Rafael Ted Cruz forgot about long ago, as it never touched him.

That is what Glenn Beck and Terresa Monroe Hamiliton are defending. Rafael Ted Cruz playing the Class Warfare Card in racism against White Americans. Rafael Cruz moved to instill hatred in the Republican Primary in Iowa and did so with his Harvard diploma that he could brain spin those trusting Christian rural people, because they are all stupid to his sophisticated sophistry.

Perhaps Terresa Monroe Hamilton has a PMS thing in sophistry affects her. Perhaps Glenn Beck with sophistry lost objectivity in Big Koch bribes. Perhaps is a wide field in Cruz Derangement Syndrome, but the reality in this is Rafael Ted Cruz is a hate monger, class warfare baiter, racist against Caucasian in thinking Iowans are stupid and Donald Trump should be hated for being successful in New York and that Ted Cruz plotted this entire strategy out.........and it blew up in his face.

Do you really want a moron who did not know Constitutional Law that he had to file a nullification of Canadian Citizenship? Did not know he had to file papers to be prove he was Natural Born? Did not know that New Yorkers would not take being pissed on by this Rafael Cruz?

Those on the right had better watch just what in the hell Big Koch has them defending, as Rafael Ted Cruz just led them into the liberal cesspool of Class Warfare, and they are so out of their minds, that they fell for it.

Before you defend Ted Cruz, you should read the facts on Ted Cruz crimes and deception. Before you vote for Ted Cruz, you had better be prepared to destroy ALL things Conservative, because the left is going to make Ted Cruz, the Birtha, criminal and class warfare baiter as everything which defines you.

Do you really want Ted Cruz as your image which you can not scrape off? If you do, you have sealed your death, as what is coming to America is going to go nuclear. America needs a Donald Trump to rescue the fragments of he economy, the American people and national security.
There were morons in 1980 who were backing another flapping tongue who claimed Texas implant in George H. W. Bush, and you can see what a disaster that brought on America and Conservatives. Rafael Ted Cruz is going to be worse, and if you can not see that now, you will die to see what Ted Cruz has already crippled America with his fraud.

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