Sunday, January 17, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Freudian slips are a bitch, and it is more difficult to conceal them when you are an  elderly geezer who has brain damage in Mrs. Bill Jefferson Clinton.

See Mrs. Bill blurted out the telling statement in the FBI investigation in the FBI has not interviewed me YET. YET means she has been told the FBI is going to grill old Hamrod over her criminal affairs, and this is not just about emailgate. There is something in the works in this as over 100 FBI agents are now on this case, with direct leads into the Clinton Charities.

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I will connect the dots in this. Hillary Clinton broke the law like 1000 times in sending classified emails. That is a fact which the FBI knows and she makes Gen. Patraeus look like a novice in what Mrs. Bill was up to.
Where the shit is going to hit the fan in Hillarygate are what has been released concerning Sydney Blumenthal, for that is where the real crimes are involved, because what the FBI is focusing on there is INFLUENCE PEDALING.

You have to understand this, there was a joined at the hip three way going on here, in Hillary Clinton at the State Department was wed to the Friends of Hillary in favors she was doing for them, and this all melded into the Clinton Foundation, where Bill was doing his own lobbying in influence pedaling.

Make no mistake in this, that former Presidents influence pedal. When Bill Clinton dragging out the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, FBI Director Louis Freeh, was banned from Saudi Arabia. Freeh had to turn to former President, George H. W. Bush to phone the Saudi's up and convince them to let the FBI in. Bush41 did this, and the FBI went in.
That is proper influence pedaling.

What the Clintons were up to though was Hillary at State with direct Regime access, was involved with aides like Blumenthal that the Obama regime banned from the regime, in doing favors there for Blumenthal and others, as Bill Clinton was associating with the Friends of Hillary and Friends of Bill, at the Foundation, which was getting shit tons of money for favors from Bill and influence from Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State.

It was one office with a curtain separating nothing as it was all the same operation, which graduated from 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, in the Elect Hillary Clinton For President. That is what the Clinton Foundation was involved in, in money. That is what the Friends of Hillary and Bill were spying on Obama about and being placed in key venues, and that is what Hillary Clinton was running State for.
For Hillary Clinton, Benghazi was an operation to placate the Saudi's who wanted Assad out of Syria by arming terrorists with Libyan arms, and from this the Clinton Foundation was getting Muslim donations, which were used to buy influence for Hillary's 2016 Presidential run.

That is what these 100's of FBI agents are pouring through, and it is not just Hillary's emails. It is Homeland intercepts which are linking all of these Friends of Hillary, State, the Foundation, Muslim money and Hillary 2016 in a criminal enterprise.

Now you know the full story on this, as no one has exposed any of this, so this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, worth the big donation from you rich people, because I have a warning for you people who associated with the Clintons and their Foundation, that you had better get a lawyer to review your associations, because if you passed information, money or got a favor from Mrs. Bill, you are going to be pulled into this. That warning should be worth one large donation, before you cash out and flee to Paris until things cool down.

I leave it at that.

Oh one more thing, Mrs. Bill followed my advice in using Bill Clinton, but I did not know that he snorted so much coke up his nose that he fried his brain and looks like has Parkinson's Coke Brain in his hands are shaking. Bill Clinton is gone, and with brain damaged Hillary sleeping all afternoon and making mental gaffs, the sad end to the Clinton's is coming as they are going to be fortunate if a President Trump can get Justice to just let them slip away into exile in Paris for the good of America, in not throwing Mrs. Bill into the grey bar hotel.

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