Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cruz Born

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James Madison, the author of the American Constitution. Benjamin Franklin, Patriot without peer. George Washington, the American.

Do you think you know more than these Americans on whom God founded America?

I ask that to humble you, as it does me, because in that long hot summer in Philadelphia in the Constitutional Convention which founded the American Republic, there was a reason three branches of Government were created, a reason for the Electoral College, a reason America was a Republic and not a democracy. It was a check and balance of using the terror of the mob to keep the leadership fom tyranny, and the curbs on the mob being represented, from allowing the mob to rule.

Why do you think of all the offices in Government, that the Founders made the US Presidency untouchable? No it was monarchy of birthright or wealth. It was a position limited by tradition to 2 terms, and a position which the people in Congress could impeach that leader.
The President was unique, for of all the positions in the Republic, that American had to be American without a doubt. They could not be born in another nation. They could not renounce their citizenship and then return. Their parents even had to have the status of legal Americans.
The reason being as has now been proven by Barack Hussein Obama is to keep America safe, in no President should ever have dual loyalties, being raised in foreign lands or of foreign birth.
There would not be a trillion dollar looting of the US Treasury in handing out American taxpayer money to 3rd world poor peoples to "balance books" as Barack Obama engaged in, in one of his first acts.
There would not be foreign intrigue of importing foreign invaders with American taxpayer moneys, in order to produce a new voting block to disenfranchise Americans.

There is a reason the Founders made it law that no Birther would ever be allowed to set in the Office of the Presidency. That reason was to protect America.

That is why the issue of Ted Cruz is as a danger point as Barack Hussein Obama, because liberals betrayed America in not rejecting him, for a real American as in Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. Popularity or schism can not be a reason to award anyone the Presidency of the United States. Just because Arnold Schwartzenegger was popular, did not give Senator Orin Hatch of Utah the right to try and pass a law for the cartel to make someone who was not Natural Born a President in the GOP.

The cartel is the driving force behind all of this, because they desire to put a complete foreign agent in control of America, by this Obama degradation of law. They intend to sully the Presidency in both parties, so that in a Mrs. Ted Cruz, North American Union for the Rockefellers that some Mexican or Canadian  leftist will be the person sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where there will be 3 foreign votes, voting against America and not any American vote, and when that takes place in you resist, the military will be called out to drone you.

Examine Ted Cruz literally for a moment. He has lied to run for President, in he is Dual Citizenship with Canada, which invalidates him for the Office of President on Constitutional Authority. If you are making a choice to be American or Canadian, that means you are Dual Citizenship, and Ted Cruz has admitted to that choice.

Let us just look at the reality of Ted Cruz. His father was a Cuban revolutionary, who became a Canadian. Cruz's mother is American.

Ted Cruz was handing out gifts to Mexican invaders when he thought it would gain him primary votes, and when Donald Trump rose to lead, then Ted Cruz was speaking about deporting invaders.

Think about Barack Hussein Obama now, in  how he apologizes for America, and is rending from Americans, America more and more each day. When it would come to a Ted Cruz Presidency, do you think his being Cuban and Canadian, that in his decision processes that he will be 100% for you as an American, or prejudices like giving toys out to Latins at 25% of his bias will appear for Mexico or Latins, and as he fondly remembers Canada, will another 25% of Ted Cruz be for Canada in oil development over Americans? So in the end you will have a 50% American Cruz in the White House, screwing you over half the Birther Obama, has that 50% Islam wholesale importing terrorists into America and then refusing to call Muslims as terrorists.

There is not going to be a doubt that the American mother and father of Donald Trump, who is Natural Born, is not going to give nothing but 100% loyalty to you as an American. That is why the Founders made the Office of the President untouchable. As Christ said, "A house divided against itself can not stand". Obama has shown that the American house collapses under a Birther with divided loyalties, and the same structure is there with Ted Cruz the Cuban  Canadian.

Ted Cruz legally can be  Senator. He can legally be dog catcher in Dallas. He can own a bank. He can own a ranch, but the Founders mandated that Ted Cruz like Barack Obama could never, ever be President.

There should be a major red warning light going off in Americans, when you see an article in the liberal CIA backed Mockingbird Washington Post, vouching that Ted Cruz is legal. The liberal press which is supposed to hate Ted Cruz and they are vouching for him????

The certain thing is the Washington Post hates you as an American, and that fact concludes that they want Ted Cruz to be involved in this as President or Vice President, so upon reaching office, Cruzgate will be the issue and then the liberal through the Obama courts will rip the GOP to shreds as in Watergate, and smash the Conservatives to never rise again in the forceful removal of that foreign birth scoundrel Ted Cruz.

This is all a process and Ted Cruz is being backed by the same billionaire caste who are moving this, so that like the Federal Reserve is in control of foreign agents, the Presidency will one day legally be occupied by some fresh off the boat terrorists  ruling by Sharia Law.

If Ted Cruz was American, he would never be running for President, as over 299,999,000 Americans know their limitations each election cycle in having the self control not to run. Barack Obama being a foreigner had no checks on his imbalance as he had no love for America, only hatred. Ted Cruz has no checks  on his imbalance as he only has lust for America to possess her.

Being Cruz Born is a complete disqualification of Ted Cruz and he honestly belongs indicted and awaiting trial for usurpring the the United States Constitution. That is the reality, and if American on the Right do not engage the self control in not voting for Ted Cruz, the day is coming of their demise of Cruz will either be Watergated by the liberals as you tried to do to illegal Obama, or there will be in your lifetime foreigners in the White House as President, with this majority influx of these Obama invaders.

When Ted Cruz has proven he has no love for America and no self control, it is up to you on the Right to stop Ted Cruz with 0% at the polls.

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