Sunday, January 10, 2016

Once You Pondered Weak And Weary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a running theme in the Bible in the requirement by God to forgive the rich and powerful of their sins. It is found throughout Scripture, but it is summed up in Daniel chapter 4, verse 27.

"Stop sinning and do what is right. Break from your wicked past by providing for the poor. Perhaps then you will continue to prosper".

That would mirror "Obey God and care about others".

The above was the warning to world Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, who after being warned, was still thinking about how he had accomplished everything when God struck him down with a madness, that had him eating grass in the field like a cow.

That is the warning to every single one of you rich people. I am not going to put up with your lies anymore, and will define what is rich. If you have a house valued over 250,000, if you have two of those vehicles, if you are redoing your house because it is not as vain as you are, and if you have investment, you are rich.

I see these poor people all the time with a 35,000 SUV, a 30,000 car, a 15,000 jet ski or some ATV, spending money like a crack whore, brand new clothes like an Afroid on welfare with bling, and then they always have that excuse of being poor, and sure enough the next day there is that 6000 vacation, that 10,000 baby grande or those new diamonds.

I have warned you before, that the cartel is not going to let you keep that money. They always come and burst the bubbles, so while God has you haivng it, you are supposed to be taking care of the poor directly with it.......and that means so the poor are not humiliated and you are not gloating over it and telling every one.

Jesus told the story about a man who was powerful, and about to come on hard times. He turned around and told all the people who owned his creditors money, to settle for less, because he had sense to know, that when he was poor, it would be better to have a dozen people remembering favorably, than a dozen people remembering what an ass he was going by them every day as he made them feel like dirt.

You either use that money the way God intended it to be utilized in or that money will be taken from you, and be the ticket for you doom to hell, as that was your god all along.

It is not that hard to pay a bill for someone and keep it silent. Do not expect people to be thankful or to grow angel wings, as this is about you doing something right for a change, and making it a practice until it is a generosity you can not list to pat yourself on your back, because you quit keeping track and you actually find, you like doing good things for people.

The problem in all of this, is this message only reaches people whose hearts are in God, and then they start thinking about more they could do, and they are doing enough. This though is a Witness, another Witness against you, because this world is not charitable when regimes or charities are handing out the crumbs and people have to sell their souls for that thing to starve their souls on.

Sure Geraldo Rivera sent beaner kids to college twenty years ago..........well, I guess they stopped making beaner babies as he is too busy trashing Birthers or taking nudies of himself for posties.
You do not do one good act and that settles things as you are sinning every day. You pray to God, God shows you places you can be charitable and you do it.

You people really need a cattle prod on your asses to get your attention, and that is why you never start listening until you are  ill, or your kid sucks like you do, and then you are all whining to God in He is supposed to help you.

When did you help anyone, and made it something you were doing all the time.

Oh and is it soothing to you when you read about all the afflictions satan strikes at me with as you bed fuzz balls gloat over your master the devil harming me? It will be a short enjoy, as you are going to have multiple times more in hell in your torment.