Thursday, January 21, 2016

Donald Trump told Big Koch to Piss Off

Editor's Note: This is a stand alone as you need to get this through your grey matter.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really become upset over blasphemy, especially when it is a Matt Walsh in the role of Judas Iscariot in 30 pieces of silver with is paid Pharisee mob setting the trial to crucify an innocent like Donald Trump.

I could relate how Matt Walsh for Mormon Glenn Beck, as Jesus denier, is a boozer and a tattoo whore of satan, in both broke the laws of God, in Beck was a doper who called up a woman after she had miscarried and rubbed it in, but that really does not matter, as these false prophets will answer to God for their abominations for their god Ted Cruz.
What is important in this is, this is what winning looks like, and it speaks volumes in how much the rugged individual and independent American Donald Trump is, or else he would not be getting this onslaught of political assassination.

I have question for you, in what does Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh. Papa Cruz, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Red State Eric Erikson and those sites which list their attacks on Donald Trump all have in common?

The one thing they have in common is their employer, and their employer is the Koch billionaire brothers, who have been giving us this GOP ilk which has sold us out to Obama policy in lying to us constantly, while profiting in the billions off of this Nazi or National Socialism conglomerate money pit, stealing your money, your oil, your corn and your souls.

You didn't know that Big Koch funds Heritage Foundation, which pays Papa Cruz? You didn't know that Rand Paul is funded out of Big Koch coffers either? Didn't know that all of these "right wing minders" like Red State and the Blaze all are money funnels for Big Koch policy?

That is the reality, and the biggest reality which these horrendous attacks on Donald Trump prove in certainty is this:

The Koch brothers after their first "political rape" of Donald Trump by the above, backed off. There was an understanding reached, and then the Koch brothers came back like the devil for a second ultimatum to Donald Trump......and what do you think Donald Trump's answer was?

The evidence is there and very clear, by what the above have been unleashed on in political assassination, which I have never witnessed the like. This group has gone after the son of Jerry Falwell. This group has gone after Sarah Palin. This group  has stooped to using false witness in throwing "holier than thou around" and that all means one thing..........Donald Trump told them YOU'RE FIRED!!!

That is why Big Koch is unleashing on Donald Trump. Is the same operation they unleashed on Governor Scott Walker, after Walker came out in favor of ethanol.  Rush Limbaugh and Mark Belling destroyed Scott Walker for Big Koch, because Big Koch owns all this syndicate of right wing fakes.

This what is matters in all of this, so you get the point, as the trusting Cruzling and Paulbots go on rampage, thinking this is about their candidate. This is not about Cruz or Paul, as they are nothing but stooges of the very people the followers of Cruz and Paul detest. That is why they joined forces, and the worst of it, is Jeb Bush is still grinning in the bushes, awaiting his part to walk in for a brokered convention which Obama insider, George Noury keeps harping about in what will take place.

Donald Trump would not sell out to Big Koch, or work a deal with them, as it would betray all of you. That is the proof of why these moneychangers are going scorched earth on Mr. Trump. This is America in the casket and either Donald Trump succeeds by God's Grace in raising her from the dead, or Koch nails the lid on, and it is Joe Biden dancing on your graves in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

It all seems simple when you have the signs of this pointed out to you. Cruz and Paul, have the same paid provacateurs online, backed by billionaires, who then insight the rabble to go nuts in projecting a bigger force than exists. These are the same people who are the horses in Animal Farm betrayed by the Cruz and Paul pigs who believed the rhetoric, and woke up too late to understand that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are sitting at the same table with the Kochs who worked a profit deal with Obama to keep that fraud at 1600 Penn Avenue.

If Donald Trump surives, he is going to stop all of this like Ronald Reagan did. The base is now more savvy and educated and are not going to fall for the things they did in what betrayed Ronald Reagan.
We have to get this understood, and the Trotksy traitors among us are the same propagandists who worked for the big banks and hijacked trusting people.

 My God people, especially you Cruz and Paul you not get this, in you are following people now who are destroying Sarah Palin, as Sarah Palin sold out to the big money to save her life, and saw Donald Trump was the only way to get her life back literally.  You American few are following people who are eating your own, and they will eat you as this is about your genocide.

The onslaught against Donald Trump proves one thing, as it outs who is being paid off by Big Koch, and that is Donald Trump told Big Koch to go take a hike as he was not going to sell out America to them.

You have it explained to you now, so you have no excuses as to being blind to what is going on.

Nuff said