Thursday, January 21, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This day, Rush Limbaugh was still bitching about all the support which Donald Trump is garnering, and happened to mention where his hatred for this is based, as it has to do with Donald Trump is supporting the George W. Bush and Tom Daschle clean energy ethanol and bio diesel fuels, which is providing income to Americans, instead dumping that money into oil terrorists pockets to murder Americans like on 9 11.

I am going to walk this out again, as I have new readers all the time, and the supporters of Ted Cruz need to be educated on exactly who owns Ted Cruz, and why this group from Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh, Breitbart etc.... are all hiding behind  CONSERVATIVE, when it has nothing to do with Conservative, but everything to do with Koch Brothers CONGLOMERATE economic rape of Americans.

I begin this by asking you something of history.

What fuel did Henry Ford burn in his first automobile the Model T?

Most people think that cars burned gasoline, but this was when America was still farm based, and the fuel which was available and ran Fords was ALCOHOL or ETHANOL, from wood or grain.

Another question, when Diesel created his engine, what fuel did he burn?

No it was not crude oil diesel fuel, but it was vegetable oil, as modern soy oil which America is producing. Diesel was murdered for this by Big Oil, and soon their sooty diesel was burning in those engines to have a use for it, and to make profits.

One more question to set this up, as Big Oil and Big Koch produce a great deal of lies about bio fuels in their not having the power or mileage as gasoline, and this will prove otherwise.

Do you know what was added to gasoline to raise the octane or power in gasoline? It was lead. When the cartel moved to remove lead from gasoline, a clean alternative was found in ethanol. Yes to raise the octane of gasoline, to make it run cleaner, 10% ethanol or alcohol is added, which makes it cheaper and more healthy.

I suspect most of you have watched those quarter mile spring dragsters. You know the cars with the strange long frame, the big back wheels and a parachute deploys as those cars are going like 200 miles and hour in a few blocks.
Do those cars run on gasoline? No they do not. The run on ALCOHOL, because only alcohol has the energy burn rate for this kind of power.
All sort of turns the Limbaugh Koch propaganda on it's nose now does it not? Of course it does, but none of you think of these things, and just run around behind Ted Cruz Conglomeratism, mistaking it for Ronald Reagan Conservatism.

I am going to explain something now in why Bob Dole and Gov. Terry Branstad are now for Donald Trump in this ethanol issue and against Rafael Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz, gets his money from Big Koch and Big Wall Street which funds Big Frac in America. The Koch brothers bought a monopoly in the ethanol industry. That might make you wonder in why are not the Koch brothers backing Donald Trump as Mr. Trump is for ethanol, and Ted Cruz is against ethanol. But here is the key to this.

Koch has the monopoly, and wants to drive all competitors out of business in removing subsidies. Once this is done, they can then sell ethanol to you for the same price as a 100 barrel of crude oil price, instead of the cheaper price. That is what is at stake in this, and why Koch ruined Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, when Walker started backing ethanol production.

Most of you have not been to Iowa, so I will explain that vista. There is a huge valley in west central Iowa, called Missouri Valley, after the famous river. All through this area, there are hundred thousand gallon tanks lined up  there, by the hundreds. On some mornings driving through there, you can smell the corn alcohol heavy in the air, as there is that kind of production. Iowa literally is the Saudi Arabia of ethanol.
I will review what ethanol is here, because Mark Levin lied about it, when crop prices went up in 2008 and for Big Koch he was blaming ethanol......but gee whiz, gas prices have dropped, corn is back to 1980's levels, and America is still producing more ethanol than ever. So proving Mark Levin either has his head up his ass or is an asstard liar for Big Koch.

You all know what a kernel of corn is. Each kernel of corn has in it, cellulose like paper or wood. It has sugar, starch, oil and nutrients. All ethanol does is convert that sugar or starch to alcohol, and leaves all the other products.
There is a miracle in this though, because all the food value is left in that kernel, and just like sourdough bread is easier to digest due to that process like wine, the corn having been fermented, is better to digest for beef, chicken, pork etc... in the animals which eat it, producing good things for you to eat at more affordable prices.

So you should once again begin to understand that ethanol is a good thing for Americans. It keeps billions of dollars in rural states, in people who buy the things you are employed for. It lowers the price and demand on gas and diesel fuels. It makes a better quality food for livestock, and it impoverishes terrorists, as it makes the environment safer and it makes your car engine run better as ethanol take out the water like HEET and it cleans the injectors.
Zelda simply sputters on that low octane gasoline, but she loves 10% ethanol blend. If you can burn E 85 which is  85% ethanol, your price is dropping 50 cents a gallon at least. The only reason ethanol ever is higher as in states like California, is because they rig the "shipping costs" into the price......but never do that on crude coming from Saudi Arabia.

Now compare Ted Cruz of Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump, and the people who are called the 'establishment' in the GOP in Bob Dole and Terry Branstad, who are for ethanol, and you begin to discover that it is the establishment which hates ethanol, and it is the outsiders who are fighting Wall Street, Big Oil and Big Koch, because ethanol stops Americans from being completely exploited by the cartel syndicate.

If there was not ethanol in America, gas prices would still be over 5 dollars a gallon and closer to 10. Terrorists would have billions of dollars more to kill you with, and Big Koch would have billions more to enslave you in buying more power.
I am going to tell you where this is going, and what is planned another time.

Big Koch and this cartel intends to bankrupt American farmers in the cereal grains. They then intend like in the housing bust to take over all this land as a national emergency as food is important. As has only been covered here, there are robotics now coming online for farming, where some suit in a skyscraper can "farm" corn in Iowa, and take all the profits and set all the prices. Literally Thomas Jefferson's America where every American was to own land will cease, and with it all freedom as you can not generate wealth being a factory chicken.

That is what Rafael Ted Cruz is for. His entire purpose as CONGLOMERATE POLITICIAN has nothing to with Reagan or Trump or Palin or Dole Conservative values. His purpose is to fracture the Donald Trump voting block, so some other candidate, whether it is Joe Biden or Jeb Bush will in e vote fraud be in the White House, continuing this final enslavement of Americans, as Saudi Arabia is being allowed now to seize all of the independent oil Frac in North America as those prices plunge.
This is a nefarious and notorious American genocide scheme, and when I hear these politards posting about as Cruzbots in Ted Cruz is principles and the only Conservative, I want to PUKE OBAMA GHETTO GREEN VOMIT as the bile of it is so repulsive. It is like saying the Jew Goat who led the Jews to the Nazi work camps was only looking out for the interests of Jews.

I realize having Ted Cruz shatter your dreams in being a supporter of Ted Cruz is hard, and you do not like having Conservatives like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Bob Dole, Terry Branstad and John Wayne's Daughter tell America that Ted Cruz is not good for America, but it is a fact.
I want you to understand that I supported the Bush family, but it was the biggest mistake I ever made for America, in I believed they were like Ronald Reagan. I thought Ted Cruz was right wing, until I started following his money trail with TL, and uncovering what this intelligence asset is, in having told everyone on the right how right wing  Ted Cruz is, and then you start noticing this guy has sabotaged the resistance against Obama, outright voted for Obama laws, and is owned  by one of the most notorious factions in the cartel, in this Koch Brothers syndicate who bought up every right wing think tank and blog like Red State, to manipulate you, along with the few million Rush Limbaugh listeners in that conglomerate microphone brainwashing people every day.

Rafael Ted cruz is the gangster which Sean  Homo Hannity was accusing Vladimir Putin of being. Donald Trump is the American in this 2016 race, who is trying to break open the steel gates which have all of you imprisoned in this cartel gulag. Rafael Ted Cruz is going to be a gulag warden just like image Obama. Cruz will be like Obama in awarding Big Conglomerate their oil, food and, energy and defense monopolies robbing and criminalizing you more, while handing you some scraps so the white Treyvon Martins will die in the country.

Do not forget that Ted Cruz TOLD the Ammon Bundy Patriots to stand down. Donald  Trump's people were out there trying to protect them and work for their freedom. We now have proof that huge uranium contracts are part of this Oregon standoff, and that Bill and Hillary Clinton had a hand in brokering this uranium sale.
I will repeat this so you get that, Ted Cruz was working for Hillary Clinton, to get landowners off their lands in being stolen by the BLM, so that the Clinton cronies could rape the land. This is the same damned CONGLOMERATES and both of them are serving them, as Jeb Bush gets air time waiting to be the ugly sister stealing the glass slipper.

I want the Ted Cruz supporters to think about all of this, as it can all be verified and is factual, and it is what is behind the story of Ted Cruz. It is not the establishment going against Ted Cruz, because Ted Cruz is the minder in the right for the establishment, proven by his very positions betraying Americans.......while he tries to slather Jesus all over it to fool honest Christians.

I have looked at Ted Cruz, and in the list of smarmy traitors to America, Ted Cruz is every bit the equal of Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Jeb Bush, John McCain and that other Obama hand holder Chris Christie. I honestly am creeped out more by him than Jeb Bush, image Obama and Hillary Clinton, because there are still a few people believing in their own dreams and are blinded by that in thinking Rafael Cruz is legitimate, when this Canadian Birtha is thee most devious person in this race.
You should know something is wrong, if you run screaming away in revulsion from Hamrod Clinton and Ted Cruz is the one I am most concerned about.

I do not want to be in a position to say "See I told you so" over Ted Cruz, because I highly doubt this blog is going to last under a Cruz or Bush dictatorship. The Obamalings almost contracted me a few times and did a few bursts, but the Lame Cherry is not going to be allowed to expose all of this, as everything from The Blaze in that blasphemous Matt Walsh for Mormon Beck to Red State in that racist Eric Erikson is being unleashed by Big Koch, to politically assassinate Donald Trump.
The reality is, I may not be here to tell you anything as in the next phase, there will be a kill switch  thrown.

I desire to make one more point, which is troubling to me, and it was a Reverse Speech played by David John Oates on the Jeff Rense program which I have not been able to find. The person who made it was an "Illinois Republican Insider" who is now working for the murderous left as some lobbyist or something when I researched him. His exact reverse speech was about "them" taking Donald Trumps photo in a "head shot", and in reverse it was about blowing his head off.
You let Ted Cruz continue this hatchet job and join in on it against Donald Trump, and there is chatter from the these Conglomerate insider politicos that an assassination is being discussed again. I can promise every last one of you, that it is not going to be Taco Cruz inheriting anything, but the wind. These Big Koch ghouls engage in assassination, and it is going to be Jeb Bush steamrolled through in the shock as there is NO ONE to replace Donald Trump, who is the real Conservative in this race for America.

Tony Perkins, the Christian Warrior who battled with Joseph Farah the sodomites taking over the GOP, is the pen who wrote TWO CORINTHIANS. Donald Trump has the ultra Conservatives backing him, and I am one of those Conservatives who thinks Ronald Reagan was a bit too centrist, so you should conclude how right Lame Cherry is.

You know the facts, so stop denying them and figure out that you, like I have been, were too trusting and have been lied to by those in power. Ted Cruz is lying and he is of the Conglomerates and not the Conservatives. That is the fact in all of this, and it is time to pick up your packs and move to the right, before you get all of us killed defending a Cruz Last Stand designed to end all of us.

You do remember Green Eggs and Ham right? How Ted left all of his believers with egg on their face after he STOOD DOWN after just a few hours.