Sunday, January 17, 2016

Enough of this Black Riot Shit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The regime of Barack Hussein Obama and Val-erie Jarrett as of January 18th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord is criminally, without question, now in direct violation in stoking insurrection and rebellion in America on Martin King Day in their unions disrupting safe air travel at key airports, in this ludicrous Black Lives Matter protests.

Airport workers plan disruptions in nine U.S. cities on MLK Day

Airport workers plan disruptions in nine U.S. cities ... being organized in Boston; New York City; Newark, ... Miami; Chicago; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle.

Back in the day, the Airport Controllers decided to go on strike against America, in the Ronald Reagan Presidency. President Reagan fired the entire anarchist lot and replaced them.

If image Obama is not going to fire his airport terrorists, activate the National Guard to fill those positions in this emergency, then it is up to the Pentagon in the Joint Chiefs to seize control of the American civilian airports and process travelers, until such a time as new workers in the 95 million unemployed in America, can be hired to fill those jobs.

That is what an American President would do, and that is what Lame Cherry would do, not what this foreign transplant Birther Hussein Obama's image is instigating.

I have had it with the FBI terrorizing Americans in Oregon while this Obama regime terrorized Americans with the TSA and now this worthless Afroid mob is terrorizing American travelers like those damned Muslim rioters in Europe on New Years Eve.

This Obama regime is now in direct jihadist war against Americans in assaulting them and terrorizing, without any doubt, as a real American President would be telling these MLK protesters to STAND DOWN and ordering the US Military to STAND UP to protect the Constitution and the American People.

Nuff Said.