Sunday, January 17, 2016

God have Mercy upon His children

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today we received some tragic news from the dearest couple we know in Richard and Stephanie, and without violating confidences, I am moved to share this, as good prayers are needed, and in situations like this people wonder just what is going on in why tragedies like this happen.

Stephanie and Richard had over Christmas gone to visit her family, and when they returned, two events took place almost simultaneously in both involving fire. Somehow while cleaning the house, a candle ignited Stephanie's hair on fire, in which she escaped shaken and singed. Simultaneously, her family was at a gathering and propane burner ignited a fireball on the table, and severely burned her Grandmother. She is in critical condition and her eyelids were melted shut.

Questions always arise in things like this, like Job wondering how on earth these kind of catastrophes happen, whether it if moloch fire demon, if we had something to do with it, or was something else taking place.

I did an inquiry in this, as I cringe at things like this in wondering if I am responsible in some way in people moving closer toward Christ. I know the foolishness I get into, in for a couple weeks, I had filling degrade and I kept telling TL, "If it ain't broke you don't fix it".
Sure enough in inquiry, satan heard that and even more certain it broke a chunk out of my wisdom tooth, which I can not deal with getting fixed until the temperatures are warmer as I can not have a pulled tooth, and not doing things for a few days in leaving TL and Mom in the lurch.
I understand about all kinds of things like the time I got smacked by a boat rope, as my lazy brother had to load a boat he should have loaded before a storm came, and I am the one who about lost my eye. I remember welding and thinking, "Wow it is really getting hot!!!", and finally figuring out that my coveralls were on fire and the flames were going up my leg.

I want to assure Richard and Stephanie that the fires which took place were nothing they did or had a part in. Gratefully it had nothing to do with me either. It is sometimes like Jesus said about that Tower of Salome that fell on people and killed them. Sometimes towers just fall and people get hurt.

There is something being worked out though in her family, for the Grandmother was the only one severely injured. This seems to be her time to make the decision on coming to Christ, and this is something God and her are going to have to work out. Angelic protection did save all of them from death, but this will be used for God to bring Grandmother to the point of facing life and her actions in it. It is hard to think of this as an act of love, but when my eye was injured, I had a time of review too in those weeks of being dis empowered.

For Stephanie, an accident started and satan fanned the flames. For her relatives, if I remember my lesson in pyrotechnics, propane is heavier than air and pools, so it goes boom and natural gas is lighter and goes poof. I was getting something about a loose connection and the gas pooled and then ignited.

satan is always there like the child who distracted their parent and a car accident occurred, to say, "SEE WHAT YOU DID!" to keep us away from God. satan can exploit a situation where we are moving closer to God, and an accident takes place, and there satan is whispering about this is what happens when we get close to God.
Sometimes that is the way it is, God forbid, but we have God's Word that all things work together for them that love the Lord.

For the past months, I see that haunting image from the Dirty 30's of that Okie woman on a bench looking forlorn. It seems to be my life  for the most part and it is a thousand times worse as I witness TL's face in suffering because of what I was chosen to do.
I make mistakes as that tooth is witness, but it is from being over exhausted. No excuses in this, but it is all a live fire exercise in Spiritual growth.

May the Lord bless and keep Richard and Stephanie, in the protection of Christ and the Holy Angels, in the Holy Ghost Comforting and Guiding them, now and always.
Almighty Father, we place Stephanie's family into your Care, that Your Will is accomplished in healing, restoration and understanding, for by Jesus wounds are they healed, in Jesus Name we humbly pray and plead the blood of Christ upon us, Amen and Amen

Go in Christ's Love and Peace.