Friday, January 22, 2016

Ever seen a Yellow Black man?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bob kindly sent this along about the popular girl being right again, in the things Birther and the image keeps in his pockets and in a stash of lucky talismans.

The above shows the hindu fagsexual freak monkey demon hanuman, which is the thing fag Obama fondled all the time. What I noticed most is have you ever seen yellow flesh tones on a Negroid? The answer is negative, because they can not exhibit yellow, only in their eyes with jaundice.
Yet there is Filipino birthed image Obama with this yellow skin tones, not showing Negroid genus at all.

I told you Obama bows to the Jesuits in the black pater pope, and here is the talisman the false prophet gave the false messiah.

It is all idols and breaking the 3rd Commandment in Thou Shalt make no graven images; but when you claim to be Jesus replacement and a god, that pretty well shatters the 1st and the 2nd, so ..........well you do notice that image Obama knows how to hold a rosary right in the Catholic version?
Normal people just wad the thing up or swing it like a yo yo, but image Obama has the wrapping in the hand all down too.
Who knew Jeremiah Wright ran a Catholic church eh.

So any way, we now know that image Obama is running stories again from 2009. Granted we have no photos yet of him feeling his cock as he parades on the White House lawn like before, but if they have run out of propaganda in dullsville, I suppose we might see that if the FBI decides it is getting tired of setting up tents in Oregon as mortuaries to try and scare the Patriots out of there.

Until then, there is something interesting in Charlie Sheen. Look I like Charlie Sheen, except for his being a cocksucker, as you can not trust cocksuckers  and that is what got him into probs as he got AIDS.
He is always entertaining on or off screen and his new drama is just great sport.

Richards also claims that Sheen once called their daughter Lola 'a f***ing pig w***e' in a conversation she overheard while also telling the child 'I'm going to kill you and I'm going to kill your mom.'
Sheen, 50, also allegedly texted Lola in 2013, when she was just eight years old: 'Have a merry Xmas with your loser f***s**t mom... your dad is a rock star genius ... your mom is a p*** wart.' 
The actor claims that he believed Richards had been texting him from their daughter's phone and that is why he responded in such a profane manner. 

I honestly had to ask TL what the word was in W***E as I was clueless to the profanity and TL finally figured out it was a Lola's a fucking pit whore...........and I really like the Fuck Shit Mom...........and Mom is a Puss Wart.
I never heard puss wart before, so that is very creative.

See Charlie Sheen is timeless and Obama is past expiration date. No one cares what that image is doing as a real Man like Donald Trump is on the stage.

All the same, I have a suggestion for Charlie Sheen. He needs to give his ex wifes number to my man David Spade. He sure tuned up Heather Locklear after her rock n roll divorce crashed, and Spade would do the same for Denise Richards to give Charlie some peace as he has allot going on.

As for Charlie, I would like to take him under my wing, get him acquainted with Jesus, some outdoor stuff like hunting and guns, and write some stuff for him, for some great acting as Charlie is going to be around a long time, and his kids are good looking, we can get them into the movies too, playing wholesome women with guns.

See that is entertaining, nothing image Obama can ever be. Charlie Sheen at least admitted he sucked cock, and Obama is still that cocksucking image playing with the things in his pockets in front of little girls.

Anyway, have you ever seen a black man with yellow skin?

See black as Toby's ass, yellow eyes and sooty skin, even with jaundice. That is what Blacks look like and the reason Obama looks yellow, is the prototype was Filipino Asian Chin.
Nuff Said