Friday, January 22, 2016

Limbaugh Tells Trump Supporters To Submit to Cruz Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh, the Big Kunthuner of talk radio, really missed it today in a call from an 11 year old boy in Norht Carolina whose Ted Cruz teacher made him wipe the blackboards clean when the toddler wrote, Donald Trump is every bit the legend as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King jr.

The skirt made the boy erase the Trump part, and the lad was bullied all through school by his Cruz and Clinton classmates, and he was phoning Limbaugh into what he should do as he could handle one on one, but not the mob attacking him.

Ole Rushbo blew it though in telling the kid to pound sand like all white men and just take it, letting it brood in some fantasy where this kid will be CEO of Apple and then seek his revenge........only to grow up as a postal worker and shoot up the local Raleigh North Carolina post office in letting this brood for more castratti in America.

Instead Limbaugh, the Big Kunthuner should have said:

Listen kid, show some balls. The right wing needs men and not sissies like you. What you do is go break into your neighbor's  gun vault and pull out some 9 with ammo. While you are doing that, I will send you a copy of my books Liberty and how to Progress a Pillage.
Once my books arrive, you grab the 9, take it to school and walk right up to your teacher's desk and grab her by the nipple and say, "Listen here you dried up old twat. I'm the man here, and this 9 proves it.
Then kid you spray a few clips around he room to make those bullies wet their undies and you laugh at them good.
Then kid, you take my book and light it on fire and burn that damn KGB school outside with your Bernie for President T Shirt on, and you will be out of juvenile hall in 5 years with a clean record, and be an American hero.

See Limbaugh always blows it, as a Cruzling, because Cruzlings are all talk and got no kahonies between their scrotum sack. I tell you they are all talk and all progesterone.

A real Trump man, would have not called up Cruzling Limbaugh and just said to that skirt, "Listen here you commie. I'm going down to the Principle's office, phoning my old man and we are going to settle this, as I pay your salary you skirt and my old man isn't paying for Cruz censorship!
If the Principle does not swat your ass, we are going to get an attorney to make sure the only damn place you ever teach is under a burka in Tehran, where they know what to do with your type".

That is the way you handle things as a Trump Supporter..........and that is the way Rush Limbaugh cleverly tried to program Donald Trump supporters today to SUBMIT TO ABUSE FROM THE TED CRUZ TERROR MOB.

Oh you missed that today huh? Yeah Rush Limbaugh slipped that one in on the end, and then acted like the big focus was getting this plant back on the air, so Limbaugh could get his books into that library.

Got to pay attention my children and my brats, as those Cruzlings are very clever at the top.