Friday, January 22, 2016

Hillary's Catch 22

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the House of Cards, I was thinking about things which never occur to you. Like David Patraeus taken out by the Obama regime to remove him from ever being a contender to the throne.
Then there is Hillary Clinton, accomplishing what David Patraeus did, 400 times worse, just like Hillary Clinton having 400 times more FBI files than the Nixons and having it all blackmailed away........being the resident signature creating such a whirlpool that in this Clinton black hole, she might just spit out something of a new political star she never dreamed, which will replace her.

Enter into this, one James Comey, current FBI Director, and protector of stealing American lands in Oregon for the elite to mine uranium, and inquisitor of Dame Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

See this is the Hamlet stage, one of tragedy and one of triumph, where Hillary Clinton just might lose by winning and set upon her throne a new leader for the next 16 years.

Here is the scenario, the Hillary Catch 22. James Comey brings to Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch all Clinton's crimes, and nothing is done, as Lynch is busy protecting Obama, as Hillary's crimes implicate the Obama's, both living and dead.
Or let us venture that, Lynch appoints a special counsel and the SC in two shakes of a leg, pronounces Hillary Clinton pure as the driven snow.

In both cases James Comey and a hundred FBI agents resign in protest in order to protect the FBI.

You know that Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell are not going to investigate any of this, and the press is going to sweep it all away, so Hillary runs wild and runs free as a geezer with brain damage can.

Americans will be outraged in it all again, and be left helpless.......or will they, for in this scenario we have a new drama about to be appearing on stage.

Let us enter one James Comey, this time a Republican, a law enforcement officer, a true American, and he happens to agree to a private lunch with GOP leader for the President, Donald John Trump.
Mr. Trump says, "You know Director Comey, I love you. This flagrant violation of the law has all Americans up for a revolt. Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime must be stopped, and I know how to do this best in you could agree to be my Vice President.
For the next months until the election, it will be your face and your character reminding every American voter, of the Hillary Clinton crimes, and your patriotic and brave stance for the Republic. You really do not have to do a thing, but be on the ticket and that will be the debate point in every moment that , Trump Comey are for law and order, and Hillary Clinton is the unindicted criminal, who is going to be indicted after our election, and those FBI agents are all going to be brought back for this prosecution, which you are going to be unleashed on as Vice President to root out all of the corruption in Government."

Director Comey agrees to be Vice President and this is the art of the deal, he is one of the few White men who Donald Trump could place on the ticket who is not a politician, who could help in being the law and order anchor of the Trump Presidency.

So you see, in my generating universe which all of you might be appearing, Director Comey's best situation will appear once he is hammered by the Obama regime, and Hillary Clinton thinks she wins.
James Comey can deliver a Republican establishment to the Trump ticket and by it, they can defeat Hillary Clinton and on Day One, unleash the entire Comey led Justice Department on the Obama Clinton crimes.

Now you know once again what it is like to live in the future, and see a scenario which you never dreamed existed. James Comey's future can be made if Loretta Lynch punts the ball, and if Donald Trump understands this is an exploitation which is of immense value.

If Mr. Comey does not desire the Vice Presidency, he certainly could answer to Attorney General, for endorsing Donald Trump and his feminine Vice Presidential choice.

All of the Mrs. Clinton saga is not in her own hands. She is an action, which will cause opposite and equal reactions. She seeks the Presidency. Hillary Clinton by seeking will find she creates the Presidency for someone else.

Nuff said