Friday, January 22, 2016

The Fiction of Japan

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

I was engaged in a pointless debate with a Rand Paul bot who, I found out later, is also Japanese.  And the way that he treated me in believing I was a woman, is typical of the culture of Japan in the men treating women like second-class citizens without a brain. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized every Japanese male I have ever known (with any amount of Japanese DNA in their genetic makeup) who has been exposed to Japanese culture while growing up treats women like inferior beings, there to exploit, abuse, condescend to, and solely existing for the pleasure and convenience of the man.  Which is strange, because they have been marketed in the West as at the least respective of honor and duty, which in the minds of the Western peoples would include respect for women.  It does not.

Japanese men traditionally have mistresses on the side, which is culturally acceptable.  This is degrading to both the wife and the mistress, as women do not share, and forcing them to do so is against every impulse and longing native to a woman's psychological, spiritual and emotional design.  They subvert their own desires solely for the pleasure of the man, as society teaches them is the right thing to do, no matter what their conscience or their own instincts say.  It is a cruel form of constant torture, enabling the man to fully feed his own selfishness, resulting in lifelong unhappiness for everyone.  Probably this is another reason why Japanese-influenced movies tend to have an unhappy (or "artistic") ending of some kind, as they more identify with unhappiness than redemptive stories since the misery is so ingrained in their culture, due to their unGodly living.

It is unfortunate, in that Japanese women are absolutely beautiful.  They move with native grace, not just the geisha types in being a living work of art, but by nature they are gentle, enduring, respectful, delicately affectionate, fun-loving, and they have a passion for beauty, not just for what is in the mirror but also what is in the world. 

Christ's message has been clear from the beginning.  It is one man, and one woman, in a close intimate union, and the list ends there.  Any deviation from this pattern ruins lives and sets history on a vastly different course, just like Abraham and Jacob and David and Solomon learned to their own sorrow.

I have a solution to this problem. 

There once was a military man who was on tour overseas, married a Japanese girl, and brought her back to live with him as his personal slave.  He beat her, constantly humiliated her, and abused her in all sorts of ways.  He didn't care if they were in public or in private, in fact he took great pleasure in mocking her when they were around other people.  Their house was out in the country, and while the neighbors knew of what was happening to this woman, they were not able to help. 

Finally, after a particularly difficult day, the woman snapped.  She grabbed her husband's gun, blew the hell out of the guy, and buried him somewhere on the property.  The police conducted an investigation, but the neighbors claimed they knew nothing about what could have happened.

This female empowered herself to throw off the shackles of slavery and years of mortifying abuse, obtaining justice and standing up for herself when no one else would.

Therefore, I propose this:  Japan should repeal their highly-restrictive laws on guns, opening up the right of ownership to females, with full rights to dispense justice where they see fit.  Since both the males and females are raised to idolize their honor and duty above all else, as their culture dictates, and since the women are so demure in knowing their contribution to and their place in a fully functional and productive society, there will be no problem with leaving such decisions in their fully capable hands.

Yes, a perfect world where women can bring those condescending bastards to heel with a simple click of the hammer, would teach libertines to have respect for the hands that rock the cradle or suffer the ensuing consequences, would revolutionize society in lightning record time, building the fabric stronger instead of allowing it to stagnate.  This would bring Japanese familial relationships out of the feudal stage and into the moral age where they belong.

Let's sing...