Tuesday, January 5, 2016

image Obama creates the H Bomb Terror Club

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Atta Boy there Kim Jong Un.

In case you missed it, Kim Jong Un, the guy that Obama tried to set up for the Boston Bombing, just detonated a Hydrogen Bomb......not a little Atomic Bomb, but a genuine bona fide H Bomb, and it has been confirmed by seismic readings.

North Korea conducts hydrogen bomb test | News - Home

A televised North Korean statement confirmed that the test was a hydrogen bomb test. The test took place at 10 a.m. local time. The USGS, which measured the event at ...

Congrats to the Obama regime for creating EXACTLY what the Lame Cherry predicted that Iran was developing, in an H Bomb for their A bomb arsenal. This is great news as Kim Jong Un, threatened by the Obama regime, has an H Bomb, and if Kim has the H, then the Islamocommunists of Iran have H Bombs......to bomb America and Israel.

How lovely to look forward to dual H Bombs going off from a sea launched Shahab. Nothing like megatons over New York.

But wait it gets better, really better.

See Vladmir Putin mentioned that there is the Cobalt Bomb. Cobalt is really cool as you have to have an H Bomb, line it with Cobalt, and when you detonate it, you get a mega gamma ray frier of human flesh........lasts like 5 years in the atmosphere and will obliterate most of America.
That is if Kim Jong Un pops his rocket in say......let's say Jerry Brown California and a big storm front lifts up all that cobalt and spreads it from the West Coast to East Coast cooking the American Mutton.

Think of the historical greatness of all of this. Obama has created the H Bomb Club of terrorism.....and cobalt bombs.

I keep telling you rich people who have not donated, that you probably should be donating as Lame Cherry knows the secret things that might just keep you alive........and at least in making me happy with a 350,000 donation, it might just save you from the lowest levels of torment in hell, instead of where you are going. Think of it, you could be frying with Obama or instead just getting dry mouth up with the rich guy from Lazarus.

I am so pleased about all of this. The world needs more Obama created leaders with H Bombs and Cobalt Bombs. Kim Jong Un has given a monumental achievement, and now the Obama Muslim terrorists all have H Bomb access too. How great is that!
Yes Mam all them Netanyahu Jews hating on Donald Trump, and there is that rascal Obama handing out H Bombs to Muslim terrorists.......same Muslims the Hebrew Charities are dumping into America to give all the Yanks their own little Gazas........now with nuke warheads.

I will leave this at that. Great news in now you can count the days until rich people in all your luxury, stock portfolios and money hording as the poor like me suffer, will be part of the atmosphere in an H Bomb gift from Obama's Kim Jong Un creation.

Kim Jong Un the H Bomb Master. Nothing like a beefy man like Kim to take you out......certainly better than Crocodile Tears image Obama weeping you to death as it steals your guns.