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Stand Against the American Terror Regime in Oregon

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I desire for each of you as you read this, to remember from the start of the Hammond Bundy stand off in Oregon, that Ted Cruz took the side of the Obama regime in telling Americans to STAND DOWN, and Sean Homo Hannity, told Americans that this was not their fight, and to BEND OVER and submit to the Obama regime assaults again.

You remember that, as all of this information was available to FOX connected media and to United States Senators from Canada, because it is chilling the terrorism the Hammond Family has undergone for the past decade, and it ALL has to do with the regime stealing their land and other rancher's lands in Oregon.

The synopsis of this story is that the crimes in this began under the George W. Bush regime and continued in more terroristic force under the Obama regime. For in 2001, the Bureau of Land Management, they are the division of the US Department of Interior that controls public lands, wildlife, parks, oceans and raising deadly predators, engaged in a controlled burn in Oregon by the Bundy Ranch.
Controlled burns are engaged in, because in wet years brush, weeds and grass becomes so abundant that in dry years it ignites by lightning strikes and wildfires endanger everyone. You burn in damp conditions so the environment is not so stressed, and it is the God's natural rememdy to self fertilize land with potash, and by burning off old growth trees and brush, new berry and seed plants arise, as much as grass that wildlife and livestock can grow abundant on. 

The Hammond's witnessing the burn, decided to contact the BLM and gain permission to burn off some of their own property, and were granted permission. In the burn, the fire either got away, or the Hammonds astutely let it burn over 100 acres of public land which needed it, as they were either paying for grazing rights to it, and cattle do not eat brush, or the fire got away and the area was so small, that the Hammond's thought it was not worth the effort to deal with it, in a confined area.
Fires do burn themselves out.

After this the Hammond's were stunned to get a reprimand from the Department of Interior for this "wildfire" and were blamed for it, when they had already been given permission.   

The second incident was in 2006, when a lightning fire started, which burned thousands of acres. Ranchers have summer and fall pastures, and this must be understood as summer pastures feed cattle in summer, and winter pastures are dry grass which feed the cattle on the range in winter. That grass as stated is dry, and burns like tinder. So the Hammond's seeing BLM fires on public land, moved to protect their winter pasture, which would be worth tens of thousands of dollars.
They started a backfire ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY to keep the main fire from burning them out, as their home was in danger too. That fire was successful and the issue was settled, until the Hammond's were summoned by wildlife officials over "poaching" charges on deer, and setting a fire to cover up the poaching.
In this, no deer bones were ever discovered nor entrails for this poaching and the Hammonds were never charged  for this.

From this protection of their property, evolved ludicrouse charges from US Attorney Amanda Marshall, of arson and graduating it to "terrorism".

To explain what has been taking place in this really, it has to do with the land, but not the Hammonds. The ranchers next to this federal wildlife refuge have been getting annexed by force for years. I take you now to the origins of this in the two groups involved in public lands.
On one hand you have the Bush folks who are drill baby drill and on the other hand you have Obama in the renaming Mt. McKinley. One side wants the big conglomerates like George Soros in Romania stealing the public wealth, and on the other, you have the side of preservation where America can not get at the wealth in it's land as the land is depopulated.

This appears to be the case in this as the Bush people were busy forcing ranchers off their lands, and acquiring it. The Obama people have been busy forcing people off the land and acquiring it too, but not to sell the rights cheaply to industry.

That is what according to geological reports to be involved in this, in the land the Hammond's own, part of a uranium, gold, and crude oil or natural gas plot. It is worth a fortune and an Australian company was already attempting to mine the area, and perhaps the Chicoms were moving to get the crude oil rights. The main point in this is the evidence that in 2015, the prosecuting US Attorney threatened the Hammonds to shut up, and stop talking to Ammon Bundy, or they would be taken into custody early, be stuck in an ass rape federal prison, and that what had already been engaged in by the regime would be carried out completely.
What you have not seen in this, is the Hammonds received a 400,000 dollar fine for starting fires they had permission to, and had every right to start to protect their property from a mismanaged federal land program that created a wildfire.

See the Lame Cherry has been featuring this for years in how criminal the US Department of Interior has been mismanaged to the destruction of wildlife, and in the Hammond case we see the regime built a fire and then convicted the Hammond's as terrorists for trying to put it out and save their own lives.

The Hammonds have paid half of this fine, but if the other 200,000 is not paid, they will be forced to sell their property, and it has already been leveraged in "mediation" that the BLM has first right to acquire their home.

This is a sickening and unAmerican display of what the regime in Washington DC has been engaged in for years in criminalizing and stealing people's property.  

We now return to US Attorney Amanda Marshall. This female belongs in federal prison. She was plucked by the Obama regime as a "Child Advocate" and spun the Hammond case into a terror case.
Marshall's background is that of the Obama doper hippy cult, in her sister is an addict, she has family problems, and according to federal records she was just forced out as US Attorney for stalking her assistant US Attorney in criminal threats.
I repeat in this, that Amanda Marshall took a leave of absence on "health issues" after she was caught stalking a subordinate, making phone calls, driving by his home, and describing what he was doing in threatening him.
The subordinate complained and went to his superiors and this all catalogued as he was under the protection of US Marshals as a Mexican dope dealer, had put a price on his head as Donald Trump was also threatened.

Now let us return for a moment to Ted Cruz and Sean Homo Hannity. In your knowing all of the above, in the absolute terrorization of the Hammond Family, in this regime is forcing them off their homestead, how in Ronald Reagan's name could any American tell these Americans with Ammon Bundy to Stand Down and to Bend Over, as this was not our fight.

Literally, the people behind this in the Oregon District in Justice all belong before a Grand Jury, indicted and facing terrorist charges with the death penalty involved, as this is criminal, and it's stench goes directly to Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and image Obama who just made your doctor report to the BATFE if you have firearms and if you give your daddy's shotgun to your grandson, and do not report it to BATFE, you will be like the Hammond's sitting in prison for 10 years with at 10,000 dollar fine.

Why in the hell any of you are still backing Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush or satan knows what in the GOP primaries is beyond reason, as you are traitors and ignorance is no excuse in this kind of treachery.

Two geezer ranchers are now 1000 miles away from home in federal prison, and again only satan knows if the feds are going to hang these two Hammonds as "suicides" as the feds already threatened them under Federal Attorney Frank Papagni. The mafia is more humane than what this group of outlaws in Oregon have engaged in as the mafia at least lets you keep your home and your business!

Dwight Hammond is probably going to die in prison as he is that old. The stress is going to take his life away at least. His son Steven is not going to have a home to return to, as this evil land grab is being carried out while robbing them of all they have in fines.

Sean Hannity has the entire FOX news division behind him in resources and Ted Cruz has the entire US Senate and both of these were blaming the Hammonds and then telling Ammon Bundy and American Patriots to surrender.
If the federals get their hands on the occupiers in Oregon, there is going to be a mass suicide of 200 people in more murders being covered up by this corrupt regime.

These are innocent people, as are all these ranchers who had their property confiscated. This is terrorization, and it is connected directly to the image in Washington DC who just made it a felony to give a kid your own gun or if you do not tell your doctor about your guns, so the doctor can report you to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, both of you will be in prison in being criminals like the Hammonds.

The Hammonds were already sentenced to 3 months and 1 year in prison. That sentence was already completed, but a decade later in double jeopardy this Amanda MarshallCheka with her KGB thugs moved to steal the Hammond Ranch and for "terrorism" throw them into prison now for 5 years.
It should be Amanda Marshall and Frank Papagni who are in prison for terrorizing Americans in Grand Theft Ranch.

Now you know the rest of the story, which you would never know, including the nuances in this of what takes place on a ranch, as that is being lost in all of this, as the minders of Cruz and Hannity, tell you to enter the gulag like sheep and die.

The Hammond Family is as terrified as any Christian Family in Syria from the Obama ISIS, and that is proven by their Attorney releasing a statement distancing themselves from Ammon Bundy. If the Hammond's had not done this, their life would be a living hell until they were suicided in prison, as it happens far too often in cases like this.

It is more important than ever for every one of you to place your vote behind Donald Trump and get him into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so all of this can be rolled back, and Americans can stop being terrorized.
Mr. Trump has proven he cares. He has proven he will listen to Americans in their gripes, and by the headlines, Donald Trump is being called a terrorist now like the Oregon Patriots in being blamed by the Obama Clinton Bush press........yes blamed for Americans trying to keep from being terrorized in their own homes.

Trump, call Oregon siege terrorism |

On the day that Donald Trump released a new campaign ad in which he promised to keep us safe from Islamic terrorism, an armed group of American extremists ...

The decisions you make now are either going to cost your life or save your life. You will be the next Hammond when the police state comes for you.

It is time not to Stand Down, but to Stand Up for America. It is not the time to Bend Over, but to Dissolve the Bondage which has enslaved the American People.

- Lame Cherry

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My God given words have placed me under a death sentence as certain as Nathan Hale.